Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Tale of One Costly Accident

The first time iPad2 has been made available locally - that was last year - my husband cajoled me to heavens (or was it hell?) to get one. I was hesitant, particularly because Mac in general, in my opinion, is not as flexible as other OS, and that everything costs something - well, anything that is useful and has point. Okay, that opinion may have slightly changed overtime as I found some really great apps for free, and, let's all admit, it has made computing life a little more convenient especially if you have wifi set up at home. So I gave in to the pressure and got us a 64gb, 30k+ price tag at that time (I wasn't planning to go all the way but I was left with no choice at all since it was the only one left at the store at that time, and my hubby was practically on his knees, begging me to get it)

Then the unthinkable happened. A week after the purchase, the ever precious iPad slipped out of its neoprene sleeves and landed on its corner, the corner where you stick your earphones. There was a HUGE dent but thankfully the screen was not cracked and the earphone jack was still working. NOTE 1, if you do physical damage to your iPad, the warranty is automatically rendered null and void - meaning you can't get it fixed for FREE anymore (Please take note of this, you'll find this reference important later)

We decided to bring it to an Apple service center to get some advice on what to do. NOTE 2, iPad was still working properly at that time, every jack was responding the way they should be, the unit was only dented in one corner. The only advice we got was to go wait until something abnormal happens and pray for that day to not come at all. I was like, "huh?! that's it? you're weird" *mumbling*

Anyway, as we got past the 11-month mark and nothing untoward happened, we got really comfortable. I was impressed, believing it was hard stuff, not to be swayed by a waist-level drop. Until that night I forgot to pray for "the day that shouldn't come".

The day started as usual, the baby harvested his Snoopy Fair coins and my daughter checked out some music videos, then they charged the iPad. After charging, it was my husband's turn to use, only the iPad decided not to wake up from its sleeping state.

There was panic everywhere. and lots of blaming going around. I was left in the middle, thinking of what to do. I did the usual troubleshooting, sticking it to the desktop computer, reset combo, cartwheeling to amuse the iPad - nada. It was dead. Just like that.

If some of you are curious about what exactly happened, let's just say that my beloved iPad went blind - or perhaps got a bad case of glaucoma. The buttons were faintly detectable, and they were still responsive to touch but the screen was too dark, I had to squint to really see the buttons.

Examining the warranty card, we found out that we were days away from expiration. As any normal person would do, we brought it back to where we bought it:  SWITCH - ATC

It got assessed, fondled, caressed, felt all over. I got interrogated, blamed, not given a vote of confidence. We said goodbye to the iPad as it was going to the iPad hospital. We left the store defeated and a little lost.

Long story short, a call came a week later, it was SWITCH and the verdict was in. We were informed that the only way out was to pay the "exchange price" of 16kPhp and in return, we will get a "new" iPad. I was not really delighted with this news. With a very heavy heart, I paid the exchange price, got the "new" iPad wrapped in a bubble wrap, and asked for a paper bag, as I felt they, at SWITCH, didn't have any intention of wrapping up my purchase - they just casually handed the "new" iPad to me without any further ado. They gave me a paper bag made out of scrap magazine. At least it was a glossy mag and I get to keep the bubble wrap - oh, you know, for popping when stressed? I was stressed alright.

Now that we know how fragile - and pricey - an iPad could get, I got really nervous carrying it around inside my bag without anything to protect it but the bubble wrap and that nice, glossy mag-slash-paper bag. I was all "ninja", ready to attack, to anyone walking really close to me. I even had a heart attack when some kid bumped the side of my bag while trying to pass by me.

Then we passed by an OtterBox stall and decided to "Otterize"  our "new" iPad to protect it from any kind of damage. Their iPad's Defender series looks and sounds really nice as it is, according to website and their saleslady, drop-proof and scratch-proof. The catch? Of course, there's a catch! what were you thinking?! iPad Defender is 5kPhp and after fitting the Defender on our "new" iPad, it now has the size and weight of a full-size laptop - okay, that was exaggerating things, a notebook computer would be more apt. A far cry from  what a tablet should be. As for the claims, we have yet to find out. The only guarantee they could offer is that if the case cracks, they will replace it. I thought it would be the iPad they would replace if I get their case cracked but, uhm, no. At least the saleslady was nice and accommodating.

Play hide and seek with the "new" iPad!

Now it's time to pull out your calculators and do the math then tell me why my title is such and why this mom is pissed and ranting on her blog.

