Monday, October 3, 2011

Subic Food Stop: Meat Plus Restaurant

I seriously think I should have gone with a food blog instead of a momblog as I noticed about 75% of my posts are food related. lol.

Whenever we feel like going on a quick vacation, we always end up in Subic. One reason must be the chocolates which are literally everywhere on this side of town. Second is the awesome, relaxing beaches. Although my daughter now prefers the pool over the beaches, there's still something relaxing about having to walk along the beach holding hands with your loved ones :)

Then there's the food.

Meat Plus Restaurant - or is it a cafe? as I've seen posts with "cafe" on them - is dubbed to be Subic's best kept secret. I personally think Meat Plus is no secret anymore, always bursting with hungry people, tourists and locals alike. Before the renovations, you just go pick your table, order and wait for your food to be served, now you have to make reservation upon entering then wait to be assigned a table for your group.

THE FOOD: Steaks and burgers

Meat Plus is primarily a steak house but they also have soups, salads etc. Customers get to choose from a freezer-full of raw beef cuts then have it char-grilled the way they like it. Each cut has its own pricetag then pay additional 100 pesos for cooking the steak which includes buttered veggies and rice. We didn't get steaks this time instead we went for our personal favorites!

potato skins with sourcream and cheese dips 55pesos
Combo Meal 7 Roasted Beef Belly 220pesos
Combo Meal 8 Pork BBQ Ribs 220pesos
The Bomb 70pesos
Combo Meals come with veggie soup and a glass of iced tea. The Bomb is ♥. If only they didn't take Beef Stew off the menu, I would have been a completely, utterly happy girl!

THE BUDGET:  250pesos per head. Definitely worth every cent! Do take note too that their servings are quite huge so a plate can be shared by two :)

Find Meat Plus along Samson Road inside Subic Freeport Area, in front of Freeport Exchange.

Cheers! :)


anya said...

Aww... I miss Subic, I used to live there for more or less three years before moving to Manila as a kid. :(

Anyhoo, nice pictures! :) Makes me want to eat! :)

Joy G Solano said...

Wow! You make me want to eat steak for midnight snack. I am very intrigue by "The Bomb" the name itself sounds so delish, I'm sure the Chef is really proud of that soup, otherwise it wouldn't be named that way

gie said...

Thank you mommies! :) sorry for the lack of food description, The Bomb's not a soup, according to my taste buds (lol) it's thin slices of potatoes, finely chopped garlic and some cheese then I think it was baked. it's really really good :)

tara, kain tayo, nagutom din ako sa post na to. hihi :)

Gladys | said...

the food looks so yummy! no wonder you're blogging about it. hahaha! kahit ako din, in my other travel blog, nahaluan na rin ng food. great food photos, too!

gie said...

masarap tlaga mommy gladys! my photos are not doing them justice. lol. XD mobile camera lang kasi lagi dala ko. hehe. thanks for dropping by :)

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