Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ellefar Nose Highlighting Powder Review

Lol. This one I got from Saizen, along with the charcoal mask, for *surprise!surprise!* 85Php! I wasn't really looking for a higlighting powder, in fact, I was considering to buy one that is in liquid form then, but I got really curious about this nose highlighting thing that I figured if all else fails, I end up with a highlighting powder. lol :D

Majolica Majorca-ish tag ^^
This is the gold-ish one, the other one was silver and I figured this is the tamer color of the two. lol :)
sealed. nice ^^
gold dust! ^^

highlighting powder alright!

This Ellafar highlighting powder means business! It is indeed shimmery and does a good job in highlighting whatever part of your body you would like to highlight. Although I still don't get it, how the "nose highlighting" part fits in the picture. lol :D I tried dusting it ever so lightly on the sides of the nose closer to the tear ducts and another time, on the bridge of the nose, both times were major FAIL :D  Okay, I'm a major klutz when it comes to proper makeup so let me know how this worked for you please :)

Nose or no nose highlighting skills, I like using this highlighting powder on my cheeks/cheek bones, on top of my blush-on. Seems to be working and looks  good on photos. looks natural enough too that I don't get dagger looks from my ever so conservative husband. lol :) However, if your skin is oily to begin with (for some reason, there are days when my face is oilier than normal), better skip this highlighting powder as it will only make your face look oilier. *menolikey* This is also the reason why I put buying a liquid highlighter on the back burner for now, maybe this highlighting thing is not really for me.

#springcleaningmydrafts.kisses! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Banapple At Alabang Town Center!

I must say, THAT new ATC wing is really really really awesome! BonChon is there, Gong Cha is there, Chatime is there, J.Co donuts is *yay* soon to open! Not to mention other awesome stores the mall has managed to get in there, all in one place. For now, let me introduce to you guys, the home of the ever famous Banapple's Banoffee Pie..

Day after their opening. *excited much* ;)
We came as soon as we heard the news. I even cut my working time *shh.. don't tell the boss* just to be able to get there in time for dinner. lol :D

..and we ordered..
Grandma's Corn Chowder 80Php

Hubby was not really happy with this. A little salty for his taste, he said. BUT me and the baby super like this corn chowder, we finished two servings. lol :D This is a little reminiscent of Jollibee's sopas, only better.

Beef and Sausage Stew. I *love*!! 195Php
Again, nobody wanted to share this with me as they claimed it was salty. I didn't  mind though, I'm inlove with this baby :D Beef cubes were super lambot and the sauce complimented the rice very well. hmm.. now I'm hungry -.-

Bacon Fried Chicken Steak with Milk'shroom Gravy 175Php
Now this. This was ordered twice that day by my "always gutom" family. For some reason, they took an instant liking to this and decided to NOT leave anything for me to taste so I won't be able to vouch for it now.

Another slice pleeeeassse? Banoffee pie 95Php per slice
A trip to Banapple is never complete without ordering a slice of Banoffee pie, or their Apple Caramel Crumble Crumble Pie (which we decided to skip for now as we don't have anymore room in our tummies to spare. lol)

..and since the pie tasted really good (and for fear that we might miss it if we don't buy the whole thing), we decided to take this home with us along with a couple of muffins and cookies. lol :)

For take home :D 720Php


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Tuesday: Prescription Glasses, Cheesy Bacon, Naan, Kopiccino, Magnum and Double Chocolate Ice Blended!

Yesterday I went to the mall to buy a bottle of green nailpolish; I came back with a pair of prescription eyeglasses. lol :D What?!!! at 895Php, I think it's a deal! and I badly needed one too (I'm 200+ now -.-) It's multicoated, ideal for computer use. so we'll see .. eye checkup included at Ideal Vision :) 

I say cheese and bacon are a match made in heaven, don't you think? I'm happy KFC came up with something like this. Yey ^^

Cheesy Bacon Pasta at KFC
I just love Breadtalk's Cheesy Naan. Good thing too, they opened a branch at Solenad II so it's much closer to me now. Just pop them in the oven toaster then savor the awesome cheesy smell while reheating. Of course, it's "awesomer" to eat it while still warm. lol :D

