Monday, September 17, 2012

Foodspotting: Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls

I admit, I have a very soft spot for bread with raisins and cinnamon in it. When I go and check out a bread place, I always go straight to the ones with raisins or berries in them - not the cream, artificial type though, it should be the real thing, bits and pieces of raisins and berries - I actually judge a bread place based on how good their raisin bread is. lol ^^

The ultimate taste testing would be in the morning, paired with my first cup of coffee. That's the only time I would be able to truly make a decision if the bread is good or not. I'm maarte like that. lol. My current favorites would be Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Loaf and THIS. 

Must be Mom's Raisin Rolls



Janet said...

I'm a sucker for Raisin's roll too! the smell and the taste= Heavenly~ YUMS~

I am gie said...

yes di ba, ang sarap?! hehe :D tas coffee. nakoooo :)

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