Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sample Room: Try Before You Buy Is Genius!

¡Hola! The weather is so nice ~ never a sunny person, I love that it's cold but not raining, perfect for a cup of coffee and a good book! Yay! and my other blog is all set! double yay! ..and guess who got a promotion?! Yes, me!! just last week!! so yeah, life is good and this mom is indeed one happy girl nowadays :)

Anyway, enough about me. Let me just share my experience with Sample Room. Last week, I got to try Sample Room and I'm happy to report that it went really well and I won't hesitate doing it again and again :) The best part is, I paid using PayPal and they didn't give me any trouble ~ that's plus, plus, plus for me because I hate going out to pay and PayPal is the most convenient payment method for me.

I've been following their Facebook page even before the website launch; bookmarked their website; subscribed to their email newsletter BUT I missed their first wave of samples (*blimey* I was away) Judging from the number of their Facebook followers vs my slowness to catch up, I figured it's impossible for me to actually get samples of my choice. However, one morning while checking my emails, there it was, Sample Room's newsletter with a new batch of samples! I went ahead and saw that there were indeed new samples to grab and I was so excited because the brands were impressive (I saw Shiseido, Davines etc) I was torn between Laneige and Davines but Laneige won because it's a sleeping pack ~ y'all know I love them ;) and to maximize my shipping fee, I threw in that Ralph Lauren sample you'll see below. Because I don't live in Metro Manila, the shipping fee is 130Php. I paid via PayPal. That was Tuesday morning. By Tuesday night, my account already reflected the tracking number. Impressive!

Hello Thursday noon, hello Sample Room package! Fast! really impressed!

RL and Laneige from Sample Room Ph

I've been asked many times how it works so here's my answer: You sign up with them, give some information about yourself (skin type, preferences, etc) and you get 100 points. Points are used for getting samples. In my case, RL was 25 pts and Laneige was 60 pts so I only have 15 pts now but when I give my review on these products, I get the points back. I think you'll earn points too if you refer a friend although I am not sure how many. 3 samples max per check out. You don't pay for the samples, but of course, you need to pay for shipping ~obviously.

and this is why I think Sample Room is a brilliant idea: It's because it allows me to choose the products I want to test. This is also the reason why I hesitate signing up for subscription boxes, I know I won't feel good if I end up with things I really don't need or will not use or not even interested in.

so there :)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask Review

¡Hola! Would you believe, I contemplated about giving this blog a rest ~just for a couple of months ~ just yesterday? I was thinking of putting up a more "personal" blog, meaning less of my *cookiness* and more of things that really matter ~at least to me. lol :D Also, my work load is kinda killing me these days. Gaah! Anyway, I'm up and giddy because I just made my very first checkout at Sample Room! Yey! *fingers crossed* I hope it will all go well because I paid via PayPal and the last time I did that, I ran into a LOT of trouble and I almost died of heart attack [read TRAUMATIZING post here]

So today I'm going to share my thoughts about Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask. As you can see, mine is still in sachets/sample sizes. This one came with my online order as a freebie and I'm just so glad I tried it because I absolutely fell in love with it the first try :) definitely buying a tub of this!

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask trial size
I'm a sucker for masks but I try to stay away from masks in sheets. It's really just a matter of personal preference okay? Nothing big and serious :)

so basically this pore mask tightens the pores which is exactly what I need right now. My face has decided to turn into an oil mine and I've noticed my pores are now larger than usual. Eeek! damage control is in order. Pronto!

This seems to be a good idea. Egg = firm and tight, yes? When I was in college, I used to break a raw egg, very carefully separate the white from the yellow, put back the yellow in the fridge ~ to my mama's amusement upon discovering rows of cracked egg shells with just the yellow part in them. lol ~ squeeze a little lemon juice into the white and tada! my very own egg mask!

anyway back to Skinfood.. this pore mask has a very thick consistency and white in color. The smell is a little too strong but it was nice *floral-baby powdery scent?* and not at all offending. It takes a little longer to dry than most masks of same consistency. When dried, it feels powdery to the touch.

I'm quite amazed with the immediate result. I can't say much about the blackhead part ~ my blackheads have this uncanny ability to hide themselves upon enemy approach ~ but the pore size was visibly smaller and my skin felt cleaner and of course, tighter. and that is just one time use, just imagine using it for weeks?! Yes, that's right, that's why I'm buying the tub!

However, please be forewarned that the smaller pores result doesn't last a very long time. Two days after, they were back to their original, vengeful size :(( so maybe that's why this pore mask is recommended to use twice or three times a week. Still buying it though! anything to make those unsightly pores shrink and perhaps with prolonged use, the pores will eventually stay small in size!