I'm not really into cappuccino, I prefer mocha, but I got intrigued by Kopiccino from Kopiko that I had to try it! I bought ten sachets and I'm loving it!  lol :D It's foamy and comes with a pack of choco granules.. so divine! :)

Magnum has been making waves since the first time it landed on Philippine shores. I say their viral marketing worked as the first time I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed, I made the hubby run to the nearest 7-11 store to buy me one. It was 60Php at that time, it's now only 55Php but supermarkets are selling them for only 50Php. I personally like Almond. ^^

Speaking of coffee and chocolates, here below is my latest favorite from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, their Double Chocolate Ice Blended. really really craving for this right now -.-

#i'mcyclops-ladyversion.kisses! ^^

Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Hair Color: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring! Yey Success! :D

I admit, I'm one of those moms who are constantly worrying if my activities affect my kids' well-being, directly  and/or indirectly so one of the things I decided to forego while pregnant - and a better year of breastfeeding - was coloring my hair. While online resources tell that it's safe, I just couldn't bring myself to take the risk. 

Now that the baby is a year and a half and thankfully, eating quite heartily which cut down the breastfeeding sessions in almost half, I felt that it's quite safe for me to bring back some color to my "blah" mane. I figured a DIY hair dye would be my best option as between work and family, I don't have much time to spend waiting at the salon for my hair to finally and successfully change its color.

This is from my LAST YEAR'S Etude haul. lol :D It waited for me for more or less, 6 months. haha :D 

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red
One thing I like about these Korean brands is that they really think of the things a consumer will ever need if and when they decided to buy their products. And they make it a point to look cute too! Remember my Tous Les Jours cake? The cake included a plastic cake knife, 4 slim but tall candles and 2 matchsticks. Genius! ^^  See below, here are the things included in an Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring box (Yey for the gloves, wide plastic covering and super nice smelling Silky Perfumed Treatment!) 

..and here is my "Sadako" moment (consider this as my "before" photo)

To use:  Use the wide plastic covering to, well, cover your clothes so any stray dye won't stain whatever you are wearing for this coloring session. Powder your hands so it will be easier to slip them into the gloves. Proceed to mix the pink pouch with large "Bubble" word on it with the solution in the bottle. Just tilt sideways until the bottle feels warm to the hand.

..and this is my "good morning naman" look :D 

mixed and ready :) 
..and don't forget to take off the protective thingie as shown below. It's supposed to stop accidental pumping of the solution inside so naturally you should find it at the bottle's neck.

..pump once..

Bubbly violet! nice! ^^

..then twice.. then again and again until you get your head adequately covered. Don't scrimp, you are not supposed to use leftovers anyway so might as well apply as much as you can. Wait for 30 minutes.

I got annoyed with the plastic covering making all sorts of rustling noise so I decided to just wrap my hair with it ala shower cap. lol :D

Apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment after rinsing and that's it, we're done! 

Not "Sadako"-like anymore! Yay! :)
..and some 7 hours later.. Yay nice, soft red! :)

  • Didn't irritate my scalp, no sting. well, a little sting upon application but it, soon enough, faded.
  • Nice, soft end-result color. 
  • No strong smell. There was a smell, yes, but nothing too strong and the treatment cream was able to effectively "mask" the worst of it.
  • Cheaper than Western brands, even local. 350Php per box.
  • Very easy to use. Highly recommended if it's your first time to do a DIY on your hair.
  • Didn't drip, true enough.
  • Didn't stain the surrounding skin and the scalp. If it did, it wasn't noticeable.
  • No itching afterwards.
  • Instant "nagpasalon" look. I was amazed by the result (this is after airdrying my hair) It came out soft and bouncy. For someone with really thin hair like me, this is something close to a miracle!
I had a very nice experience using this product so there's nothing that I don't like about it. Of course, I will repurchase, I'd probably try browns next time. ^^

#evenaklutzcandoherhair!kisses! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finally! Saizen Charcoal Mask Review

After months of trying to get hold of this baby, well, finally, she's here with me!

Lemme just tell you how bumpy the road I took just to have a tube of this: for one, this charcoal mask is only available at Saizen, take note, don't even bother looking for this in any other Daiso store as it is ONLY available at Saizen. I should know, I browsed through enough 99-store racks bearing the name, and/or remotely affiliated with, Daiso, to last me a lifetime.

