Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I Got For Valentine's Day

So here it goes..

I'm not sharing this to brag. We, the hubby and I, are not that kind of couple actually. We always agree on things, consult each other before we decide and when it comes to money matters, we make sure the other one knows what the other is buying so in short, we have no room for surprises. 

We sure don't look like love birds! In fact, once or twice, we were mistaken for siblings. Perhaps we just don't act like a couple in public.

Last year, he got me LaLa chocolates, you know, the local ones available in chocolate and ube flavors? lol :D The last time he bought me a bunch of flowers was when we were still in college, erm, like 100 years ago? lol joke lang, mga 12 years lang talaga.

So just imagine my surprise when he shyly and very quickly handed a torn PAPER BAG with this inside Tuesday afternoon. *emphasis on shyly, I find it cute. lol* 

Oh, this is better than flowers indeed. Even the kids were thrilled to the bones when they saw this. Not that they were kilig I was getting romanced by their father but I suspect it's the chocolates MINUS us adults. lol :D Oh well, as much as I would like to park this baby on my work station, I had to hide it, away from the salivating mouths of my kids - and their father.

so why am i blogging about this anyway? wala lang, i just would like to be able to go back one day and read how i felt, to be able to remember how happy i was. sort of "scrapbooking" on my blog. ^^

That ends my sweet 2012 Valentine's Day story :)



Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Hehe, happy Vday sis! Stay in love! :D

mygreenlivingideas said...

that's really sweet and yummy. belated happy V. and thanks for visiting my site. i hope you can join our green monday meme at

I am gie said...

@Czjai, hehe inlove ba? :D @mygreenlivingideas, yup, will check your memes one of these days. Thanks for invitingme :)

Thanks for dropping by ladies! :)

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