#sleepy -.-

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Tony and Jackey Digiperm Experience ^^

¡Hola! How's everyone today? Me, I'm just here, stuck at home, work piling up by the hour. oooh, I badly want to go out and grab a cup of something strong ~ by that, I mean coffee okay? And something is bothering my hubby but he isn't telling. hmm, I wonder what that is.

Anyway, I just have 30 minutes to spare today and I must make this one short and quick so here it goes..

about a month ago, I was half-bullied, half-dragged by my BFF to Tony and Jackey's Festival (Alabang) Mall branch as there was an ongoing rebond/digiperm promo. The 5,000Php originally priced treatments were down to 3,000Php. She was no virgin to rebond treatments while I.. well, I'm not really into salons. Freakin' machines scare the hell out of me. BUT. we were due to a conference and my hair was a mess. So, the night before, i decided to just get a haircut.

To cut the long story short, that cute Korean hair stylist Carl (find Step 3: haircut ninja shot) got me to say yes to a digiperm. lol :D 

Okay, as you can see below, my hair is originally thin and flat and very defiant. Carl told me that it is "too thin" and he ordered digiperm for my short hair.

Again, my hair is short so this is not your usual digipermed hairstyle (long, with bangs, goldilocks curls) It got me really curious but yeah, excited. :) When he asked me what style for my haircut, I told him it's all up to him. hihi ^^ He nodded, assessed my hair then fired a couple of orders (there were two ladies ~ his assistants~ very nice and accommodating) The 3,000Php package included hair treatment, hair cut, digiperm and hair manicure. I was there for about 2 hours.

pls click for better view

To sum it up, it was a very nice experience indeed. I like Carl. He is soft spoken, knows his stuff and treated his clients nicely, even nervous, newbies like me (imagine that, and considering I own two c-section belts too! lol) His assistants were very nice and made me really comfortable. They didn't even push harder when I said no to their hair essence. 

So here below is my hair's progress from the time I stepped out of the salon up to week 2:

*Please ignore my silly grin on Day 4 photo, I was at the conference and I was having so much fun!* I came out of the salon super curly (tight curls) but after some time, the curls became bigger and looser and now, (I'm already at my first month) they are just lovely wavy curls I'm lovin' so much! Too bad my BFF came out of the salon all pouty and grumpy while I was almost too giddy to stand still. lol. Her stylist wasn't nice and a little bitchy too. She was trying to grow her hair long and she told her stylist to just cut above her bra-line but sadly, the request was ignored. She went home with a hair just above her bra strap :( Hers was rebonded, by the way. Oh well, looks like I'll be on my own next time. Yes, I'm going back. and I'll specifically ask for Carl. lol :D

As for Bang's Tony and Jackey promos, please do check their Facebook page and website from time to time. I think they are running a Christmas promo now. 

that's it! Thanks for reading! :)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alabang Town Center, I Love You More Today Than Yesterday!

Gaah, my blog post title is sooo cheesy. lol! :D

Anyway just a quick post about some *of my favorite* stores now open at Alabang Town Center.

Tony Moly and Etude House. side by side. :)
J.Co, where line is always long. :D

Then of course: Banapple, Serenitea, BonChon, PCX, The Face Shop, Jamba Juice, Johnny Rockets, Chili's, Friday's, P.F Chang's, Beauty Bar, Healthy Options, Tous Les Jours (buy 1 take 1 on selected items. 8:30PM. EVERYDAY), Gong Cha, Ramen X, North Park, Shu Uemura, my favorite NYX stall.. okay, this is getting too long now, just check them out okay? :)

#perksoflivinginstarosa. :)

Mood Matchy Matchy: Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 12 hr Lip Color Review

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick, you made it worth my mad-dashing to ATC last Monday! lol :D

My BFF is a self-confessed magic lipstick girl while I, I don't know, I just didn't take them seriously maybe because they reminded me of all those Barbie "lipsticks" I tantrum-ed for when I was a kid ~ pretty but useless. lol :D

but you know how endless harping and praising by your BESTFRIEND could get you to, at least, be curious about something right? So when this appeared on my Instagram newsfeed ~ posted by Beauty bar Philippines, I got curious and checked it out on makeupalley (where honest ratings of  makeup-loving ladies go) Whoa! It's 4.7 out of 5. Impressive!   