Then I tried looking for it online but the ones I found are selling it at a very ridiculous high price of 300+Php when it is really only 85Php at Saizen. I mean, even if you double the size, their price is remotely justifiable, methinks.

Then I tried hunting down Saizen's website hoping there would be a "checkout" cart so I could just order online. I almost jumped for joy when I saw them on Multiply, only to be greeted with a note saying that they are not really selling online. lol :D

So, I made it my personal mission to find a Saizen store - and fast! - as I was dying to try their charcoal line and see for myself if it really works. I was also praying that they 're not OOS as I heard they fly off the racks pretty fast. Saizen branches according to their website: Ali Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga), TriNoma Mall, Pavilion Mall (Binan, Laguna), Robinsons Abreeza Mall (Davao), ROBINSONS PLACE MANILA, MARKET! MARKET! (Global City, Taguig) I got mine from Trinoma. I got really *kilig* when I saw this:

I bought the masque and the nose thingie (gray tube just beside the cleanser). Although they pretty much do the same thing, I opted to get just these two as I was not really interested with the charcoal face wash and cleanser ( I think it's meant to be used as a makeup remover)

It's black alright, good thing it doesn't stink of charcoal! ..and here is my son's favorite photo of me. lol :D

I'm not brave enough to apply it all over my face as peeling it off is, well, always a teary affair for me ;(( Also, those areas without the mask tend to have dry patches when not moisturized properly. Since this is a charcoal mask (strips off oil and can be drying too), I decided to skip those areas. *weh, palusot*

To use, wash face, steam face *be careful!!* for 5minutes, apply GENEROUS amount, wait to dry then peel off. I use this twice a week.

  • It's cheap, 85Php for a tube.
  • Cleans sides of the nose and chin effectively (these are hard-to-reach areas of the face, btw, and very important to me so that's basically 100 cookie points to this product! Yay!)
  • Tightening feel when drying.
  • Oil free for 24 hours.


  • Takes forever to dry :( 
  • Can get really messy when applying
  • Involves a lot of work and takes up a lot of time so you really should set aside some time for it. My first time took about an hour to do the whole process.

So there.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nature Republic Real Flower Rose Pack Review

If you're looking for a good alternative to mask sheet, this must be the answer: Nature Republic Real Flower Rose Pack. Yep, I'm trying to wean myself off of mask sheets as I'm all for keeping waste to a minimum and I feel really guilty everytime I throw away used mask sheet knowing that it will only end up somewhere, waiting some 50+years to finally melt and disappear (if they ever disappear)

*problem is, mask sheets can be soooooooo addicting :(*

Okay, enough of my eco-rant, here is a perfectly capable product that can deliver benefits of a mask sheet and more! and yeah, I'm loving it, I'm using this twice a week for a month now. So far, this hasn't failed me even once.  It still delivers a lovely after glow.

The girly-flower shaped-pink tub may throw you off, for some reason that's quite hard to explain but you see, I almost didn't get this one just because I was hesitant of the packaging. I don't have anything against tubs as I have my handy spatula to scoop things out but.. really.. I don't know why.. hmm..

Anyway, this is not the sleeping pack as those are sold in tubes ala BB cream. This is the 15minute-rinse-off type which you should * preferably* apply when you are NOT sleeping. lol. I'm seriously considering going back for the sleeping pack, however, I have yet to finish the ones I got from Etude so..

I was really looking for some "brightening" items which were*surprise, surprise* still OOS when I was introduced to this product. Sensing my dismay, the SA quickly recommended this, putting emphasis on the "whitening" and "anti-aging" parts. It's okay, I was looking quite harassed at that time and my eyebags were occupying nearly half of my face that I had to lift the eyebags up to be able to apply my blushon. lol. just kidding ^^

Anyhoo, I didn't want to walk away empty handed so I carefully opened the tub and was greeted by the smell of roses. It was strong. Strong rose smell but not really offensive on the nose. I'm not really a fan of roses but I must admit, I like this one. I hope you see the "rose bits" in there too. ^^

I'm pasting below the product description I got from Nature Republic's website:

