Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food Stop: Isdaan sa Calauan

Here I am, once again, blogging about food! No need to tell you guys how much my family loves eating yah? the hubby saw photos of the newly-opened Calauan branch of Isdaan just the other night and made plans to go the next day which was yesterday. We already went there last month but the place wasn't serving food yet. The manong guarding the parking area was kind enough to invite us in and see the grounds after seeing my son so enthralled with their gigantic rock monkeys. Unfortunately, it was raining so we politely declined and drove to the next food stop, Palaisdaan. Btw, they are sitting side by side so I smell fierce food battle. I wonder how Palaisdaan would fare.

I begged the hubby to take us there a little early as I would like to take pictures while the sun is still out. As you all know, this blogger is only armed with her phone's camera during expeditions and that darn phone has no flash - curse you Samsung Omnia!

Since we still waited for my daughter to come home from school, we got there at about 5ish. Here's my first photo of the place:

no, this is not the entrance. this is just silly me taking random photos :D

If you're familiar with Isdaan sa Tarlac, this is the South branch, so basically what you find there, you'll find here too. Food is prepared and cooked by Barrio Fiesta so if you are familiar with the place - and their singing cooks and waiters - you will get that here too, the food and the feel. What wowed me though is the ambiance. It's just superb! Like you entered an entirely different side of the planet! Hats off to the one who conceptualized the place!


Isdaan entrance. Me and my two kids :)

DON'T WEAR HEELS! That's a Bamboo walk. lol ;)
That's one big Yamashita Buddha! Bigger than that dinosaur on side :)
Kingkong's never satisfied with just a girl so he got himself two white girls. lol :D
View from our hut. away from that crocodile.

two maidens with plant hairs bathing

view from our hut. ahh.. relaxing ^_^

dine in or dine out. take your pick!
now you know how much to give your musikeros and bangkeros XD

my daughter inside our hut, inspecting the crocodiles
menu is this loooooong @.@
This is our first time here so we were lost as to what to order. The menu being that long didn't help at all. so we chose the "generics". lol. :)

Inihaw na spareribs was late so it didn't get into this photo op
There. on your own. Inihaw na spareribs Php243. Two thumbs up!
Pinukpok na Manok Php276. God, this is sooo good!
ridiculously small but overly priced  Bagong Saing sa Kaldero Php99.50 
Single-serve Tadtad Mangga Php68

That talanding Manggo Sago (photo op) is Php76. lol :)

One friendly advice though when paying for your food: please take time to examine your receipt over and over again as we got charged with 2 bottles of mineral water when we didn't order those nor were they served. The only sign of water in a glass was that of "tap water" so I'm not sure if they charge those too. We discovered this error days after as my hubby is not really into "reading mode" when stomach-full. Food is good though so you'll definitely come back for more.

After eating, we went to "gala" mode. Roaming the grounds, these are what we found:

Taksyapo!! Vent your anger here :)
Not statues. real, live dancers.
Aha! so that's where you grill our Inihaw na Spareribs!

Play areas in every nook and cranny.

My son chatting with an angry bird
My kids and I with the late Pres. Cory Aquino :)
Spiderman, spotted!
Daungan. very romantic. yihiii :)

Although their food is quite pricey, the overall experience is very nice. They also have souvenir section as well as "pasalubong" section where you can buy Philippine made stuff from nibbles to bags. The ambiance is really nice and very child friendly. To me, it's more like a theme park as you'll enjoy the sights more and the food second. We spent 3 hours inside and the kids had fun! Very nice :)

Cheers! :)


kay said...

Saan to?

I am gie said...

calauan laguna sis. closer to manila than the tarlac branch but same everything :)

Wandering Tandem said...

Nakakagutom... Wait, i'll have breakfast first! But then again, it won't be the same. LOL. I super love seafood pa naman. Seems like a great resto to go to when in Laguna!

I am gie said...

spam and rice dito samin. lol :D lemme know when you're in Laguna so we could get together :)

Joy said...

looks very inviting to eat there :) nice photos :)

I am gie said...

yes mommy, nice talaga sha, yung place. my photos are not doing the place any justice! lol :)

Yanna said...

I wanna bring my hubby here, since he's from Siniloan, Laguna lang naman, plus he LOOOOVES seafood... ♥ Although we might have to save up muna, kasi both of us have huge appetites! :P

gie said...

Hi mommy Yana! naku it's really beautiful there, you should come see the place! (baon ka nga lang ng kanin, super mahal. lol) If I'm not mistaken, on the way sha to Siniloan, you can't miss it, ang laki kasi ng mga rock formations nila sa labas. :)

kha said...

wow, I never expect na ganyan pala kaganda jan. My brother lives in Nagcarlan at nakapag family date na rin sila jan which I consistently asking kung saan sa laguna ung pinuntahan nila na yan. Thanks for sharing a lot of photos..mas naeexcite tuloy akong mgyaya papunta jan.

I am gie said...

sobrang laki yung place sis, one side lang napicture ko kasi nagutom na ko. hehe. but nice talaga. sulit naman :)

Cha said...

the place looks awesome. great pictures!

I am gie said...

thanks sis! I tried hard to capture the ambiance nung place, iba pa din pag personally andun, iba yung feeling ^_^

Likha Laguna said...

Featured in Laguna Fanpage.

gie said...

wow thank you! @.@ *kilig* ^_^

Joy G Solano said...

Wow this place is so nice, especially the sculptures. And the food looks great too.

jade the Travelling Momma said...

Wow nakakagutom naman to..ilang hours ba to from Manila?

I am gie said...

Hello Mommy Jade, 3 hours more or less, depende sa SLEX traffic. lol :) but it's worth naman, sabayan mo na lang ng swimming sa Los Banos para sulit trip mo :)

Anonymous said...

may contact number po ba kau ng naman po oh! jan po kc namin guzto mag x-mas party tnx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gie, I am very keen to take my family there but my husband and my child are both vegetarian, do you think they can still have something to eat there? thanks you very much- Che

I am gie said...

Hello :) sorry about the contact number, I was looking for Isdaan's contact number but it seems they're not yet listed on net. Will have to visit and ask personally. will update you guys on this. Tks!

Hi mommy che! yes, meron din silang veggie dishes. I think I saw chop suey and kare kareng gulay on menu :)

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