According to site, its strongest point would be its lasting power, 12 hours as claimed. I think there are 10 different colors to choose from, which are all available at Beauty Bar - ATC! Yey! The most popular ones are red and green. I got orange because according to their website, it turns to *shades of coral*. not on my lips though. it turned magenta-ish on me. lol. not a color spectrum I expected but it was nice. :)

Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 12 hr Lip Color in Orange 195Php

You see, that's the fun part of using magic lippies, you just don't know what you'll be sporting next. One time, I sported a BRIGHT PINK from the same stick. lol :D it was funny. :D

as for the staying power, YES, it stayed on my lips for a long time but definitely not STRONG 12 hours! partly because it's more of a tint (minus the dryness if you use regular tints like Benetint or Tony Moly Cherry tint) than a regular lipstick (say, Revlon lippies?) It feels like gloss on lips but it stains ~ so all good there. Another thing to consider is that it fades on "wetter" areas while the "drier" areas of your lips stay true to its "chosen color of the day". then the faded areas turn to yet another color/shade that it is possible to end with ombre lips if you don't check frequently enough. The plus side though is that it looks really natural on lips so if you end up with ombre lips, people would just assume you have "natural" ombre lips. lol. just kidding :) please do check once in a while. the stick is as fickle minded as me when it comes to color of the day :)

It has a funny smell ~ uhm, "granny lippy" smell? but its tolerable. to take this off, you will need an oil based makeup remover. your plain ol' tissue doesn't stand a chance as it really really REALLY stains the lips. :)

not drying at all which I love, love, love! can withstand eating and drinking. doesn't transfer *hubby approves*

hmm.. what else? ahh, 195Php for a stick. Beauty Bar Philippines has them online and instore. They also come in a box ~ not sure how many inside though ~ which is a little under 1k. Perfect if you are thinking of buying several for friends, etc.

Packaging is a little *bleh*, it looks flimsy but it is sturdy enough to be carried around. and it locks when you put the cap back on so this baby is safe when inside your bag. Careful with the cap as the stick doesn't go all the way down.

Last words? Fun. Natural looking. Cheap. Fun *again* lol :D :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Foodspotting in Tagaytay: Rowena's Half-half Cheese Tarts

This is our latest Tagaytay discovery: Rowena's!

I heard their cheese tarts are good so on our way back home last week, I begged my hubby to stop by and let me buy a box. He was a little bit grumpy that day so I summoned my "grumpier, bitchy" self ~pouty, crumpled face included, ready to throw a tantrum~ just to let him know how serious I was in getting my hands on these babies. he relented. He didn't come into the store with me though. He stayed in the car which means I had to be very quick about my business.

I jumped out the car, made a mad dash into the store and went straight to the lady stacking boxes of tarts and asked to be introduced to their bestseller. It looks like it wasn't the first time they were asked such a question because ~very calmly~ she handed me a box of half-half. That's half blueberry, half strawberry. 6 in total for 170Php. I also bought a piece of egg tart (40Php) as peace offering to the oh-so-grumpy-one [you know who!]

Rowena's Half-half Cheese Tarts. That's Strawberry and Blueberry, their bestsellers :)

Long story short, the egg tart was a success since it made the ogre [you know who!] happy and less grumpy. Their blueberry tarts are good too, but I fell inlove with the strawberry tarts *sigh* :) They are so convenient to bring along travels since they are something you could just pop into your mouth ~a whole piece. no crumbly crust so no messy car too. creamy and it has just the right amount of tartness in it too.

I suggest you try their apple tarts too, next to strawberry cheese tarts, apple tart is my bet (because we came back the next day to buy more egg tarts ~HAH!) didn't like the chocolate mousse tart that much though.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Mommy's Cheap Thrills: Shawill Blusher #01

Good morning Monday! BV people go away *erm, forever?* :D

You know how it is when you go out and shop and got everyone else in the family a little something only to realize that you didn't get anything for yourself at all and there's only 150Php in your pocket? Story of my life. lol :D

Usually I get myself a bottle of nailpolish and a cup of milk tea just to tide me over until the next payday ~or personal allowance~ but this time I found myself at Shawill's counter and face to face with some gorgeous looking blushers! I was intrigued by the shades they offer. The blushers look "matte" and exactly what I was looking for ~contrary to their eyeshadows which all look shimmery. The blushers look really nice. I decided to go with the ones in black compact instead of the cutesy [cheaper Php99] pink ones ~and I don't know why too!