So, kids, for today, Teacher Gie will point out a thing or two you should have learned from this story:

  • Buy your bumpers, protective gears, gas masks, whatever, BEFORE you even think of buying an iPad. Hell - buy finger gloves, if there's such a thing!
  • iPads are very delicate beings. They don't like being dropped, bumped and ironically, TOUCHED.
  • Scratches, dents and cracks are the only excuses Mac has, to impose their "exchange" program. Don't expect them to explain further why your iPad died on you. 
  • When they say it's "new" iPad, that doesn't mean it will come in a box and a proper paper bag especially if you bought it from SWITCH-ATC.
  • Not all Apple Service centers provide excellent service and sound advice especially if you are from the Philippines. Dream on.
  • Don't buy 64gb, you don't need that many storage space on your iPad anyway. and if you do, better buy yourself a proper device aka USB or hard drive instead. That way, even if your iPad dies on you, you still have copies of your docs and they can be revived. 
  • Apple doesn't do repairs. Either they troubleshoot or they "exchange" so it's basically, for free or for half the original price of your unit. No other way around, José. This is what I was told.
  • Your "new" iPad from the exchange program comes with a 3-month warranty. Just. 3. Months.
  • Bubble wraps are a great stress reliever.
and if I may, I would like to make this suggestion to Apple: please go an extra mile -or a baby step, if a mile is too much - and include a protective gear with EVERY unit that comes out of your store? so that we don't have to buy it separately and end up with a not-so-fitting one. so when your customers buy them, they will be protected right from the very start and will not look like a costly accident waiting to happen. If this proves to be very costly on your part - providing protective gear with every unit - at the very least, improve your design and make it sturdier? so when we drop it, which is pretty much unavoidable considering how you designed your units, it won't dent so easily? I don't think this is a very unreasonable demand coming from your consumer, we're paying a not-so-cheap price anyway.

and please, please, better training for your service staff? it's quite annoying to be treated like that when I was the one shelling out half-month's worth of salary.

While  Apple-Mac programs are good and indeed their products, innovative, I hate to say this but I'm half a fan now. I think i'll just stick to their MP3s from now on and nothing more than 15kPhp. This way, I won't be hurt and heartbroken and broke when it dies. It's just too pricey of a risk to take. 


When Nanny-less and Busy, Call Errand Runners!

Y'all know that I'm yaya-less (nanny-less) right? This is something I have been adamant about - not hiring a fulltime, round the clock help for the whole family -, eversince my firstborn's yaya left us to care for her grandchild instead - that was about 6 years ago. My daughter was 4 or 5 years old at that time and to be honest, if I had a choice then, I would not hire a nanny to begin with. It's just that I was too young to care for a child (read:  ZERO patience) and my working hours were so stiff and demanding, I accepted help. Good thing she was good with kids so I didn't really regret that I hired her.

Anyway, my not hiring a nanny all boils down to principles. I believe that a nanny or help, would only encourage my kids not to help at home thus hindering their growth as a person. This, I also believe, doesn't encourage independence in kids and their natural instinct and simple know-how to do things on their own. I certainly would not like to grow needy kids, needing help in everything they do. I want well-rounded individuals for kids, thank you very much.

However, as a mom, I must admit, things are a little tougher when it comes to accomplishing errands especially if one has to work almost fulltime from a computer. You just have to send someone out there to do things for you while you take care of the homefront or have someone look over the home while you run errands that can't be done by anyone else but you. It's a tough job, if you ask me. Finding a good errand runner takes time, it's more like finding yourself a good personal assistant. Your errand runner should be efficient and reliable. You should be able to trust this person fully since he or she will have to act on your behalf when situation  calls for it. While I remain nanny-less, I have a group of people whom I consider as my errand runners to help me get out of sticky situations - and fast!

So how to put together your own team/errand runners? Start with your own family members. Since my daughter is already 11 years old, I can easily ask her to look after her baby brother when I'm away or simply busy with work and household chores. Your friends can also act as your errand runners once in a while so as your neighbors if they are up for it. Some of my errand runners were found online, both local and overseas. For example, I need to check something in San Francisco, say, a company or some important documents, but it's physically impossible to do it myself right away. My next move would be to consult ads sites like Zaarly, type in keywords "errand services san francisco" then browse through ads to see if something fits my needs. You can also post ads, if you want, then just wait for service providers to contact you. This can also be done using your mobile phone - a big plus especially when you're on the move.

