Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogger Blogging From An IPad

Lol. My title sounds like a tongue twister!

I am now blogging from an iPad and this serves as my test post. I have been testing ways to blog away from home and this proves to be quite a challenge. The most successful so far was when I blogged using a Blackberry Playbook which I will write about next time.

If you will use the Blogger app (free in iTunes) which I am now, expect simpler user interface. So simple that the only album you can access is your own iPad's camera roll. This I don't like because I upload all my blog photos on Picasaweb and if I'd like to use it here, I will have to download those photo via Safari and save them in my camera roll. Not really a convenient way to add photos on my posts. That or use photos stored in this iPad.

What I like about this app though is the ability to scroll. That is, you can go back and forth a post and edit texts before actually publishing a post. This I find hard to do with both Playbook and iPad.

My labels are missing too. Nice concept but missing a lot of native Blogger features. I think I'm going to delete this app after this post and make do blogging via Safari.

If you'd like to give it a shot, view and install here:

See, no linkies too :(


Rae A. said...

Buti pa si ipad may blogger. Hanggang ngayon bakit wala pa ring blogger for mobile... wordpress meron e.

I♥am♥gie said...

Hi Rae! meron na! lately my posts came from my *used and abused* iTouch, yun lang forever left-aligned sha. haha :D

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