Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nature Republic Matte Nail Polish Review

Does this look anything like MATTE to you? If your answer is no then I would like to thank you right now for confirming that my eyes are still seeing just fine. 

Nature Republic Matte nail polish BK003 65pesos

Okay, here's the deal, I went the other day to Nature Republic hoping to grab some Rice mask sheets (which was STILL OOS, along with the Rosehip one and several others. Truth be told, there were just a little over 5 variants to choose from and I was told that I would have to wait until March for replenishment) then I remembered their matte nail polish which the SA told me about the last time I visited the shop and decided to get one *thank heavens I got JUST one!* as I've been lusting over matte nails for quite some time now. I was really excited to try so I quickly applied when we got home. 

Please remember that this was my first time to try a matte nail polish so I was really clueless as to what should happen. If there are tricks to these matte nail polishes, then please feel free to fill me in. It was shiny upon application, i thought it would somehow mattify after some time. well.. it didn't. It stayed shiny all the way. 

The only thing that impressed me was the "blackness" of the color. Just one swipe was enough to completely blacken my nail, the second swipe screamed goth. lol. :D chipped - big time! I just took a bath and when I came out, almost all of the tips were gone. This didn't happen with the non-mattes I bought from Nature Republic *which i love, love, love*. While matte does dry quickly, I would have to say, it  was too quick as you have to double-time when applying or else you would have to suffer uneven application. :(( ..and last but not the least, it was a b*tch to remove. Three times the regular dose of nail polish remover and my nails were still yucky, dirty looking :((

Lucky them I'm inlove with their nail polish remover that I didn't mind using over and over again. lol :D

Flower Waltz nail polish remover 65pesos

I tell you, this is better than your average acetone! didn't harm my sensitive, oh-so-thin nails one bit, didn't cause it to brittle, and at 65pesos for 100ml, it's a steal! It smells really nice too ^_^

I tried searching for NR matte nail  polish reviews after my experience just to compare notes but strangely, not even NR site mentioned having a matte nail polish line. hmm.. could it be that the SA was misinformed and what I bought was not a matte afterall?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Tuesday: Rainbow, Frosty, Milk Tea And Pho

Have you ever seen a rainbow this close and this vibrant? (sorry, the photo below isn't exactly vibrant, lol) It was so close, I could see where one color separated from the other, it was quite amazing :)

I debated against myself if I should post an edited, color enhanced version of this but decided not to and to just post it raw ^^

from one end.. another  ^^
I was confined in a car so there was no way to capture the rainbow as a whole *hmp, sayang!*

A friend teased me to check out the end/ends for gold but given the fact that those mountains are semi-bald, I won't be surprised if someone has already beaten me to it. lol :D

Have you tried Wendy's fried chicken? I have been a fan since the first time they introduced that on their menu. I particularly love the gravy and their hot and spicy catsup (not available anymore *sigh*) Of course, one should get Frosty when at Wendy's, that's no-brainer. My boy had a hard time spooning Frosty out so he strawed it instead. lol :D

Chatime has finally opened at Alabang Town Center, then Gong Cha, not being really far behind in terms of opening date, in the same wing. Now Serenitea has serious competition but considering their location, I don't think it will affect much in terms of sales. Serenitea is sitting bright and pretty alongside movie theaters while Chatime and Gong Cha are located at the new wing.

Ahhh, Pho Hoa Pho Bo Kho (beef stew).. This is my ultimate comfort food, and I'm really glad my hubby is not diggin' this or I would be forced to buy my own bowl, I'm tagging this as #noshare. lol :D


Friday, February 24, 2012

No Fluoride Toothpaste For Your Little Ones!

I don't know if I was the only one who didn't know that you are not supposed to give babies/toddlers a non-fluoride toothpaste! I just learned about it the other day while interacting with other moms on MomCenter Philippines.