Going nanny-less is hard, but it is indeed doable. You just need reliable people around you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Tuesday: Binagoongan, Glittery Bands, My Boys, Hawaiian Burger and Cambodia Goodies :)

Yey! I made it! I made it! ^^

I missed my Random Tuesday post last week - again - so I was hell-bent in making it this week. Whew. I almost forgot because of all those Corona hullabaloos (he was convicted by the Senate, btw, just a few minutes earlier as of writing)

Anyway, I think I found the BEST Binagoongan EVER! There's this quaint resto in Pagsanjan called Calle Arco that serves mean pinoy dishes (think steamed pla-pla, sinigang na baka and the likes) Look at the picture below and tell me if this doesn't look good to you:

Binagoongan na Liempo. yuuuum ;)
PS I swear I'm bringing indian mangoes with me the next time we visit! I bet, the shrimp paste in it will go really well with green mangoes.

I badly need a haircut! My hair is getting longer now and with the relentless heat, I need it to be up on top of my head, away from my neck ALL THE TIME. and so, I'm back to pony-tailing my hair again.

glittery bands, only 30Php for all these at SM ;)
I'm a trying hard photographer, did you know that? Sometimes I hit but most of the time, I miss. lol :D I  like playing with photo editing apps too so here below is one of my many edits featuring my beloved boys ;)

I've already told you that I'm not really into burgers. The only burger that was able to tickle my fancy was Jollibee's Aloha burger (the one with pineapple inside) so I was really disappointed when they discontinued serving it. I was pleasantly surprised though when I saw this at Burger King last Saturday! Meet BK's Hawaiian Whopper Jr:

hello pretty :)
I always think that "pasalubongs" are meant to tell the recipient that they were remembered and missed during trips, this is why I can't thank mommy D enough for these things she brought home from her very recent Cambodia trip for me :)

Cambodia goodies for me!! :)
Remind me to make kulit to her to make another travel post about Cambodia for us. he he ;)

#almostdinnertime.hungry -.-

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nature Republic's Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have now is yet another late post. lol :D

I've been using this since January and while I'm really impressed with this brand/product, it's only now that I can confidently write a review about the product - okay, okay, I got lazy, that's all. :D

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, I really like using this aloe gel for reasons below.. Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel looks like this:

That clear gel instantly cools the skin. I like using this when my skin allergy is acting up as it has soothing effect. I was not expecting too much from this product as it is relatively cheap at 220Php (tub is big, tbh) but was really impressed when it was able to tame my very angry, very red welts - my allergic reaction to dust. I think this aloe gel is perfect for soothing sunburns too!

According to Nature Republic website:

It contains 92% real aloe that calms the reddened and dry skin stimulated by the sun and provides moisture.

I heard this is Nature Republic's bestseller. I won't be surprised if it really is as the product does wonders to the skin, I can personally attest to that. 

Interestingly, this soothing gel can be used in so many different ways:

I tried it as hair treatment, nail essence, moisturizer and for mild sunburn, and it seems to work as claimed. It's not sticky and has a very pleasant smell. When used on my skin allergies, it kills the itchy feeling at once so no more scratching for me. Not sticky at all when used as hair treatment. While it didn't stop altogether, I noticed it was able to reduce hair fall.

What I don't like though is the packaging. Since it is in a tub, you have to scoop out the gel, dipping your fingers/hands in and out everytime you need to, which is unhygienic, if you ask me. Add to that the fact that its consistency is a little thin/liquidy, making  it doubly hard to scoop out an ample amount in one hand-dip motion. Not really travel-friendly as the tub is huge and really bulky. I think this product is better off in a tube. I'm even thinking of transferring the gel to a bottle with pump so I can bring it with me on travels.

Oh, one more thing, this, i think, is only for mild skin hydration as it wasn't able to entirely combat my scaly reptilian skin. lol :D

yes, I will repurchase, because it is really good. :)

#Fridaybekindtome.kisses! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Made Me Happy Today: A 250Php Sling Bag at SM

I woke up to the radio announcing that Jessica Sanchez has just lost against Phillip Phillips. While it's quite disappointing, I was actually expecting it. Maybe AI - the rest of America, for that matter - is not yet ready for a PhilAm-Mexican idol, is all. 

FYI, votes from outside the US weren't counted. lol :D 

Moving on, I'm still reeling from this sling bag..