I was looking for something "orangey" and the testers.., well, I don't know why but, this #01 shade looked orange enough for me when I was testing it but when I came home and opened it, it's reddish. I guess the closest shade to properly describe this would be "Coral" so yeah, I'm still okay with this ~but still eyeing #04, that's the orangey shade according to my research. lol >.<

Shawill Blusher #01 Php138
Shawill Blusher #01 "pan" shot
This blusher is such a revelation! It's smooth to apply and not chalky at all. Looks natural on me and not cheapy, if you ask me. very much buildable and good pigmentation. Shot below is two swipes already so I usually need just one since I have this habit of applying cheek tint underneath. Staying power is decent enough. Use it with a primer and it stays on all through the day but without primer, reapplication by midday perhaps. The amount of product in pan is just right ~as you can see, when you flip the blusher open, there's a free brush underneath so by calculation, there's only a decent amount of product in there but that's okay because I don't want too many of it anyway ~i need it to be almost empty before expiration date, you see. so I won't feel bad throwing it away.

While I'm loving the product itself, I really think the compact [case ~whatever you call it] sucks. lol :D it feels what, flimsy? that's why I don't carry it around in my bag. The brush is almost useless [go see first photo] mas malago pa ang walis ng auto supply! [walis with bangs post] but honestly, for its price, sulit na! Better buy a Z-palette then depot. lol :D


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Shiny Skin Foundation Review

Confession time! This is my first ever liquid foundation. lol :D Never a fan of heavy makeup ~maybe because it doesn't really look good on me and with my kind of lifestyle, well, it just doesn't suit me~ I always go for lightweights and natural looking makeup. Just something to enhance what I already have ~the good ones, of course. lol :) Staying power is also a huge plus since I'm not a fan of touch-ups

I've always been curious about how a liquid foundie feels on face though. Months ago, I started testing the ones from Revlon but I find them too thick and the Colorstay line stings so bad. This is another thing to consider when I look for things to put on my face, I need to be very careful NOT to trigger my allergies which means no strong smell, no strong anything.

I was actually looking for a BB cream to replace my "retiring" Maybelline tube ~my travel buddy. What I had in mind was something small and slim in packaging *think Maybelline* so I could carry it with me when travelling. I tested the one from 4U2 [great coverage, inexpensive at 199Php] however I hesitated because its cap didn't look reliable enough for travelling judging from the mess it made with the tester but when I stopped by at TonyMoly, it was love at first sight with this:

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Shiny Skin Foundation #3 Natural Beige 

I know it's not a BB cream! it's not even a BB+foundation. It's just a liquid foundation but when the kind lady swatched it on the back of my hand, I was really impressed! It blended perfectly and I honestly think it made my skin glow. didn't crack or show lines ~you know, I do, sort of, skin "flexing" when testing makeups just to see if the thing can cope with my smiling, frowning etc without showing the eyesore lines. lol ^^ This foundation from TonyMoly passed the test with flying colors. Yey!

Very lightweight but awesome coverage ~on some days it's even okay to go out without applying concealer. #3 matches my skintone perfectly ~has 3 different tones, #1 being the lightest but since the only available tester number at that time was #3 and I was actually okay with it, I went for #3 [no regrets ^^] best of all, it's the perfect size for me!

I've been using this for almost a month and I must say, I'm very happy with this purchase. No irritation so far but has a slight "plasticky" smell upon application which goes away after some time. It stays all day judging from the amount I take off at night vs when I was using just BB cream. I think it's working well with my combi skin, although I usually blot at midday [not too oily on blotter though vs Maybelline liquid BB cream]. Does a really good job in hiding my visible pores so I come out nice and smooth everytime. I'm perfectly okay with the price ^^

I would like to try the green makeup base next time. I heard it's good too :)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Foodspotting: Josephine Restaurant's Bulalo Steak

I think my husband is on a mission. I really think he's putting together his very own Top 10 *bulalo steak* list and hellbent on sampling every bulalo steak in existence. Good God.

So this one's from Josephine Restaurant up in Tagaytay ~we go there every week to visit Padre Pio, give thanks for blessings coming our way and offer prayers. Anyway, personally, I love their Mutya ng Cavite ~their house version of seafood chowder~ and would crave it every now and then. 