Just FYI,  when my daughter was a tod, I failed to monitor her teeth cleaning activities as she grew up with a yaya. I was still working outside of home at that time, I was confident that her yaya was strict in implementing my teeth cleaning instructions, only to find out (too late) that there were days when the little girl refused to brush her teeth and the yaya didn't really push hard enough. So, this time around, with my son, I personally attend to his teeth cleaning ritual and got really frustrated when I saw some stains on his teeth. His dad even accused me of not cleaning it right. I was really devastated.

On top of regular brushing, I wipe his teeth (and all around inside his mouth) with a clean cloth. I do this every single day,without fail. SO just imagine my surprise when I saw a dentist commented on a thread saying that the culprit was the FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE I was giving my son! We were using Hapee with Elmo on it, the strawberry one, and it seems this toothpaste is not really fit for toddlers since most of them don't know how to spit the toothpaste/foam out and tend to just swallow. Now the ingested fluoride causes the mottling, or stains, on developing teeth. *wow, henyo moment*

What's maddening though is that these kiddie toothpaste companies didn't even bother to put that warning on their labels (if there were warnings, I definitely didn't see/notice them!) Don't get me wrong, you can still give a child a fluoride toothpaste IF he or she knows how to spit out, if not, you ABSOLUTELY don't wanna give them a fluoride toothpaste or else your bebe's teeth will still rot - brushie or no brushie. I'm playing it safe from now on, since there are two BUTS on this fluoride toothpaste thingy 1) spitting baby, not swallowing and 2) developing teeth. I'm going to keep Mr. C on non-fluoride toothpaste until his PERMANENT TEETH come out, spitting or no spitting. lol. :D

Your best bet in finding a non-fluoride toothpaste is in drugstores. If not, try baby section of your favorite department stores. We're trying SansFluo from SM, as this seems to be a cult favorite. I was looking for gum wipes but they were OOS so I'll try again next time.

SansFluo toothgel Strawberry

87Php for 50ml
A little expensive than Hapee Kiddie toothpaste but a little goes a long way AND hey, it's going to save my kid's teeth from rotting so I'm not one to complain about the price!


C's Chickenpox Vacshot *Ouchy :(* And Other Things To Expect From A 1 Yr 5 Mos Baby

I'm doing a really quickie post on this one. I've been really busy and C's sleeping pattern has been quite erratic these past few days so I still have lots of sleep catching to do. Me no likey :( we went to the pedia to get his vacshot earlier today, it's chickenpox this time. For some reason, we skipped this one the last time (December, i think) so, he got his shot just today.

It was just the two of us, me and C, and the minute we entered the clinic's door, he knew what he was getting into. lol. He turned really quite (unlike the last time, he was throwing fits and was quite embarrassing actually) and clung to me ala Bohol's tarsier. His weight (me with him on scale minus just me on scale, he kicking the nursie. lol), height and temperature were taken then we waited for 15minutes more.

He was eerily quiet and super behaved but turned his head away when the good doc greeted us. Then the scene got ugly when the doc started examining him (chest, ears, nose, mouth and tummy), he started crying really loud - and I do mean reaalllly LOUD. and louder still when he was laid down to the "kiddie bed" to be injected. Not meaning to be an OA mom but I know when my kid is just crying to get attention, that cry, on the other hand, was definitely different, he was really hurt and he was looking at me like I betrayed him. It almost made me cry :( I snatched him as soon as the needle's out and hugged him really tight!

Anyway, here are the things I was able to pick up during this pedia visit - and hoping to help some moms here too:

  • At 1 year and 6 months, two-syllable words are normal, like da-da, de-de, ma-ma..
  • It's okay not to give your bebe anymore vitamins if he/she is still breastfeeding on their regular feeding hours.
  • Your bebe should, by now, slowly be weaning off your breastmilk. Start introducing more food than milk. (although milk should still be there.)
  • Start eating from his own plate. Try encouraging him/her to eat from his own plate and not share plates with mommy anymore.
  • This is the right time to introduce fruits and veggies. Be as colorful as you can! 
  • Varicella vaccine or Chickenpox vaccine is 2,200Php *gahh*

*of course, you still have to consult your pedia, okay? :) remember, babies are from case to case basis*

He wasn't crying anymore when we got home but he was very subdued. He got tired of all the drama so he played Temple Run for a while then asked to be breastfed as he was sleepy. He took a nap.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Tagaytay Family Weekend Date :)

Guess where these feet went one February weekend..

