Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Afternoon With Friend D at Cafe De Soledad

I'm trying to clear up my drafts before I work on new posts so here's a super duper late post - think months-late post - and stupidly, i didn't write down the prices so I'll just do my best to remember them as I go on :)

so one afternoon, i met up with my friend D and she suggested this place near her house, Cafe de Soledad. so near, we didn't even bother bringing a car going there. we just walked. The sun was blazing but we were protected by her BEACH payong. yeah, it was that huge, I actually think it fits four. :D

Funny this place has been around for years but it was my first time there. My friend D knows the menu by heart and since I was clueless about what to order, she did the ordering and stuff.

While waiting for our food, I did a little snooping around.

We were seated out back - the al fresco/smoking area - so I wasn't able to get pictures of its interior. Since we attacked the place at around 3pm, we were the only ones there. Plenty of space to make kulit. lol :D

I'm impressed with their al fresco dining area. Even if there's a garden, i didn't encounter mosquito problems. I don't know about you but it's a major issue when I dine out. it's not a very pleasant experience to eat/dine while being bitten by mosquitoes, methinks. so that's a major plus. also, the al fresco part of the place provides certain amount of privacy, that's another cookie point for this place.

So here below are random shots i took while waiting for our food:

..and the food came..

I think this is their house tea, my friend D's drink. I ordered iced mocha (no pic for that, my babe accidentally deleted it from my camera roll)

..and here's Pizza Margherita, highly recommended by my friend D. i love!! :)

Please don't ask me the name of this chocolate cake , I just know that I liked it. it's super moist and i think it will compliment a good hot cup of coffee. :)

I like this place. it's cozy and you could spend XXX hours there just chatting and hanging around. the food is good. portions are just about right. prices are very reasonable - because if it's unreasonably high, i would remember. If there's something I would like them to improve, it would be their parking area. well, because it's almost non-existent. lol :)

so there, I hope you enjoyed my mini-review of Cafe De Soledad! 'til next time :)

Cafe De Soledad
Balagtas Boulevard, Barangay III, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines, 4000


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Tin | The Average Jane said...

Looks so cozy. I love places like these. It really entices you to stay for a while longer. =)

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