Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nature Republic Matte Nail Polish Review

Does this look anything like MATTE to you? If your answer is no then I would like to thank you right now for confirming that my eyes are still seeing just fine. 

Nature Republic Matte nail polish BK003 65pesos

Okay, here's the deal, I went the other day to Nature Republic hoping to grab some Rice mask sheets (which was STILL OOS, along with the Rosehip one and several others. Truth be told, there were just a little over 5 variants to choose from and I was told that I would have to wait until March for replenishment) then I remembered their matte nail polish which the SA told me about the last time I visited the shop and decided to get one *thank heavens I got JUST one!* as I've been lusting over matte nails for quite some time now. I was really excited to try so I quickly applied when we got home. 

Please remember that this was my first time to try a matte nail polish so I was really clueless as to what should happen. If there are tricks to these matte nail polishes, then please feel free to fill me in. It was shiny upon application, i thought it would somehow mattify after some time. well.. it didn't. It stayed shiny all the way. 

The only thing that impressed me was the "blackness" of the color. Just one swipe was enough to completely blacken my nail, the second swipe screamed goth. lol. :D chipped - big time! I just took a bath and when I came out, almost all of the tips were gone. This didn't happen with the non-mattes I bought from Nature Republic *which i love, love, love*. While matte does dry quickly, I would have to say, it  was too quick as you have to double-time when applying or else you would have to suffer uneven application. :(( ..and last but not the least, it was a b*tch to remove. Three times the regular dose of nail polish remover and my nails were still yucky, dirty looking :((

Lucky them I'm inlove with their nail polish remover that I didn't mind using over and over again. lol :D

Flower Waltz nail polish remover 65pesos

I tell you, this is better than your average acetone! didn't harm my sensitive, oh-so-thin nails one bit, didn't cause it to brittle, and at 65pesos for 100ml, it's a steal! It smells really nice too ^_^

I tried searching for NR matte nail  polish reviews after my experience just to compare notes but strangely, not even NR site mentioned having a matte nail polish line. hmm.. could it be that the SA was misinformed and what I bought was not a matte afterall?



Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Nope! Those don't look matte to me. I've tried matte nail polishes from OPI and Etude house and those really look matte! The OPI one had sparkles/shimmers in the formula but it still looked matte. Haha

I think I'll get their nail polish remover. My Sally Hansen one is nearly finished and i dont wanna repurchase because it's horribly expensive :{

I am gie said...

Thank you, i thought so too! It was shinier offcam so I was really disappointed. I've heard OPI, I think I'll try that na lang just to be safe. hehe. Thanks for dropping by! :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

hmmm indeed doesn't seem like matte.
anyway I have never tried these products!
great review!

sjbkk said...

Yeah, it doesn't look matte. Not that I am a Nature Republic expert, its container is similar to the regular nail polishes it carries.


I am gie said...

Yah, I thought so too.. weirder still is that their "supposedly" mattes are just right beside the non-mattes when their higher end nail polishes are on the other side of the aisle. lol :)

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