Thursday, June 13, 2013

Channing Tatum and Blogger App after watching Dear John and The Vow back to back and staring at *drooling* *ogle ogle* Channing Tatum all the way, moms join me in saying "yummmmmmm"

..anyway this is also a test post. Google updated the Blogger app on iOS and I think it's now working. Like, finally finally working. I've been installing and deleting  and reinstalling ever since I discovered the app, I hope this time the update is good enough to stay. Would be nice to post using my mobile thingies. I imagine short, nonsense posts from my phone which I've been conveniently doing on Tumblr since January ;) 

Well, we'll see ^^


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield

Hello, hello! here I am with yet another hair product review. This time it's the Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield from a local brand Snoe.

I'm completely mystified by Snoe products. kakaiba kasi. they offer so many interesting things na when I see their product displays, kulang mga one hour kakatingin! Yay ^^ ..and their SAs are usually very friendly, hindi ka mahihiya magtanong! e kung nahihiya ka naman, here's their website, check it out:

*hep, hep. this is not a sponsored post okay? I paid for this product and this is my honest opinion so those of you thinking I review products just because they were sent to me etc etc, go ahead and face the wall and don't forget to wear your cone of shame*

Bonggang bongga ^^

So this little guy here saved me from having uber-dry hair kasi nga nagpadigiperm ako di ba? e medyo shunga-shunga pa ko sa aftercare. I nearly died when I saw *horror* split ends a couple of weeks after digiperm. Sige imagine mo, curly hair + split ends. ampanget lang.

I was looking for something na hindi oily *of course* but super moisturizing and as much as possible, with heat protection *kasi ngaaaa, di ba, tumatakbo ako sa umaga. choz*

Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield 249Php

That bottle lasted me only a week (generous amount when you apply, 4-5 pumps and pls take note, my hair is really really thin) but yep, I noticed the difference naman in such a short time.

BUT, BUT the smell, i don't like too much. A little too strong for me.

I didn't repurchase because:
1. The smell. It doesn't really smell bad, I just don't like the smell, the smell stays strong all throughout the day and once it even overpowered the cologne I was wearing. lol
2. The size. While the size is travel friendly, I don't think I need to tout this around since once (application) is enough for the whole day. I really don't like the idea of going back and forth every week just to buy a bottle of this.

Still, this is just perfect for hair begging to be CPR-ed. It has these two:
Argan Oil, Moringa Extract


Just one bottle and my hair was cured! well, not really since I followed it up with OA amount of hair spa treatments. hehe. still, this is a good addition to your hair care regimen if you are trying to revive your dry, porous and brittle hair. Remember that it is also a heat protectant which is important if you style your hair everytime you go out.

so long, talong!

mwaaaah :*

PS our house help told me that if I notice a couple of ipis flying around, it means it will rain some time later. Whatever. rain or not, flying ipis is definitely not cool.
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