Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Tuesday: KFC Mac and Cheese Bites, Starbucks Ice Cream, Munchkins, Pork Floss and A Broom with Bangs.

Tons of work ahead of me today but I'm too giddy to even start one! Tomorrow is our much-awaited company convention ~ i work online [I'm with their offshore department] so this is our first ever! ~ and I'm so excited!!! ^^ I got my hair digipermed last Saturday [will blog about it soon!! really really sucky photos, and I forgot to take pictures of my new 'do with my cutie Korean stylist because I was pleasantly shocked on how he was able to make my hair nice and fluffy despite the language barrier. lol] I'm getting foot spa and mani/pedi later today [half convention-related, half favor to my feet. lol] :)

anyway, I tried KFC Mac and Cheese Bites last week and I wasn't really impressed with it. I really think it should have salsa to go with it and if it actually does then KFC staff should always remember NOT to leave it behind because the bites don't taste good without them. #justsayin'

I was craving for some Ben & Jerry's but I wasn't up for some shopping at S&R so I just looked for them in *several* regular supermarkets. I was able to find a couple of them at Shopwise-Festival Mall but those Starbucks ice cream pints made me squeal with delight! Prices are at 300Php range per pint.

..and then some more..

those Snickers and Twix pints are, i think, 145Php each and Snickers bars and M&M cookie sandwiches are 65Php a piece.

This Munchkins tin pail is sooo cute! we're using it now as a trinket pail and it's still cute. lol :D I heard they're serving red velvet Munchkins in the US. I hope they ~ those red velvets ~ come to the Philippines ^^

I'm inlove with pork floss all my life! My "angkong" [lolo in Tagalog, grandpa in English] used to bring a bag home as "pasalubong" from Binondo [they used to sell them by kilos, i'm not sure if they still do] I sometimes use it on porridge or oatmeal but I prefer eating it as is. ^^ I found a bag at a Lord Stow's branch. I think it's 180Php per bag.

I borrowed this funny looking broom from an auto parts store downstairs [the owner is a grumpy ogre. lol] *wink, wink* I had a hardtime picking up dust but I eventually got them all out. The owner said "Pwede pa yan, may bangs pa" lol :D

so that's it! wish me luck for tomorrow's event! ;)

#giddytuesday :)


Janet said...

natry ko yun mac and cheese and sad to say hindi ko cya like. Ang tigas and for me it taste like stone! (as if naka=kain na ako ng stone, lolz) basta bleh yun lasa~ a totally fail product for me >_<

I am gie said...

tama. bakit nga ba ang tigas nyan? kaloka. kala ko yung naserve sakin lang. hehe

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