Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack Pore Strip Review

So today I am going to share another one of my skincare staples, The Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack Pore Strip. Nose pore strips are supposed to remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities trapped underneath the skin area of the nose. I'm not sure if SF Phils stores have this but I bought mine online for 29Php each. I bought 2 the first time as I also ordered 2 Baviphat Charcoal ones *which i didn't really like. will blog why some other day* along with other brands as I would like to try them all and then choose from there what to buy in bulk.

What it looks like
I know how confusing these Korean cosmetics can be so I'm posting a photo of what the packet looks like when you order.

What's inside. That's the pore strip
Before this, I used to be a fan of Bench Charcoal Pore Strips (of course, available locally) and before that, I used to buy the Pond's ones, that was during my college days (not seeing them anymore) for some reason, both brands were not really effective in pulling out impurities from my nose area when my friends swore by them. I would be able to pull just one or two visible ones (with lotsa tiny hairs like I just gave my poor nose a wax. hu hu) as compared to my friends' strips which were just about bursting of their noses' yuckiness *yep, we did compare, well, you know college girls. lol* I suspect it has something to do with my ever tiny pores. I'm not mighty proud of them as my tiny pores tend to "protect" impurities underneath thus more blackheads and whiteheads and what-have-yous that are harder to reach and eliminate.

Like your generic nose pore strip, after cleansing (do not apply anything on the face yet!!), wet your nose a little *not dripping wet* then with dry hand/fingers, peel off the strip from the clear plastic protecting it, and apply smoother side onto nose like image below. Careful not to move the strip around (now that it is wet), try to remove air bubbles from underneath the strip by smoothing the top from ridge to sides, pushing the air bubbles out. Remember not to move the strip around too much! Press lightly when you're satisfied with its position (lol) for better grip. Now you just have to wait for it to dry.  

Blurry photo :( Pore strip on my nose

It is dry when it becomes concrete hard on your nose, that's about 15 minutes up. Like when you tap it with your fingertip, it would produce a teeny tap, tap sound ha ha. Now you're ready to  peel it off. Peel it off from side to ridge, if you are a masochist and you enjoy pain then you could do both sides at once as peeling the strip off the nose can be @%$#^%$^%! Clean up residue with toner or just plain water.

Sorry, no used pore strip photo on this post. I don't know how to do a macro shot and when I tried taking a photo of it, I could barely see the impurities so it's useless. But believe me, between the brands Ponds, Bench and Baviphat, for me this is the most effective. In fact, I have already bought 7 sheet pack for 170Php (on sale). I only apply once a week, I think the recommended usage is twice a week depending on your skin type. So far, I am satisfied with this brand. 

What I like:
1. Dries faster than other brands.
2. Was able to pull out MORE impurities than other brands, aside from my teeny skin hairs :((
3. the gluey part isn't too runny, doesn't leave much residue after peeling the strip off the nose.

I like pore strips better than nose packs just because nose packs are messier to apply and I'm not seeing enough visual results. lol :D I say pore strips are the most convenient and effective way of removing blackheads. However, try not to use pore strips if your nose area is inflamed, swollen or sunburned as it will only irritate the skin more. 



Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Haha, here we go again!
I'm trying the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic chorva chorva next time. Order din ako nito, hehe.

I am gie said...

yung nose pack ba yun? yun dapat order ko kaso hindi ako sure kung strip sha o yung liquid. hahah :D

Chic Sassy Mom said...

Oh wow, with all the several choices to choose from it helps for heads up, thanks. I'll try this next time. :)

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