This bulalo steak looks dry. It's because the gravy was served separately. lol :) but it is good. I'm not sure but I think it's 500Php+ per order but it was really big and could feed 3-4. Sulit na :)

Oh and they have a killer view that you might want to check out while there. Last time I checked they still offer buffet lunch ~which I would like to try as well BUT the hubby is quite fixated on Dad's nowadays so it may have to wait a while

#takingabreakfromwork :)

Josephine Restaurant 
Km. 58 Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay City

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guess Who Got A Makeover? :)


My 4-year old lappy! Yay! :D

*must be a weird post for you but this is the first time I "customized" a gadget EVER, well, because it just doesn't feel right putting stickers and whatevers on gadgets. BUT. My lappy wanted a makeover ~she must be really tired of her looks then~ so I gave her one. Yay! we're both happy. That owl looks really nice on her :)*

#shortestpostever? :*

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Tuesday: KFC Mac and Cheese Bites, Starbucks Ice Cream, Munchkins, Pork Floss and A Broom with Bangs.

Tons of work ahead of me today but I'm too giddy to even start one! Tomorrow is our much-awaited company convention ~ i work online [I'm with their offshore department] so this is our first ever! ~ and I'm so excited!!! ^^ I got my hair digipermed last Saturday [will blog about it soon!! really really sucky photos, and I forgot to take pictures of my new 'do with my cutie Korean stylist because I was pleasantly shocked on how he was able to make my hair nice and fluffy despite the language barrier. lol] I'm getting foot spa and mani/pedi later today [half convention-related, half favor to my feet. lol] :)

anyway, I tried KFC Mac and Cheese Bites last week and I wasn't really impressed with it. I really think it should have salsa to go with it and if it actually does then KFC staff should always remember NOT to leave it behind because the bites don't taste good without them. #justsayin'

I was craving for some Ben & Jerry's but I wasn't up for some shopping at S&R so I just looked for them in *several* regular supermarkets. I was able to find a couple of them at Shopwise-Festival Mall but those Starbucks ice cream pints made me squeal with delight! Prices are at 300Php range per pint.

..and then some more..

those Snickers and Twix pints are, i think, 145Php each and Snickers bars and M&M cookie sandwiches are 65Php a piece.

This Munchkins tin pail is sooo cute! we're using it now as a trinket pail and it's still cute. lol :D I heard they're serving red velvet Munchkins in the US. I hope they ~ those red velvets ~ come to the Philippines ^^

I'm inlove with pork floss all my life! My "angkong" [lolo in Tagalog, grandpa in English] used to bring a bag home as "pasalubong" from Binondo [they used to sell them by kilos, i'm not sure if they still do] I sometimes use it on porridge or oatmeal but I prefer eating it as is. ^^ I found a bag at a Lord Stow's branch. I think it's 180Php per bag.

I borrowed this funny looking broom from an auto parts store downstairs [the owner is a grumpy ogre. lol] *wink, wink* I had a hardtime picking up dust but I eventually got them all out. The owner said "Pwede pa yan, may bangs pa" lol :D

so that's it! wish me luck for tomorrow's event! ;)

#giddytuesday :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Popoy Approves! Spiderman Lightup Timer Toothbrush

My son has this weird habit of changing names and naming things/people. Just last month, he insisted that we call him "Nani". While I didn't really like it, we went along with it and in no time, everyone in the household referred to him as "Nani". I thought it was that sometimes I call him "Noni" for no particular reason however, the other night, he came up with yet another name to call himself. this time, it's "Popoy"

of course, I was aghast!

then his yayo is now named "Berting" which used to be "Jujun" (his real name is Jun). Please don't ask me how and where he got these names because I really don't know.

Anyway, I saw this blinking toothbrush and decided to get one for Popoy since he's into Spider-man and Batman these days (goodbye Cars!) The light blinks for full 60 seconds which is good since it entertains Popoy while I go deeper into his mouth without risking a bite. With a regular toothbrush, a full 10 seconds would be a miracle already so for me, this is godsend!

has soft bristles and this is very important because I don't want Popoy hurting his gums while brushing his teeth. He's getting good at brushing his front teeth by himself but he gets gigil so I make sure his toothbrush has soft bristles.

According to package, when the light no longer flashes, it is time to change the toothbrush (approx 3 months)

no problem so far in using this toothbrush. That is if you don't count the number of times I had to look for it come brushing time since Popoy took it and played with Spiderman somewhere.

Overall, I'm happy with this lightup timer toothbrush since we're having a huge success in using it. I'm thinking now maybe I should include this into my toddler inaanaks' gift bags!