Moisture + Water Replenishing + Whitening

Produce by fresh rose and variety of plants. You can see the rose petal melting on your skin. Made by large quantity Bulgarian rose, 30 roses only can produce one drop essential oil. Contains many vitamins, trace elements, 17 types amino acid and Quercetrin and organic acid. Can provide comprehensive and rich nutrients to skin, promote skin blood circulation. Elimination of pigment, repair damaged cell aging and flatten wrinkles. Special natural brewing rose and plants collagen from rose extract. Has excellent whitening, moisture, anti-wrinkle and soothing functions. Can speedy water replenishing to skin, contract capillaries, regain skin elastic. Form maintenance film and lock-in nutrients and water.

How to Use :
After cleansing apply appropriate amount on whole face, avoid eyes and lip area. Rinse off with water after 15 minutes.

Here's my take, I love this Rose pack because:

  • It cools on contact so really, it feels so nice when you have the pack on.
  • There are rose petals that melt on skin when left for 15 minutes. It's  time to wash the face when you can no longer see the rose bits.
  • Rose smell lingers even after wash. This is good actually as the smell is not that strong anymore.
  • Skin indeed, feels softer and smoother after washing. (Just tap water)
  • No allergic reaction. Double YAY! for this ^^
  • It's in a tub, which means I need to use my spatula to scoop things out.
  • It's super gelatinous *think gelatin* making it harder to scoop things out :(( it's useless to use your fingers, to be honest.
  • hmm.. the packaging? lol *affected much* 
One more thing, this rose pack doesn't dry up, it just gets stickier by the minute. As for me, I clock it by monitoring the rose petals *if they are already melted* and by how sticky the pack has become on my face as it can get really sticky-uncomfortable.

There. If I missed something, please let me know, my brain is not working anymore as I just finished my 10hour shift and my eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. lol :D

Oh, and it's 370Php per tub which could last approximately 6 months minimum when used twice a week.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Milk Tea Adventures: Chatime

I've been hearing a lot of recommendations about Chatime, problem was, I couldn't find a single Chatime branch then so it took me quite some time before I was able to sample their milk tea. This Chatime branch in SM North Edsa was discovered by the hubby by accident. I was claiming my free Skin Food Gold Kiwi gift set when he spotted Dairy Queen not far from Skin Food. When he went to get his ice cream fix, there it was, Chatime, just in front of Dairy Queen.  

I love how they decorated their place, all pink and violet! However, this is one of those milk tea places that overwhelms a person by the sheer number of drink variants they offer. See that bright thingy in front of those two girls at the counter? That's the menu. Since it was my first time at Chatime, I just politely asked for their bestseller which is Pearl Milk Tea (not Chatime Milk Tea, take note)

Pearl Milk Tea Large 90Php

However, this got my attention, Choco Banana smoothie. Okay, I have this thing for anything choco + banana. I practically jumped up and down when I saw Frutti Froyo's chocolate and banana frozen yogurts (sad, I'm not seeing banana anymore at any Frutti Froyo branch) the first time I went there (and partly the reason why Frutti Froyo became a family favorite for 6 straight months. lol) Of course, seeing this at Chatime, I quickly ordered a large cup, tried it and fell inlove at first sip. lol ^^

Choco Banana smoothie 90Php
Prices are reasonable, cheap even, if you skip sinkers/toppers. Oh yeah, the sinkers are priced separately at 15-20Php range. While I love their Choco Banana smoothie to bits, i find their milk tea, uhm, average? I'm loving their Chocolate Mousse (tastes like Chocolait) but not much their Chatime Milk Tea so I would have to say that I recommend Chatime's other offerings but not-so their milk teas? hehe. I'm not trying to be a meanie here but.. well.. I was just expecting a bit more considering that it is an international brand?

The little boy who wouldn't sit still. lol. Mr. C here was eyeing my Choco Banana smoothie, I was offering him the milk tea cup. *yep, bad mama for giving my kid caffeine* -.-

FYI, they finally opened a branch down South. Check them out at Alabang Town Center. Yey! :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Family Movie Night: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

My daughter was tickled pink when her father brought this home from a local video rental shop aka Video City. Due to baby issues, we missed this at the movies so we had to wait for its DVD to come out. 