I almost jumped for joy when I saw this bag hanging from a rack in the kiddie section of the mall. Yep, read it right, kiddie section of SM San Pablo City. lol :D Of all places to find such a beauty! So even if I wasn't really planning to buy a sling bag, how could I pass up? If it only had an inner lining, I would be happier :)

#ihaveathingwithflowerappliques.kisses! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Foodtripping: Burgasm at Zark's Burgers-BF Homes

My hubby is a sucker for burgers. He likes to try and eat anything that is ground beef aka beef patty in a sturdy but light burger bun. He won't mind if it's seasoned with whatever or just plain beef patty, as long as it resembles a burger, he would eat it. I, on the other hand, am not really into burgers. Yes, I like them. I sometimes crave for it but not with such intensity as his.

Zark's Burgers is a different story though.

I begged and begged the hubby to take me there. Since Taft Ave (or Manila, in general) is not his most favorite place on Earth, he used delaying tactics on me. Since I don't own the steering wheel of our car, I didn't have much of a choice but to pout - and POUT I did. That was before Zark's decided to open a branch a little further down south.

I almost sang "Hallelujah!" when I heard they opened a branch in BF (that's BF Homes Paranaque, Metro Manila) You see, BF Homes is accessible via Alabang, pretty much making it very much accessible to me! So much for your delaying tactics, hubby! hah!

Anyway, it took us some more weeks to finally visit Zark's-BF homes. I felt really giddy when we finally got there - thanks to hubby's GPS-enabled phone. lol :D

The menu :)
Fear not, Zark's burgers are reasonably priced. Scroll further down to see what I mean.

The Jawbreaker 250Php
The Jawbreaker is an all beef triple cheeseburger topped with a slice of spam and strips of bacon smothered in cheese sauce. I tell you this, Zark's doesn't skimp on portions. This is HUGE. You don't get this huge for a 250Php price tag!

American All Star 120Php
I got the tamer American All Star just because I thought big baby R didn't want burgers for dinner (she said so) but apparently Zark's was just so hard to resist that she ate half of my burger in 5 minutes tops! -.- American All Star is just your classic bacon cheeseburger - just the way I like it :)

His and hers ;)
Cheese Fries 70Php
Cheese Fries is *love*! Just french fries, cheese and chopped bacon. This is baby boy C's favorite :)

..and now, the star of the night..

Deep Fried Snickers 120Php
Gahhhh!! This is heaven sent! deep fried Snickers chocolate bar with a scoop of ice cream is my kind of dessert. I swear I'm going to order this just for myself (read: for MYSELF only. read again:  NOSHARE) next time. They also deep-fry Mars for the same price but I like Snickers more because of the nuts in it :)

Zark's Burgers - BF Homes
If you hate the crowd, better visit during off-peak hours. We visited around 8pm on a  Saturday and the place was still packed. I wouldn't recommend this for a date with someone you are trying to impress but this comes highly recommended for foodies who won't mind waiting for a table and getting greasy fingers while eating just to experience the awesomeness of their burgers ;)

Shawarma place in front of Zark's Burgers
Hmm.. I'm eyeing this place too, this shawarma place. lol ;) looks authentic. hmm..

#seeyoutomorrowZark's!kisses! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Perfect Lip Shade Project: Nyx Matte in Merlot

Ready for another lippie review for my PLS project?

NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot

This is my first NYX lippie by the way, and it didn't disappoint. In fact, this very lipstick encouraged me to explore NYX line some more - but I'm still hesitant to buy them online even if they are cheaper, maybe when I get to know more their colors, I would. I bought this from the same hidden stall where I bought my NYX matte lip cream for same price (300Php). I love wearing this, only my hubby doesn't approve. too red for him apparently, so I only get to wear this when I'm out with my friends. lol :D

Note its changing shades taken under different lighting conditions

According to NYX website:

NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that glide on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish as they envelop lips in brilliant color. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipstick is available in 22 rich, shades.

I can personally attest to its high pigmentation claim. Above photo of me shows just a swipe of freshly applied Merlot on my lips under super harsh sun (outdoors, around 2pm). It is buildable so you can go as bold as you like (that's probably just two swipes in my book. lol) It glides smoothly yes, as I didn't have to pull/tag it across my lips. Matte, check. Wide color range, check (which explains why swatching took almost two hours, making the hubby really really cranky. lol)

Anyway, I was quite amused when I took photos of this lippie yesterday under different lighting conditions (photos in the middle) The one on top is regular , indoor lighting (solid red) while middle one is outdoors (red-pink-coral). Bottom photo is indoors away from the light which surprisingly turned VIOLET. I now wonder if it also behaves as such on me, only I didn't notice? hmm.. interesting.