#excitedforwednesday! Yay! :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Perfect Lippie Project: N.Y.C. New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear 405B Blue Rose

I think I found my perfect pink. This. Is. The. One. :)

N.Y.C. New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear 405B Blue Rose is a really nice fuchsia lipstick with blue undertones. The perfect blue-pink lipstick for me! It has the right amount of pink and blue in it that successfully brightened up my face without coming across as obscene - and even without sleep on my part. lol. What sealed the deal for me was the creaminess of the lippie and yet it settles into an almost matte finish once applied. I was amazed how easy it is to apply considering that it is cheap. One could wear it without a lipliner since it doesn't move around like other creamy lippies do. lol.  It glides, it doesn't tug  or drag and it doesn't emphasize the lines on my lips. Coverage is good too. Didn't chap my lips even without balm over or underneath. It fades evenly, not disappear lip area by lip area, which is good :)

Packaging is sturdy enough for me to confidently let it stay inside my bag along with my valuables. Cap stays put as there are locks on its sides.

There are tiny blue shimmers on tube but it barely shows on lips. as I told earlier, it looks almost matte on lips. I honestly think Barbie would approve!

N.Y.C. New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear 405B Blue Rose

Okay the cons. 

Doesn't retract all the way down so the top is always peeking. If you're not careful when putting back the cap, you'll surely ruin the stick. Also, while it belongs to the ultra last line, I'm not sure about the "long wear" part. I chew my lips absentmindedly so I'm not really expecting lippies to survive but it sure would be nice if they do.

Another thing to consider would be its availability. I ordered mine online and waited 2 long months - gahhh, just imagine the wait!! I paid 260Php for it and yeah, it's worth the wait. :)

Something's telling me this one will stay inside my bag for a long, loooong time :)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Matte Nails Success With Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat! Yay!

Hello. Hello :) kamusta naman ang bed weather dito sa Philippines today! Now all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. lol :D

It took me forever to finally try this matte top coat from Etude House. Mainly because I was having doubts [remember the last time, my "black matte nails" attempt was a disaster and the supposedly matte nail varnish from another Korean brand stained my nails soooo bad] but a blogger friend told me to try this because this one from Etude House really works. Having that in mind, I gingerly picked this up one day while trying to meet the 1KPhp mark [Yey for GWP! I always choose their face masks. soooo good! lol] A bottle sells for 198Php. not bad vs buying online and, anyway, I've been buying from Etude House eversince they opened their Festival branch and so far NOT a single Etude House product disappointed me so I figured, it's safe.


Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat turns glossy colored nails into satin matte color for a chic, sophisticated feeling!

Amazing! It did work!

see? see?! ang bongga nya! ^^

Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat

Okay! I'm officially inlove with this top coat! I'm going to buy the Jelly Pop top coat next time! lol :D

Just a tip: make sure your colored nail polish is really really dry on your nails before applying this top coat. I was too excited I applied too soon and well, ruined the whole thing so I had to apply the pink nail polish all over again, wait for 30 minutes then apply the top coat. wag lang excited! #justsayin' :D

so over all, I'm pretty much satisfied with this matte top coat - no, I'm waaaaay beyond satisfied! I'm going to experiment with nude and orange colors. Gah, I'm excited! :)

#seizetheday! :*

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Revlon Coral Lippies + Careline Lipgloss Swatches

Reds..check. Pinks..check. Blue-reds..check.

Okay, I think it's time for corals naman. or something orangey. I already have an orange tint from Etude House but I want a lippie so I've been swatching like crazy once again. lol :D

Here below are some swatches of coral lippies from Revlon, available locally. Oh and that Careline lipgloss which is orange in tube but almost colorless when applied. ;)

Coral Berry looks lovely, methinks. but it's reddish and I want ORANGE - I'm 80% want it but still contemplating if I should buy it. Siren has tiny sparkles which I don't like and Kiss Me Coral is a little bit too strong for an orange. Tutti Frutti naman could pass as a balm than a lippie. lol :D I was actually looking for Rendezvous balm stain but it's nowhere to be found so I guess I'll be ordering it online :((

Help me decide?


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a Convert! Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover

Whenever I stop by a Tony Moly counter, I never go away empty-handed. True story. lol :D 

That one time the budget was tight, I ended up picking a nail polish remover [Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover]. haha. I was running out of it anyway and for the price and size, it's worth forgoing a box of nose pore strip - which I bought the next day anyway. ;)

Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover 128Php
Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover Description according to their website:

Nail remover which is high cleansing power and low stimulant. Vitamin E and moisture ingredients of Keratin protect nail and sensitive skin around nails

I'm loving this! This smells sweet - not too sweet, just right - and gentler to the nails, methinks, than the other Korean brand I wrote about before. I'm so glad I picked this up as I plan to experiment with my nails following my success with matte nails [just yesterday!] I went ahead and picked up bottles of nude and orange nail polishes. If only I didn't forget to bring my little collection last week [from the "other home" to "this home"], I would have started my solo-matte-nails party last night. lol ;)

#seeyah! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Throwback photo. like.. from 25 years back? lol ;D

I curse the person who started the "throwback photo" trend on Facebook! Just imagine my horror when some of my TAGGED *gasp* highschool photos *with bangs. uso eh* started showing up one morning. then got passed around. and commented on. by friends who aren't even friends with the person who posted that *bloody* photo! Hohwell, all in good fun, people, all in good fun  :)

..but this..

this is CLASSIC!

teehee ^^ spot me?

