Monday, February 6, 2012

Pizza Nights Are Fun: Shakey's Grand Slam 4-Flavor Pizza :)

Sometimes I get too busy with work and mommy stuff that there's no more time left for cooking. I seldom go out to hunt for food - i don't even go to the market, the hubby does that, he's my personal market man. lol :D These past few weeks I was crazy busy so the hubby just bought whatever was within reach. Sunday night he came home with this:

Shakey's Grand Slam 4-flavor Pizza
I was craving for pizza all week so I was delighted upon seeing this. so did the two kids (exhibit number 1: C's tiny hand on pizza box, can't wait to get his hands on what's inside!) 

oh my gooooodness!
It's 18 inches equally divided into 4 flavors: Classic Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Friday Special, and Shakey’s Special. I didn't get the one with shrimps, I was skeptical. lol. but love, love, love the pepperoni pizza! 

close up shot, filtered. yummeh! :)
Very nice :) we had fun with this pizza! 10 slices were gone in less than 30 minutes, the left over 2 slices were eaten later that night. but I miss chicken and mojos terribly. too much pizza, i guess. lol :) price is 688Php


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