Anyway, real tube color, I would have to say, is the one on top. On lips, it is deep raspberry red (think wine red, deep grapey-red, but not plum-red) which really pops out and grabs attention. It's not as drying as NYX matte lip creams so I can safely say that you can skip lip balms on this one however I will not recommend skipping lip balms if your lips are naturally dry to begin with as it is a matte lipstick.

While I'm loving this color, this is too red for what I'm looking for so..

#nextlippieplease?again? :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mochi + Ice Cream = Mochi Poochi!

I love anything that is mochi + ice cream. there, I said it.

It is not unusual to catch me with a cup of froyo with generous amount of mochi bits on it, like, tell me if you can still see the froyo amidst the mochi bits. In fact, i get really disappointed when I don't get to put mochi bits on my cup of froyo and would rather skip the froyo than eat it without mochi. I honestly think offering mochi to go with your ice cream should be made SOP by this government. lol. justkidding. :D Anyway, I also dig ice creams wrapped in a blanket of mochi so it is but natural for me to make this very important detour:

bestsellers are: matcha, avocado and chocolate
I'm not really a fan of matcha. It must be an acquired taste. I bought avocado for me and chocolate for my big baby R for 50Php each.

To eat, cup with your palms until the mochi shell is warm enough to eat (they can be as tough as rock if you don't do that) however, this is the tricky part: If your mochi ball has a crack or the mochi shell wasn't wrapped properly around the ice cream then you cup it too long, the ice cream in it will melt and ooze out even before your mochi shell warms up. Now if you don't cup it long enough, you are most likely to break a tooth.. or teeth, trying to eat it. lol :D  

I don't think they have their own, permanent place in the mall (Alabang Town Center) though. They were just a part of a huge bunch of food sellers gathered at the center of the mall where I spied a delish cheese pie which I forgot to buy because I was busy contemplating about what lippie shade to buy next. lol :D 

#headachewednesday -.-

Monday, May 14, 2012

Perfect Lippie Shade Project: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

I must confess, I am turning into some kind of a lipstick addict. Blogging indeed does things to a person. lol :D

If rewarding myself a lipstick every payday is not an addiction, then I don't know what is.

I would like to think that these purchases are part of my so-called "perfect-lippie shade" project. That's what I always tell the hubby and despite some eye-rolling I get from him, it seems to be working. he he ^^

 You see, I'm looking for the perfect raspberry shade. For me, it should be something that is blue-based, pink lippie with the right amount of redness in it. That should be, not too red, not too pink, just something in between. Confusing right? Yeah, it confuses me too. lol :D Just to give you an idea, fuchsia must be the closest color description.

Funny thing about lipsticks is that they, most of the time, react to your body's chemistry aka change color like a mood ring. :D Now, i don't rely on hand/arm swatches as I am acidic which means a perfectly normal lippie color could transform into a clownish, funny shade a couple of minutes after application. As I am still looking for the right shade that will fit me to a T (I would like to have my own signature lippie color), I'm sticking to drugstore brands for now.

Now, unto my PLS project (again, that's Perfect Lippie Shade project)..

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo

as this is my first time to do a lippie review, please forgive my amateurish photos and review. I'll try to improve this in the coming days ^^ I bought this from a tiny, hidden stall up 2nd floor at Alabang Town Center for 300Php.Online, it sells for 270-320Php but I don't really mind since I could swatch first before buying anything. 

This is not my first purchase from that stall. Prior to this, I bought NYX Matte in Merlot which is a lovely, lovely red shade. unfortunately, the hubby doesn't dig, so off I went to look for a muted shade. After an hour of swatching, I chose NYX matte lip cream in San Paulo.

Okay, I really like this shade on me and the hubby approves so I can safely wear it whenever we go out. It's a lovely, wearable warm pink shade but nothing really shocking (see below). Liquid when applied but dries off to a matte finish. Once set, it stays for hours which is good since I usually forget to reapply. lol :D I think I got 5 hours straight without it fading on me, drinks and little bites included. However, I didn't risk it on a burgerfest - that's just too risky for me. lol :D Coverage is good, as you can see, my lips are pigmented so coverage is very important to me. It also brightens the face instantly :)

The only downside is, well, this can be drying on lips. To combat this problem, I use a non-petroleum lip balm so it won't affect the staying power of this lip cream prior to application then wait for a couple of minutes to let my lips absorb the lip balm first. Sans lip balm, you are most likely to end up with chapped lips.
bare lips vs one swipe of San Paulo. Me without makeup -.-
That's me without makeup, just a swipe of San Paulo to give you an idea how the color pops out giving you an instant "refreshed" look so forgive the dark undereye circles and barely there eyebrows. lol ^^

Still, this is not the shade I'm aiming for so..