We were up and about early as we wouldn't want to waste my precious day-off so before 2pm, we were already ordering milk teas from Serenitea - Solenad II. They were having some kind of  a Valentine's day activity there and had the place all dressed up for it. Of course, we didn't let a good photo op pass..

I was just holding hubby's milk tea okay?

..and this rose-filled wall was kind of hard to resist too, so..

R holding her win from their search-a-word wall. 

Lunch was here, as per hubby's request..

LZM restaurant Solenad II Sta. Rosa Laguna feast on this humongous fried milkfish (about a kilo, I was told) nomnom..

..then we went further up to Tagaytay. Our first stop was People's Park In The Sky aka Palace In The Sky. Sad looking palace, i say. and I really wish their local government has plans to improve the place because there were lots of people visiting when we went there. not really expecting that. But the air up there was terrific! It was soo cold and windy up there, my fats didn't stand a chance! and the view's really awesome!

Not a place for "cute" photo ops, just look at my daughter's hair! lol

View from People's Park In The Sky view deck
I was negotiating with the hubby to bring us to the zoo but since he doesn't like going to places where animals run wild (see, he had a very traumatic experience with an ostrich back then when we visited Zoobic Safari.), he gave me 101 good reasons not to. lol. We went to People's Park aka Picnic Grove instead *this name changing thing gets a person terribly confused, you know* 

Kites! Kites! Kites!

My daughter wasn't really impressed with this "date", she was expecting a "mall" outing but the hubby and I decided to do something different that day so being the parent *and supreme beings of our house* we had our way. lol. She settled to checking out "Pasalubong" stalls around the area and bought keychains while we rested and had a little cuddle time with the little boy.. 

With all those walking we did at People's Park in the Sky, the little boy was dead tired and fast asleep by the time we reached Bag of Beans so I just grabbed a loaf of raisin bread and beef and gravy pot pie (their bestsellers). I hope to dine there another time so I could take lovely pictures of the place :)

All debates of where to dine were ended when we discovered the newly opened JT's Manukan (as in Joel Torre's Manukan. Yey they finally opened south!)

I was not really up for a photo op on this one.. 

Separate post on JT's Manukan soon :)

After dinner, the hubby was craving for something sweet and remembered Cafe On The Ridge, the one inside Taal Vista hotel. We ordered chocolate cake..

..and Choco Lava, and brewed coffee..

..we also went for a walk outside the Cafe, out back there's a park that provides an excellent view of Taal volcano but since it was already dark, not a thing could be seen there. I decided to practice lightology instead and took a picture of this tree, ending our Tagaytay Family Weekend Date tale!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Got For Valentine's Day

So here it goes..

I'm not sharing this to brag. We, the hubby and I, are not that kind of couple actually. We always agree on things, consult each other before we decide and when it comes to money matters, we make sure the other one knows what the other is buying so in short, we have no room for surprises. 

We sure don't look like love birds! In fact, once or twice, we were mistaken for siblings. Perhaps we just don't act like a couple in public.

Last year, he got me LaLa chocolates, you know, the local ones available in chocolate and ube flavors? lol :D The last time he bought me a bunch of flowers was when we were still in college, erm, like 100 years ago? lol joke lang, mga 12 years lang talaga.