#infernezsidewseptangbangsko :D

Best Ever!! LZM Restaurant's Bulalo Steak

Hello Monday! Just a quick post from last night's dinner ;)

LZM's Bulalo Steak (400+Php). yummmm :)
Melt in your mouth meat and lickable gravy *love*

Best Bulalo Steak ever! 

I suggest you order this with their garlic rice (90Php half) instead of just plain. ay sarap! :)

#gottaworknowbye! :*

LZM Restaurant branches:
Silang Cavite
Magallanes Square Tagaytay
Solenad 2 Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Tuesday: Ogoy, Joel Osteen, Paperbag, David Levithan and Php5 Coffee!

Someone's getting busy spamming my blog, leaving totally unrelated comments and obscene links. I didn't approve them so the comments were not published and they were deleted but the sheer number of them made me a little annoyed (okay, A LOT!) I hope it's a bot, not a real, live person because that would be rude. Anyway, onto my Random Tuesday!

I'm Dora the Explorer these days! We moved to a new city - which explains my month-long absence - and some snooping around is in order. I found this during one of my explorations: Ogoy. I was told these crunchy breadsticks are perfect for dipping in a hot cup of Barako coffee.

This is really good. and cheap too (Php35 for a pack)

I think I'm falling inlove with podcasts! I downloaded a couple of LibriVox recordings, some pilates and yoga videos and Joel Osteen here. JO's podcasts come weekly and each is 30 minutes long. I listen to him everynight :)

..and because most cities in the Philippines are now "plastic-free", paperbags take center stage! I love how Pan de Manila made theirs cute and informative. that's Vigan, home of the yummy, famous Vigan empanadas. very nice :)

..and this is my 10-year old daughter. She stays with my dad (just until schoolyear ends) and she visited for the weekend. I miss her everyday :(

This book is *love*, if you're looking for a good book to read, give this a try :)

..and my greatest discovery so far! I present, the Php5 cup of coffee! lol :D

#sogoodtobeback :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Busted Diet! Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection

Hello. Hello :)

Today marks the first day of my yoga + riceless diet. I'm dead serious about this, you know. No more dilly dallying. Wanna know why? Well, a very recent trip to a fitting room did the job. There I was standing in my topless gloriousness when it all hit me: my belly is a saggy mess and my arms are jiggling like a jell-o and my thighs are not doing any better. It was really a sad, sad sight that I fled the fitting room like a mad woman.


I don't think it's possible to say no to these babies. I mean, seriously, Nestle donuts? 

Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection
I have yet to meet Mr. Crunch here. He's always sold out, as I was told. Here below are my boys' favorites:

Baby Ruth

Best paired with brewed coffee :)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

In2it Liquid Eyeliner Review

Six months ago, I was begging friends to teach me how to line my eyes. Today, I'm going to review a liquid eyeliner. how's that for progress? lol :D

Truth be told, this is my very first liquid eyeliner after graduating from cream eyeliners - which I would give much credit for my eyelining skills <that's tip #1: practice on cream liners first before attempting to use liquid liners because liquids require precision right from the moment you pull that applicator out of its tube> I'm happy I chose this as my first brand to try because it didn't disappoint and it didn't scare me away from liquid eyeliners *forever* and I find it really easy to apply and yeah, it's pretty, methinks - whereas the second brand I picked up.. well.. but that's another story right? so onto my review :)

In2it Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black and Marine

I got this 2-in-1 thingy on sale for about 380+Php. I was really after the blue one <marine> but they were being sold by pairs so..

Please excuse my uncurled eyelashes. Marine is so pretty, don't you think?

..and since these happen to be the "shiny" variant <they also offer matte>, they dry off "shiny". Marine has some sparklies going on, Very Black has none so it's really nice to wear even if you're just out to pick up some groceries. :) I love wearing Marine when I'm being all lazy to do eyestuff. Doesn't sting the eye. Dries fast.