#nextlippieplease?kisses! :)

PS There is nothing purpley about this shade, shade above must be because of poor lighting. San Paulo is coral-pink in shade as sometimes it looks more coral to me. lol :D I'll try to update this post with a proper picture soon :) 

Okay here it is..

There, closer to real-life shade.
Note to self: never take lippie photo in front of the computer. lol :D

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Etude House Lip and Eye Remover Review

..aannd because I've been lazy, I now have an awesome number of blog posts in draft to deal with. lol :D

Anyway, here below is Etude House Lip and Eye Remover. Yep, that's right, lip and eye REMOVER. don't worry though, it doesn't really remove your lips and eyes but it does a superb job of removing your lip and eye makeup. Waterproof makeups are just one swipe off using this baby.

I'm quite OC when taking off my makeup. I just don't want anything left on my face before I go to sleep, no traces of anything whatsoever. and because I got more experimental with makeup lately, I knew simple face cleaning/washing won't do.

Etude House Lip and Eye Remover comes highly recommended by most beauty blogs I follow - and these are hardcore beauty gurus and some are pro MUA so I have full faith in them.

two-toned pretty ^^
"Gentle, yet highly effective, this double formulated lip and eye remover easily and instantly dissolves all traces of make-up for a soothing and moisturizing effect on the sensitive eye and lip area without any irritation."

shake, shake, shake
pH balanced, oil and alcohol free, gentle enough for all skin types but very effective in removing long-lasting and waterproof makeup.

eeww.. only BB cream on my face and look what I got!
..and here is my little "efficacy" test. From top to bottom:  Kiehls Marvelous Mineral Mascara, Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner Diva Gray, E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Coffee, Wet N Wild: Idol Eyes 691 Midnight Black Retractable Eye Pencil

1. freshly applied eye stuff (either waterproof or long-lasting) 2. under running water 3. two drops of Etude lip and eye remover directly on makeup 4. One swipe and it's all gone!

To use, you just have to shake the bottle well then use cotton pads to apply. It works best if you don't swipe right away. Let the remover-solution dissolve the makeup first, especially if you are dealing with waterproof mascaras, then swipe. :)

It doesn't irritate my skin or trigger my allergy which is really good, if you ask me. and I don't have to rub hard   which is a nice plus too. It smells nice. It is oil-based, making my face a little oily after, so I wash my face then apply cold cream, just to make sure nothing gets left behind (see? OC talaga ^^) but judging from the tissues used for removing the cold cream, I think this last step in my makeup removing routine is really unnecessary. I'm not sure but I think I bought this for 190Php+ but surely no more than 200Php! I think, it's a steal ^^

I am very satisfied with this eye and lip makeup remover so no more trying another brand for me. for now. :)

#yesterday'spost, ^^

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Tuesday: Moonleaf Post-It Wall, Free Donuts, Car-Carts, Brownies and Buko Shake :)

Hello everyone!!! Did you miss me? Anyway, sorry for the short hiatus, things just turned from slightly bad to bangs-curling crazy. Don't worry though, I still believe what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger (to which a dear boss of mine once retorted, "good thing you're not working in a nuclear plant")

Onto my Tuesday randomness..

This post-it wall at Moonleaf is simply awesome! It's really interesting to look at, sometimes I find myself just standing there, reading short messages and grinning like an idiot while waiting for my milk tea. I think every branch has one :)

I love, love, love freshly baked donuts! more so if they are FREE. ^^ Krispy Kreme, every once in a while, surprises their patrons by giving away free freshly baked donuts. I must say, there's nothing quite like it - the taste of freshly baked AND free stuff ^^

My son used to shy away from these car-carts BUT now, he has turned into one eager beaver who couldn't wait to get in and be pushed around. Talk about bipolar characteristics of toddlers! My daughter R was the one pushing him around as Mr. C here didn't want the cart to stop even if I needed to, to inspect and pick up some things.

I'm a sucker for sweets - you must know that by now. These brownies came from Becky's Kitchen - Taft. I hold fond memories of that place. My ex-bf aka hubby used to take me there for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee - shared. ^^

Good thing the summer heat is now abating. Still, I'm hooked on cold drinks, particularly this one from Bahay Buko. ^^ Refreshing and at the same time, healthy :) For some reason though, I am not really comfortable with their bottles. I don't know, maybe it's the punched cap to make way for the straw? I don't know if that's a wise thing to do.

So, that's it ^^ 

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