So just imagine my surprise when he shyly and very quickly handed a torn PAPER BAG with this inside Tuesday afternoon. *emphasis on shyly, I find it cute. lol* 

Oh, this is better than flowers indeed. Even the kids were thrilled to the bones when they saw this. Not that they were kilig I was getting romanced by their father but I suspect it's the chocolates MINUS us adults. lol :D Oh well, as much as I would like to park this baby on my work station, I had to hide it, away from the salivating mouths of my kids - and their father.

so why am i blogging about this anyway? wala lang, i just would like to be able to go back one day and read how i felt, to be able to remember how happy i was. sort of "scrapbooking" on my blog. ^^

That ends my sweet 2012 Valentine's Day story :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack Pore Strip Review

So today I am going to share another one of my skincare staples, The Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack Pore Strip. Nose pore strips are supposed to remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities trapped underneath the skin area of the nose. I'm not sure if SF Phils stores have this but I bought mine online for 29Php each. I bought 2 the first time as I also ordered 2 Baviphat Charcoal ones *which i didn't really like. will blog why some other day* along with other brands as I would like to try them all and then choose from there what to buy in bulk.

What it looks like
I know how confusing these Korean cosmetics can be so I'm posting a photo of what the packet looks like when you order.

What's inside. That's the pore strip
Before this, I used to be a fan of Bench Charcoal Pore Strips (of course, available locally) and before that, I used to buy the Pond's ones, that was during my college days (not seeing them anymore) for some reason, both brands were not really effective in pulling out impurities from my nose area when my friends swore by them. I would be able to pull just one or two visible ones (with lotsa tiny hairs like I just gave my poor nose a wax. hu hu) as compared to my friends' strips which were just about bursting of their noses' yuckiness *yep, we did compare, well, you know college girls. lol* I suspect it has something to do with my ever tiny pores. I'm not mighty proud of them as my tiny pores tend to "protect" impurities underneath thus more blackheads and whiteheads and what-have-yous that are harder to reach and eliminate.

Like your generic nose pore strip, after cleansing (do not apply anything on the face yet!!), wet your nose a little *not dripping wet* then with dry hand/fingers, peel off the strip from the clear plastic protecting it, and apply smoother side onto nose like image below. Careful not to move the strip around (now that it is wet), try to remove air bubbles from underneath the strip by smoothing the top from ridge to sides, pushing the air bubbles out. Remember not to move the strip around too much! Press lightly when you're satisfied with its position (lol) for better grip. Now you just have to wait for it to dry.  

Blurry photo :( Pore strip on my nose

It is dry when it becomes concrete hard on your nose, that's about 15 minutes up. Like when you tap it with your fingertip, it would produce a teeny tap, tap sound ha ha. Now you're ready to  peel it off. Peel it off from side to ridge, if you are a masochist and you enjoy pain then you could do both sides at once as peeling the strip off the nose can be @%$#^%$^%! Clean up residue with toner or just plain water.

Sorry, no used pore strip photo on this post. I don't know how to do a macro shot and when I tried taking a photo of it, I could barely see the impurities so it's useless. But believe me, between the brands Ponds, Bench and Baviphat, for me this is the most effective. In fact, I have already bought 7 sheet pack for 170Php (on sale). I only apply once a week, I think the recommended usage is twice a week depending on your skin type. So far, I am satisfied with this brand. 

What I like:
1. Dries faster than other brands.
2. Was able to pull out MORE impurities than other brands, aside from my teeny skin hairs :((
3. the gluey part isn't too runny, doesn't leave much residue after peeling the strip off the nose.

I like pore strips better than nose packs just because nose packs are messier to apply and I'm not seeing enough visual results. lol :D I say pore strips are the most convenient and effective way of removing blackheads. However, try not to use pore strips if your nose area is inflamed, swollen or sunburned as it will only irritate the skin more. 


Monday, February 13, 2012

A Letter To My Mom

Dear ma,

Happy birthday!!

I know you're the type of person who throws parties for everyone but herself but I hope you have something planned for today since today is your 50th birthday. Oh, that does sound too old, don't worry though, I'm not far behind being a 30. I know how you love having me accompany you in your misery so..

