Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Stop: Wee Nam Kee's Hainanese Chicken Rice

The first weekend BonChon Chicken opened its Alabang Town Center branch, we packed our things and braved the weekend traffic just to have our tummies filled however when we got there *surprise, surprise* the waiting line was almost as long as that of Filinvest tollgate! 

Not to be discouraged, me and the hubby agreed to just enjoy the mall first, get the things we need and come back later to do our BonChon-ing before going home BUT our tummies were not agreeing, all 4 of us were just plain famished! Walking a little further, we came across this:

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice
Didn't I mention months back that the hubby and I are curious beings when it comes to food? Those pics from our Facebook and Instagram feeds got us all curious about Hainanese Chicken Rice - yup, our Singaporean friends were that happy about this chicken rice that they actually took photo of it every single time it was served to them! So naturally, we added the much-talked about chicken rice to our "soon-to-eat" list. However, the chicken looking like it was just steamed weren't helping (we love fried!) 

Wee Nam Kee was a different story though, they offer their chicken, steamed or ROASTED! So that basically sealed the deal for us, roasted, it is!

Personal set 170+Php without drinks

Everything you see in the picture is included in the personal set. They also offer their chickens in small, medium and large portions prices ranging from 250Php to 900Php, we were thinking of ordering Small (good for 2) but was told that it doesn't include rice (?!!) As we were only there to sample and experience Hainanese Chicken rice, we decided to just order 2 personal sets. 

Verdict? it was sooooooo good! The rice was so good, a good half cup of it was consumed by my 1 year old without a fuss, 1/4 of it went to my daughter who happily settled with the soup, I grudgingly accepted my fate and ate my 1/4 cup of rice (note to self: order extra cup of rice next time!!) For Chicken rice noobs, I will quote my 10 year old daughter for description "..parang rice na may tinola.." (tastes like rice in chicken ginger stew) Must be the reason why my son devoured it like there's no tomorrow - he loves tinola!  

Don't expect the roasted chicken to have anything crackling in it, the skin was just browned but not really crunchy - it was good just the same, tender and very juicy ^_^ You also get to mix your own dip/sauce as they have on table soy sauce, chili sauce and fresh crushed ginger (I meant to take a pic of it but lighting was bad) 

We're definitely coming back, and next time, I'll make sure I take more pictures of the place especially the hanging roasted ducks that got our attention even before we noticed the resto's signage. Two thumbs up for this place!


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