Friday, August 17, 2012

Destructive And Narrow-Minded Me

I'm feeling really low tonight. I miss blogging. I miss my husband. I feel cheated. I keep on missing work. I'm Madame Worried née Paranoid. and I'm freakin' mad but don't have the energy to be mad so what does that make me now? sad, i guess.

I meant to put up something cheery, like a product review or something but this is what I came up with instead.

I guess this is what you end up with if you stumble upon someone-you-trust's secret blog, a person you have been sincerely rooting for even if it means blocking your own sister on Facebook, and finding your advice was once referred to or described by this person as "destructive and narrow-tinged"  (exact words)

I swear, no more FREE advice from me. From now on, I will charge by the hour. That way, a person who received my "destructive and narrow-tinged" advice will be reminded that they were the ones who sought it, not the other way around. I will issue receipts, no worries. for their record keeping.

and ladies and gentlemen, my trust meter has gone down two notches tonight. okay make it three. three entities who let me down just because I'm going through something difficult these days.

I will remember. I don't really forget things like this, you know.


Anna Ho said...

*hugs* people can just be so hateful/judgemental/bored these days. They have nothing better to do with their time you know? Hope you feel better! People are shitty, so whatever. Take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! It is your life and the people who are not helping in a positive way don't deserve to be in it!

I am gie said...

aww thank you Anna, i really appreciate your kind words. i guess the hurt came from not expecting this certain person to have such thoughts about me when I thought we're okay. I guess I should learn not to take things at face value. sad.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Hey, don't worry. Try to keep your mind off it. It's not worth your time. =)

Anonymous said...

Cheer up! Whatever others did or didn't, everything happens for a reason.
Take a deep breath and release the negative energy. Now breathe in the positive harmony ;)

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