Anyway, I promised myself that I will set aside an hour today to write you a proper letter. The original plan was to write it on a nice sheet of paper and stick it to your place this afternoon BUT I got afraid that your husband (aka my dad) will visit you too and read the letter which I don't really like to happen as I will tell some things about him in my letter. lol. I've been dreading this actually, as I don't want to cry - and I might, I just hope I make it to half before tears start falling. I decided that I will celebrate your birthday today on a happy note. I'm bringing the family over to visit you later today and take them to a nice dinner, like you would if you were around. We're going to P.F. Chang's and grab some milk teas. I wish you could join us, it would be lots of fun! I know you're a coffee lover but milk teas are the in thing nowadays and I thought you really should try it.

Many changes since you went away, I hope you're keeping tabs wherever you are, but I'm telling anyway. In 4 years, you've earned yourself another grandchild, a boy this time. Yeah, I know, life really sucks. I know how hard you prayed and waited for a little boy to come, no matter whose womb it came from (mine or yours) Now that he's finally here, you're the one who's gone MIA. We also have Puregold and SM  now. and Savory, that chicken place we used to frequent when we were still living in Manila. and Aristocrat, your favorite, just beside your house. and Red Ribbon, just beside Aristocrat. Tracie is now an architect and your Irish is currently weathering Ateneo hell weeks. You'll love their condo, I'm sure, I know how you dreamed of one day living in a place like that.

Well dad has a girlfriend. Your kumareng Sonia, godmother to your Irish. Yeah, me too, didn't expect that. Never suspected that she has a teeny bit of interest having dad as a partner even from way back then when you two were close friends. well, I guess feelings change.

I'm happy to report though that your side of the family seems to be doing well even without you. I seriously hope so; they panicked like it was the end of the world when you died. lol. Some of your nieces and nephews are now working and have families and kids of their own, although I'm still hesitant in communicating with them. The last time I did that, I ended up being the center of a chismis and the target of angry hissing comments. I guess better to stay out of their way. So yes, they are still that kind of family. so much drama.

As for me, I'm living the kind of life you yearned to have, just simple, nothing too stressful kind of life. I used to wish for this when you were still alive. I was fed up with the kind of life you passed on to me but I was powerless to refuse. I love you too much to refuse. "love" in present tense because I still love you and would still do the things you asked of me if you were still around. Your doctor once told dad that everything happens for a reason - he was pertaining to your death. I think you died, mostly, to let me go.

Had I known that my freedom would cost your life, I wouldn't have asked for it. I was happy to be with you, being your confidante, your opposer, your protector. I wasn't really prepared for your death and I was too scared to be called as a wimp to ever mourn your death. I've kept you alive all these years, in my heart.

I talk to you constantly, I wish you hear me and I wish to hear your voice just one more time too. Sometimes I feel you and I know you play with my son too when nobody's around. I wish I could see you. I miss you so much.

I'm sorry about your rest house by the way. I have no means to get it all cleaned up and besides, I was afraid other people would think of the act as something malicious. Like owning your place and not sharing it with my sisters? lol. I know you get what I mean, you know how evil mind works and apparently everything I do is a cause enough to crank up these evil minds. Not to worry, I know they are now drowned by their own evil ghosts thinking of what evilness I am up to next when I am just here sitting in front of the computer chatting with you. lol again. :D

Anyway, I better go. Your grandson is making papansin na. I'll just see you later okay? :)


Candy Goodies At The Market

I remember how my mom used to admonish me when I was a kid just because I liked hanging out at palengkes. lol :D Now that I'm 30, I stay away from wet markets because of the smell which unfortunately triggers my asthma attacks. *weird that it didn't bother me way back then* 

What she didn't know is that I just love staring at these goodies - then and now. I don't really buy, I just love looking at how they were stacked and their colorful and very interesting labels and whatnot. My favorites then were the red jelly thingy covered with powdered sugar (I assume), coco jam flattened really thin and came in pack of 6 and chocolate "pillars" which was basically chocolates shaped like tiny pillars. I'm not sure if they still make these things but I hold fond memories of them :)

Oh, happy birthday mom. I love you very much!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skin Food Gold Kiwi Review

Skin Food Gold Kiwi gift set from Chic and Sassy Mom 
Last December, Chic and Sassy Mom, together with Skin Food Philippines, hosted a very nice giveaway which involved signing up and receiving an e-voucher which you just present to selected Skin Food shops. They, in return, will give you a neat kit with everything you see in the photo (Skin Food Gold Kiwi toner, emulsion and cream plus a mini-mag about their Gold Kiwi line) The best part was, no purchase needed so..

