Monday, November 5, 2012

Popoy Approves! Spiderman Lightup Timer Toothbrush

My son has this weird habit of changing names and naming things/people. Just last month, he insisted that we call him "Nani". While I didn't really like it, we went along with it and in no time, everyone in the household referred to him as "Nani". I thought it was that sometimes I call him "Noni" for no particular reason however, the other night, he came up with yet another name to call himself. this time, it's "Popoy"

of course, I was aghast!

then his yayo is now named "Berting" which used to be "Jujun" (his real name is Jun). Please don't ask me how and where he got these names because I really don't know.

Anyway, I saw this blinking toothbrush and decided to get one for Popoy since he's into Spider-man and Batman these days (goodbye Cars!) The light blinks for full 60 seconds which is good since it entertains Popoy while I go deeper into his mouth without risking a bite. With a regular toothbrush, a full 10 seconds would be a miracle already so for me, this is godsend!

has soft bristles and this is very important because I don't want Popoy hurting his gums while brushing his teeth. He's getting good at brushing his front teeth by himself but he gets gigil so I make sure his toothbrush has soft bristles.

According to package, when the light no longer flashes, it is time to change the toothbrush (approx 3 months)

no problem so far in using this toothbrush. That is if you don't count the number of times I had to look for it come brushing time since Popoy took it and played with Spiderman somewhere.

Overall, I'm happy with this lightup timer toothbrush since we're having a huge success in using it. I'm thinking now maybe I should include this into my toddler inaanaks' gift bags!

#excitedforwednesday! Yay! :)


Janet said...

it look so cute!! I'm sure my niece ang nephews would love this too! Since xmas is around the corner, I think this would be a great gift to them =)

I am gie said...

yes sis! but Batman and Spiderman palang nakikita ko. sana may princesses din for girls di ba?

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