Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MAC Lickable [Swatch] ^^

..picked up a couple of things at MAC - ATC a few weeks ago. I was only looking for Pro Longwear Concealer and also the brow set because they were OOS the last time I visited Glorietta. Good thing they opened in Rustan's - ATC, this is much more convenient for me than going to Makati.

..and so of course, I swatched a couple of lippies while my favorite person from MAC - Glorietta, who was transferred to this new MAC ~ I literally "happy-danced" when I saw her! ~, went to find the last piece of concealer in my shade.

MAC Lickable
I fell in love with Lickable ^^ It's a cute shade and it suits my skintone very well ~ I'm NC25, by the way (: It's perfect for everyday use since this is not "in your face" pink and doesn't look weird at all when worn (: As per MAC, this is "bright clean blue pink". Cremesheen, so it's not drying *love*

Lickable is definitely not new and it is not LE, best of all, Lickable is available in the Philippines, but I wasn't looking at pinks the last time I visited them. and I was eyeing the one from NARS then which I hesitated getting as I felt it won't match my skintone and I won't be able to comfortably pull it off.


Friday, April 19, 2013

My Cookie Butter Story

Cookie butter this, cookie butter that. Did you know that a jar of this Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter costs around 450Php <average> online? No wonder my friends who have great/kind/nice/uto-uto family members abroad opted to just request them to be included in the next balikbayan box. Hah!

My panties actually weren't really in a bunch to try this and there's no way I'm going  to ask friends and relatives to send me a jar from abroad, for this ~ maybe for other more important things, like limited edition MAC lipstick or perhaps that cute mouth/teeth pacifier which my son won't use <just because he loves my nipples a little too much. Yes, we're still breastfeeding. he's age 2 and half>

But of course, if opportunity presents itself, like when one day while walking in the supermarket, looking for Nutella, these two jars hello-ed. They were eye-level, Nutella was knee-level. I took it as a sign.

*find price scanner. quick*

Tada! it's only $7something (288Php) Obviously I took both jars (the other one I brought home for my BFF whom I stood up prior to this trip) I also bought a loaf of bread.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter
Lemme tell you this, a tip from one mom to another, let's skip this and go look for something really worth your money, unless of course if you can get this for 288Php or less. Sure, it's interesting BUT it's not headbanging sarap. <2 weeks after> my sad looking jar is still sitting there undisturbed, begging to be used. I even bribed the kids with Timezone money just to eat it with their pandesal instead of Cheez Whiz

As for the taste, it's just a wee bit less sweeter than peanut butter, but tastes more or less the same, and since I got the crunchy kind, well, that surely helped a lot because it added a little "oomph" to eating experience.

choco ensaymada + cookie butter

Pair it with something else other than your boring Gardenia white bread. It's better that way ;)

Find them at Royal Choices (Subic, Zambales)


Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Just a quick post/review about this pore eraser from Maybelline ~ my very recent discovery. Yay!

Basically this is a primer and if you're in the Philippines right now, make primers like this your BFF ~ it's freakin' hot out there! well, inside our house too. sheesh.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser 299Php Watsons
I've been using this since uhm, Monday, and so far no complaints. I've been testing it under various conditions and yeah, still satisfied. It's lightweight, no smell, just soft and silky skin after application. and it does stay that way too for a long time. I even got my primed face wet and it's still there. *oh, just primed, not with makeup, okay? I forgot I already primed it when I decided to wash my face. lol*

My ultimate test for primers is when I take off my makeup before going to bed. There should be a respectable amount of makeup to take off, if not, the primer obviously didn't work right? This one passed.

That one time I wore it under heavy undereye concealer then I had to take it off to test another concealer *brand* (for skintone matching), the kind lady handed me a cottonball with makeup remover and we were both amazed how much makeup/concealer I was able to take off both eyes. I am not going to give credit to the concealer because I'm dumping it. it's useless ~slides and vanishes to nowhere! Gahhh! Only with this primer it was able to hold. But bye, bye concealer, this girl is moving on!

Anyway, selfies are more fun with this primer. bye bye large pores and fine lines. Hello baby skin *even without Camera360's Magic Skin filter* Hah! ^^

so there. give it a try. won't break your wallet too, only 299Php although I recommend skin testing first before buying since this primer has silica in it (just in case you are allergic to it) I'm not, and I'm comfortable using it too ^^


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