Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Tuesday: Ogoy, Joel Osteen, Paperbag, David Levithan and Php5 Coffee!

Someone's getting busy spamming my blog, leaving totally unrelated comments and obscene links. I didn't approve them so the comments were not published and they were deleted but the sheer number of them made me a little annoyed (okay, A LOT!) I hope it's a bot, not a real, live person because that would be rude. Anyway, onto my Random Tuesday!

I'm Dora the Explorer these days! We moved to a new city - which explains my month-long absence - and some snooping around is in order. I found this during one of my explorations: Ogoy. I was told these crunchy breadsticks are perfect for dipping in a hot cup of Barako coffee.

This is really good. and cheap too (Php35 for a pack)

I think I'm falling inlove with podcasts! I downloaded a couple of LibriVox recordings, some pilates and yoga videos and Joel Osteen here. JO's podcasts come weekly and each is 30 minutes long. I listen to him everynight :)

..and because most cities in the Philippines are now "plastic-free", paperbags take center stage! I love how Pan de Manila made theirs cute and informative. that's Vigan, home of the yummy, famous Vigan empanadas. very nice :)

..and this is my 10-year old daughter. She stays with my dad (just until schoolyear ends) and she visited for the weekend. I miss her everyday :(

This book is *love*, if you're looking for a good book to read, give this a try :)

..and my greatest discovery so far! I present, the Php5 cup of coffee! lol :D

#sogoodtobeback :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Busted Diet! Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection

Hello. Hello :)

Today marks the first day of my yoga + riceless diet. I'm dead serious about this, you know. No more dilly dallying. Wanna know why? Well, a very recent trip to a fitting room did the job. There I was standing in my topless gloriousness when it all hit me: my belly is a saggy mess and my arms are jiggling like a jell-o and my thighs are not doing any better. It was really a sad, sad sight that I fled the fitting room like a mad woman.


I don't think it's possible to say no to these babies. I mean, seriously, Nestle donuts? 

Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection
I have yet to meet Mr. Crunch here. He's always sold out, as I was told. Here below are my boys' favorites:

Baby Ruth

Best paired with brewed coffee :)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

In2it Liquid Eyeliner Review

Six months ago, I was begging friends to teach me how to line my eyes. Today, I'm going to review a liquid eyeliner. how's that for progress? lol :D

Truth be told, this is my very first liquid eyeliner after graduating from cream eyeliners - which I would give much credit for my eyelining skills <that's tip #1: practice on cream liners first before attempting to use liquid liners because liquids require precision right from the moment you pull that applicator out of its tube> I'm happy I chose this as my first brand to try because it didn't disappoint and it didn't scare me away from liquid eyeliners *forever* and I find it really easy to apply and yeah, it's pretty, methinks - whereas the second brand I picked up.. well.. but that's another story right? so onto my review :)

In2it Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black and Marine

I got this 2-in-1 thingy on sale for about 380+Php. I was really after the blue one <marine> but they were being sold by pairs so..

Please excuse my uncurled eyelashes. Marine is so pretty, don't you think?

..and since these happen to be the "shiny" variant <they also offer matte>, they dry off "shiny". Marine has some sparklies going on, Very Black has none so it's really nice to wear even if you're just out to pick up some groceries. :) I love wearing Marine when I'm being all lazy to do eyestuff. Doesn't sting the eye. Dries fast.

These babies are not hard to remove. Just give it a good rub and it will be gone in no time. That may not sound too good for some especially if you are looking for a long-wearing one but it doesn't smudge (read: panda eyes, it applies to bad eyeliners too, you know)  and if you don't rub then it stays put *parang sticker lang ang peg pagdry na, peel off din ang drama pag gustong iremove. lol* My lids are super oily, so I'm more concerned on the eyeliner smudging one me than it's staying power. With this liquid liner, I just have to remind myself not to rub my eyes.
swatches - rubbed once - rubbed xxx times
Okay, what I don't like about this liquid eyeliner is the brush. Those stray ones make it a lot harder to apply the eyeliner. If not for that, this would definitely be the best liquid eyeliner in my book but because of it, I'm now looking for something with same finish but better brush :( I sometimes resort to using a brush from another eyeliner brand (the one with good brush but bad finish - washed, of course) but that proves to be a pain especially when one is in a hurry. 

so there.

#hungry :(

Monday, September 17, 2012

Foodspotting: Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls

I admit, I have a very soft spot for bread with raisins and cinnamon in it. When I go and check out a bread place, I always go straight to the ones with raisins or berries in them - not the cream, artificial type though, it should be the real thing, bits and pieces of raisins and berries - I actually judge a bread place based on how good their raisin bread is. lol ^^

The ultimate taste testing would be in the morning, paired with my first cup of coffee. That's the only time I would be able to truly make a decision if the bread is good or not. I'm maarte like that. lol. My current favorites would be Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Loaf and THIS. 

Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls

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