Since I was to claim my Tous les Jous Christmas cake at SM North Edsa, I figured I could get a kit too in one go so I signed up and got my evoucher, albeit the last minute! lol :D 

The whole set lasted me a week and I must say, in as little as a week, I saw a really nice improvement in my skin tone - indeed it brightened! Not really sure about the whitening part as my face is "white" as it is. The toner was a delight to apply as it cools the face and it smells really nice. The emulsion was absorbed nicely by my skin. The cream (only 1 sachet in the kit) was good too although I didn't really get to enjoy it (a sachet is good for 1-2 full face application only) I fell inlove with this line and actually saving for this line. I plan to get the toner and emulsion in full sizes. :)

I like this line because:
  • Didn't break me out and not sticky on skin at all, also it leaves a really nice smell on skin (cucumber-ish, kiwi-sh smell. lol) 
  • did not trigger my skin allergy, in fact it did seem to sooth it, no redness after application. 
  • did a good job in improving my skin tone - in just a week! 
  • and it has a really nice cooling effect which I love when I applied at night. 
Very nice :)

What I don't like:
  • well.. expensive. Online, the toner costs around 850Php as compared to my default toner which is just around 290Php, I'm not sure about the emulsion but I'm guessing it's around that vicinity as well, or higher but full sizes usually last me a good two months so..


Friday, February 10, 2012

On Respect And Love..

Source: via Gie on Pinterest

I super love Pinterest! They have the most amazing quotes and ideas for just about everything! :) I just wish I find more Filipinos there to follow and of course, Koreans. lol :D For some reason I'm really curious about their lifestyle (the Koreans ha!). he he :) Anyway, just sharing this nice quote with you to kickstart the weekend.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nature Republic Brightening Mask Sheet. Yay!

When system is down and one couldn't work, we blog. lol :)

Let me just tell you first that I absolutely love shopping at Nature Republic because 1) their products are NOT so expensive compared to other Korean beauty brands and 2) their staff at Festival Mall (the most accessible branch for me) is sooo accommodating, they won't hesitate to give you tips on how to maximize your shopping experience with them (how to get more freebies, best deals etc) 

This one below is a freebie from my last mask sheet purchase from them (for every 2 mask sheets, 65Php up each, you get this one for free) I went there looking for their Rice mask sheet as it has brightening properties that I would like to test out but it was OOS. The nice SA recommended the Rosehip instead as according to her it also has brightening and anti-aging properties then continued to *bola* me about their freebie that is actually a brightening mask sheet. I asked her if I could just buy their freebies instead. lol :D

Nature Republic Brightening Mask Sheet

I'm not really a Korean drama fan so I really don't know who this *manong* is but I like the idea of men being the face of a cosmetic brand - a mask sheet to be more specific. My hubby was amazed when he saw this. Hah! (he's allergic to girly stuff so seeing a man modeling a mask sheet was an eye opener for him)

Nice and moist inside. ooohhh..
What I like about this mask sheet, well aside from the fact that it is a freebie *lol*, is that you'll feel something happening the whole time you have this on - and off too, just for a little while, like 15 minutes after taking it off :) There's a "tightening" feel, that pull-press sensation while it dries out on your face. It was wet enough to last me 45minutes. lol. Usually I leave mask sheet on my face for average 45 minutes, not because I was trying to squeeze out every little nutrient from it but I usually get so engrossed with work that I forget to peel the mask off! Anyway, I'm more partial to Korean mask sheets because they fit my face perfectly unlike its western counterparts which tend to be a half bigger than my face. Smell is also nice, it's neither floral nor fruity, I say "clean". Oh, and there's some tingling sensation after 30minutes, however nothing that would trigger my allergy so all's good :)

No eye flap on this one though, just holes :( Their Rosehip mask sheet has nice eye flaps which I lovingly cover my eyes with, for instant eye cooling and overall relaxation. lol. OA. :D I noticed the sheet was also a little thinner than their regular masks but that didn't give me any problem so..


