Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Foodspotting in Tagaytay: Rowena's Half-half Cheese Tarts

This is our latest Tagaytay discovery: Rowena's!

I heard their cheese tarts are good so on our way back home last week, I begged my hubby to stop by and let me buy a box. He was a little bit grumpy that day so I summoned my "grumpier, bitchy" self ~pouty, crumpled face included, ready to throw a tantrum~ just to let him know how serious I was in getting my hands on these babies. he relented. He didn't come into the store with me though. He stayed in the car which means I had to be very quick about my business.

I jumped out the car, made a mad dash into the store and went straight to the lady stacking boxes of tarts and asked to be introduced to their bestseller. It looks like it wasn't the first time they were asked such a question because ~very calmly~ she handed me a box of half-half. That's half blueberry, half strawberry. 6 in total for 170Php. I also bought a piece of egg tart (40Php) as peace offering to the oh-so-grumpy-one [you know who!]

Rowena's Half-half Cheese Tarts. That's Strawberry and Blueberry, their bestsellers :)

Long story short, the egg tart was a success since it made the ogre [you know who!] happy and less grumpy. Their blueberry tarts are good too, but I fell inlove with the strawberry tarts *sigh* :) They are so convenient to bring along travels since they are something you could just pop into your mouth ~a whole piece. no crumbly crust so no messy car too. creamy and it has just the right amount of tartness in it too.

I suggest you try their apple tarts too, next to strawberry cheese tarts, apple tart is my bet (because we came back the next day to buy more egg tarts ~HAH!) didn't like the chocolate mousse tart that much though.


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Tin | The Average Jane said...

Love Rowena's. We always have to drop by for a box of their apple tarts. The cheese tarts are good too. =)

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