Friday, February 24, 2012

C's Chickenpox Vacshot *Ouchy :(* And Other Things To Expect From A 1 Yr 5 Mos Baby

I'm doing a really quickie post on this one. I've been really busy and C's sleeping pattern has been quite erratic these past few days so I still have lots of sleep catching to do. Me no likey :( we went to the pedia to get his vacshot earlier today, it's chickenpox this time. For some reason, we skipped this one the last time (December, i think) so, he got his shot just today.

It was just the two of us, me and C, and the minute we entered the clinic's door, he knew what he was getting into. lol. He turned really quite (unlike the last time, he was throwing fits and was quite embarrassing actually) and clung to me ala Bohol's tarsier. His weight (me with him on scale minus just me on scale, he kicking the nursie. lol), height and temperature were taken then we waited for 15minutes more.

He was eerily quiet and super behaved but turned his head away when the good doc greeted us. Then the scene got ugly when the doc started examining him (chest, ears, nose, mouth and tummy), he started crying really loud - and I do mean reaalllly LOUD. and louder still when he was laid down to the "kiddie bed" to be injected. Not meaning to be an OA mom but I know when my kid is just crying to get attention, that cry, on the other hand, was definitely different, he was really hurt and he was looking at me like I betrayed him. It almost made me cry :( I snatched him as soon as the needle's out and hugged him really tight!

Anyway, here are the things I was able to pick up during this pedia visit - and hoping to help some moms here too:

  • At 1 year and 6 months, two-syllable words are normal, like da-da, de-de, ma-ma..
  • It's okay not to give your bebe anymore vitamins if he/she is still breastfeeding on their regular feeding hours.
  • Your bebe should, by now, slowly be weaning off your breastmilk. Start introducing more food than milk. (although milk should still be there.)
  • Start eating from his own plate. Try encouraging him/her to eat from his own plate and not share plates with mommy anymore.
  • This is the right time to introduce fruits and veggies. Be as colorful as you can! 
  • Varicella vaccine or Chickenpox vaccine is 2,200Php *gahh*

*of course, you still have to consult your pedia, okay? :) remember, babies are from case to case basis*

He wasn't crying anymore when we got home but he was very subdued. He got tired of all the drama so he played Temple Run for a while then asked to be breastfed as he was sleepy. He took a nap.



Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Hi Gie! Who's your pedia? :)

I am gie said...

Hi sis :) Dra. Largoza kasi super lapit ng clinic nya sa haws namin. hehe. and she's my daughter's pedia too ^^ hindi pati mahilig magpahospital kaya super okay for me :) yun nga lang super long wait din sa checkups

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