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baguio City's Tam-Awan Village Graffiti Wall

my son and his grampa
This is another photo taken by my husband last Christmas - i know, I'm forever harping on him to start his own photoblog but he's all shy about his photos and would rather keep them to himself. The trip itself wasn't really special but that was the first time my little boy went on a trip WITH his grampa so..

I just love looking at this pic, they seem so oblivious of the world around them :) Oh, and I love Tam-Awan Village especially this graffiti wall! we're planning to go back come December! Yay!

Visit Tam-Awan Village Baguio City's website to know more about the place (entrance fees, activities, operating hours, address/location/direction, etc) 


Food Stop: Wee Nam Kee's Hainanese Chicken Rice

The first weekend BonChon Chicken opened its Alabang Town Center branch, we packed our things and braved the weekend traffic just to have our tummies filled however when we got there *surprise, surprise* the waiting line was almost as long as that of Filinvest tollgate! 

Not to be discouraged, me and the hubby agreed to just enjoy the mall first, get the things we need and come back later to do our BonChon-ing before going home BUT our tummies were not agreeing, all 4 of us were just plain famished! Walking a little further, we came across this:

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Didn't I mention months back that the hubby and I are curious beings when it comes to food? Those pics from our Facebook and Instagram feeds got us all curious about Hainanese Chicken Rice - yup, our Singaporean friends were that happy about this chicken rice that they actually took photo of it every single time it was served to them! So naturally, we added the much-talked about chicken rice to our "soon-to-eat" list. However, the chicken looking like it was just steamed weren't helping (we love fried!) 

Wee Nam Kee was a different story though, they offer their chicken, steamed or ROASTED! So that basically sealed the deal for us, roasted, it is!

Personal set 170+Php without drinks

Everything you see in the picture is included in the personal set. They also offer their chickens in small, medium and large portions prices ranging from 250Php to 900Php, we were thinking of ordering Small (good for 2) but was told that it doesn't include rice (?!!) As we were only there to sample and experience Hainanese Chicken rice, we decided to just order 2 personal sets. 

Verdict? it was sooooooo good! The rice was so good, a good half cup of it was consumed by my 1 year old without a fuss, 1/4 of it went to my daughter who happily settled with the soup, I grudgingly accepted my fate and ate my 1/4 cup of rice (note to self: order extra cup of rice next time!!) For Chicken rice noobs, I will quote my 10 year old daughter for description "..parang rice na may tinola.." (tastes like rice in chicken ginger stew) Must be the reason why my son devoured it like there's no tomorrow - he loves tinola!  

Don't expect the roasted chicken to have anything crackling in it, the skin was just browned but not really crunchy - it was good just the same, tender and very juicy ^_^ You also get to mix your own dip/sauce as they have on table soy sauce, chili sauce and fresh crushed ginger (I meant to take a pic of it but lighting was bad) 

We're definitely coming back, and next time, I'll make sure I take more pictures of the place especially the hanging roasted ducks that got our attention even before we noticed the resto's signage. Two thumbs up for this place!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Late Night Maiz Con Hielo

Maiz con Hielo, according to Wikipedia, is a popular snack here in the Philippines. *wew, pinoy henyo moment* It is a combination of shaved ice and corn kernels, sugar and milk. This one was topped with ube *yay! favorite!* Last night, we were attacked by hunger pangs so we decided to go out and look for something to eat. Luckily we have a local diner that is open 24 hours *what?! we live in the mountains, 24 hour stores are very rare on this side of town!* I ended the meal with this. yummeh!  :)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Honest, Even If..