These babies are not hard to remove. Just give it a good rub and it will be gone in no time. That may not sound too good for some especially if you are looking for a long-wearing one but it doesn't smudge (read: panda eyes, it applies to bad eyeliners too, you know)  and if you don't rub then it stays put *parang sticker lang ang peg pagdry na, peel off din ang drama pag gustong iremove. lol* My lids are super oily, so I'm more concerned on the eyeliner smudging one me than it's staying power. With this liquid liner, I just have to remind myself not to rub my eyes.
swatches - rubbed once - rubbed xxx times
Okay, what I don't like about this liquid eyeliner is the brush. Those stray ones make it a lot harder to apply the eyeliner. If not for that, this would definitely be the best liquid eyeliner in my book but because of it, I'm now looking for something with same finish but better brush :( I sometimes resort to using a brush from another eyeliner brand (the one with good brush but bad finish - washed, of course) but that proves to be a pain especially when one is in a hurry. 

so there.

#hungry :(

Monday, September 17, 2012

Foodspotting: Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls

I admit, I have a very soft spot for bread with raisins and cinnamon in it. When I go and check out a bread place, I always go straight to the ones with raisins or berries in them - not the cream, artificial type though, it should be the real thing, bits and pieces of raisins and berries - I actually judge a bread place based on how good their raisin bread is. lol ^^

The ultimate taste testing would be in the morning, paired with my first cup of coffee. That's the only time I would be able to truly make a decision if the bread is good or not. I'm maarte like that. lol. My current favorites would be Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Loaf and THIS. 

Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls


Friday, August 17, 2012

Destructive And Narrow-Minded Me

I'm feeling really low tonight. I miss blogging. I miss my husband. I feel cheated. I keep on missing work. I'm Madame Worried née Paranoid. and I'm freakin' mad but don't have the energy to be mad so what does that make me now? sad, i guess.

I meant to put up something cheery, like a product review or something but this is what I came up with instead.

I guess this is what you end up with if you stumble upon someone-you-trust's secret blog, a person you have been sincerely rooting for even if it means blocking your own sister on Facebook, and finding your advice was once referred to or described by this person as "destructive and narrow-tinged"  (exact words)

I swear, no more FREE advice from me. From now on, I will charge by the hour. That way, a person who received my "destructive and narrow-tinged" advice will be reminded that they were the ones who sought it, not the other way around. I will issue receipts, no worries. for their record keeping.

and ladies and gentlemen, my trust meter has gone down two notches tonight. okay make it three. three entities who let me down just because I'm going through something difficult these days.

I will remember. I don't really forget things like this, you know.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Afternoon With Friend D at Cafe De Soledad

I'm trying to clear up my drafts before I work on new posts so here's a super duper late post - think months-late post - and stupidly, i didn't write down the prices so I'll just do my best to remember them as I go on :)

so one afternoon, i met up with my friend D and she suggested this place near her house, Cafe de Soledad. so near, we didn't even bother bringing a car going there. we just walked. The sun was blazing but we were protected by her BEACH payong. yeah, it was that huge, I actually think it fits four. :D

Funny this place has been around for years but it was my first time there. My friend D knows the menu by heart and since I was clueless about what to order, she did the ordering and stuff.

While waiting for our food, I did a little snooping around.

We were seated out back - the al fresco/smoking area - so I wasn't able to get pictures of its interior. Since we attacked the place at around 3pm, we were the only ones there. Plenty of space to make kulit. lol :D

I'm impressed with their al fresco dining area. Even if there's a garden, i didn't encounter mosquito problems. I don't know about you but it's a major issue when I dine out. it's not a very pleasant experience to eat/dine while being bitten by mosquitoes, methinks. so that's a major plus. also, the al fresco part of the place provides certain amount of privacy, that's another cookie point for this place.

So here below are random shots i took while waiting for our food:

..and the food came..

I think this is their house tea, my friend D's drink. I ordered iced mocha (no pic for that, my babe accidentally deleted it from my camera roll)

..and here's Pizza Margherita, highly recommended by my friend D. i love!! :)

Please don't ask me the name of this chocolate cake , I just know that I liked it. it's super moist and i think it will compliment a good hot cup of coffee. :)

I like this place. it's cozy and you could spend XXX hours there just chatting and hanging around. the food is good. portions are just about right. prices are very reasonable - because if it's unreasonably high, i would remember. If there's something I would like them to improve, it would be their parking area. well, because it's almost non-existent. lol :)

so there, I hope you enjoyed my mini-review of Cafe De Soledad! 'til next time :)

Cafe De Soledad
Balagtas Boulevard, Barangay III, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines, 4000


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