Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Tuesday: Rainbow, Frosty, Milk Tea And Pho

Have you ever seen a rainbow this close and this vibrant? (sorry, the photo below isn't exactly vibrant, lol) It was so close, I could see where one color separated from the other, it was quite amazing :)

I debated against myself if I should post an edited, color enhanced version of this but decided not to and to just post it raw ^^

from one end..
..to another  ^^
I was confined in a car so there was no way to capture the rainbow as a whole *hmp, sayang!*

A friend teased me to check out the end/ends for gold but given the fact that those mountains are semi-bald, I won't be surprised if someone has already beaten me to it. lol :D

Have you tried Wendy's fried chicken? I have been a fan since the first time they introduced that on their menu. I particularly love the gravy and their hot and spicy catsup (not available anymore *sigh*) Of course, one should get Frosty when at Wendy's, that's no-brainer. My boy had a hard time spooning Frosty out so he strawed it instead. lol :D

Chatime has finally opened at Alabang Town Center, then Gong Cha, not being really far behind in terms of opening date, in the same wing. Now Serenitea has serious competition but considering their location, I don't think it will affect much in terms of sales. Serenitea is sitting bright and pretty alongside movie theaters while Chatime and Gong Cha are located at the new wing.

Ahhh, Pho Hoa Pho Bo Kho (beef stew).. This is my ultimate comfort food, and I'm really glad my hubby is not diggin' this or I would be forced to buy my own bowl, I'm tagging this as #noshare. lol :D


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