While browsing through my gadget's photo album earlier today, I stumbled upon this photo and I thought it would be nice to share this with my Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge today :) This is my hubby's photo actually, as he's an Instagramer for quite some time now - me being a noob there. lol. For some reason, I'm enjoying this meme, in fact, this is my second post today - a first in the history of my blog. Yay!

Pizza Nights Are Fun: Shakey's Grand Slam 4-Flavor Pizza :)

Sometimes I get too busy with work and mommy stuff that there's no more time left for cooking. I seldom go out to hunt for food - i don't even go to the market, the hubby does that, he's my personal market man. lol :D These past few weeks I was crazy busy so the hubby just bought whatever was within reach. Sunday night he came home with this:

Shakey's Grand Slam 4-flavor Pizza
I was craving for pizza all week so I was delighted upon seeing this. so did the two kids (exhibit number 1: C's tiny hand on pizza box, can't wait to get his hands on what's inside!) 

oh my gooooodness!
It's 18 inches equally divided into 4 flavors: Classic Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Friday Special, and Shakey’s Special. I didn't get the one with shrimps, I was skeptical. lol. but love, love, love the pepperoni pizza! 

close up shot, filtered. yummeh! :)
Very nice :) we had fun with this pizza! 10 slices were gone in less than 30 minutes, the left over 2 slices were eaten later that night. but I miss chicken and mojos terribly. too much pizza, i guess. lol :) price is 688Php


Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Mother's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer
Celine Dion

I pray you'll be my eyes
And watch her where she goes
And help her to be wise
Help me to let go

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows
Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she'll be safe

I pray she finds your light
And holds it in her heart
As darkness falls each night
Remind her where you are

Every mother's prayer
Every child knows
Need to find a place
Guide her with your grace
Give her faith so she'll be safe

Lead her to a place
Guide her with your grace
To a place where she'll be safe

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet Review

I'll make this short and sweet as I still have a deadline to meet. Lol :)

My fascination with Korean cosmetics has made me a certified mask sheet junkie! For some reason my skin is responding better on Korean skincare products than with its western - even local - counterparts. I suspect it has something to do with my being a half-Chinese. Anyway, mask sheet addiction proved to be somewhat costly - twice a week for 50Php up each- so I'm forever finding ways to cut cost. I'm doing a separate post for tips on how to get Korean cosmetics the lowest possible price and I might enlist help of some friends who love these kinds of products too, that is if they are not busy. Anyway, if you have a tip or two to share, please don't hesitate to comment below :)

Anyway, I got this mask from EBay, won it for only 35php, regular price is around 50Php (online price, please don't ask me about its mall price because I  seldom visit Skinfood shops in the Philippines - I think they are obscenely overpriced!) Anyway, Skinfood is one of my favorites when it comes to skincare. Super effective on my skin :) This mask sheet, being an aloe, has hydrating properties and at the same time, it soothes tired and stressed skin. I was tired, and I was stressed enough so I thought I deserved this. lol :D

Now for the review, I like the Skinfood Aloe Mask because it feels so nice on the face! Really, I've been dabbling with masks since December so I would know if this one is different from the others. Its cooling effect is amazing, in fact I suggest you stay away from the air conditioning unit when you have this on as it would probably cause your teeth to chatter! lol However, I find the holes, particularly the one for the mouth, a little too small so no talking the whole time. But I super love the smell! It's so good :) The mask itself is thick enough and adequately drenched with essence. As for the moisturizing part, well.. my skin felt moisturized alright (he he ALL masks feel the same after as you are not supposed to wash off the essence?) Soothing, very nice, my face came out refreshed and rejuvenated so I recommend this for an afternoon of relaxation. Very nice :)

repurchase? Probably, if it's up for bidding again. Not because I didn't like it but you see, I'm more of a "brightening" kind of person so I would like my masks to have the words "brightening" or even "firming" on it. I still have 2-3 bottles of moisturizer sitting inside my closet, waiting to be used so..    

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