I'm not really a fan but since my daughter is, I try to be a really cool mum and endure fight scenes that I've already witnessed for the nth time (because Miss R keeps on watching Twilight movies over and over again that she already knew the lines and would recite them word for word along with the characters while the movie's playing). But, I was meeting a deadline when this came in so I told them I would have to pass. 

However, a quick trip to the fridge to fetch some water has managed to get me glued to the screen. Mind you, it was not the movie itself, I didn't dig the movie that much and it being cut in half (part one and two) wasn't really helping at all. What got me watching half of the movie until the end was.. well.. Jacob.

My goodness, Jacob is H.O.T!!

So, this girl is definitely Team Jacob. Nevermind that Miss R - my daughter - is Team Edward. lol :D


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Tuesday: Clubhouse, Saizen, Churros, Ersao and Kicks!

I'm a huge fan of Strabucks' sandwiches. Not only they are delish but also the portioning is good. They are reasonably priced at 140Php and can be shared by two. My personal picks are the clubhouse sandwich and Spam Classic, Egg and Cheese on Cornmeal Bread ^_^

My take out lunch, Starbucks' clubhouse sandwich. nomnom :)
For the longest time, I was on a hunt for these charcoal masks which can only be found at Saizen/Daiso. I was really intrigued because if you check, almost all local beauty blogs talked about it at some point and raved generously, and me, one riddled with blackheads and whiteheads problems felt the need to experience the mask personally. Well, I finally found them! This is the Saizen/Daiso trinoma branch located inside True Value (and I mean really INSIDE, like far back, with their own signage and all, INSIDE True Value. lol) I'm definitely going back, ALONE. lol :D I suggest you check out their makeup and food sections too, I found some interesting things there but didn't have the chance to inspect due to a very impatient hubby. Oh, and their falsies look nice too but I don't think it comes with its own glue.

Charcoal mask galore at 85Php!!
When we're in Trinoma, we never fail to stop by and eat at Taco Bell. I'm inlove with their grilled pork burrito (not the one with rice inside, okay? I don't like that, I find the texture a little weird but that's just me. lol) The gang loves their Churros! :)

Inubusan ako. huhu :(
Being a milk tea addict, I feel the need to try each and every place that offers them. Ersao didn't slip under my radar, so when the hubby went to Banawe to collect some things for his business, I cajoled him to find the nearest Ersao branch. Finally, I was able to sample their milk tea. Mura lang at 45Php a cup (just one size). Review will be on my metro milk teas post which I will update with 3 more in a few.

Ersao is Taiwanese, fyi. I thought Chinese. lol.
Aside from Saizen, the other highlight of my day would be these kicks! I was planning to buy just one pair of ballet flats but honestly now, who could ever resist a 70% markdown? *ikr* These flats were originally sold for 900Php, I bought them for only 200Php+ a piece and they are a good brand too, Australian. These are from Landmark-Trinoma. I'm not sure if the sale is still ongoing but if you are in the area, don't forget to check ^_^

Somehow,  I managed to get some dirt on my gray pair. lol. klutz. 
The baby is enjoying his kicks too! For some reason, my hubby loves buying the kid Jordans and this, I heard, would be the latest (okay, I'm not sure as I'm not really familiar with basketball kicks. To me, they all look the same) Anyhoo, these kicks managed to get C walking so..

Good job, kicks. good job!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Early Birthday Present From House Of Flair! Yay! Thankieee! ^^

I'm bone tired and braindead by now for having to work 10 hours straight but I won't delay my appreciation post any longer! *grammar nazi, please stay away today, i'm not up for any proof reading right now* -.-

This came in the post yesterday and it surely lit up my day. Yay!

Boy, it was HEAVY!!
It was not sent to me as a birthday gift per se, actually I won House of Flair's pre-summer giveaway. Yey! and since it's my birth month and I'm still on a shopping ban, I consider this the best birthday gift ever!

I just love personalized notes! Thank you Miss Suyen! :)
It was packed nicely - all items fitting inside snugly - and no doubt, with lotsa care. I just love how they thought of carefully packing all these things up. I should know, I'm no noob when it comes to online shopping and I get really disappointed when I see that my purchases were not packed properly especially if it's something really delicate or breakable.

Are you excited to see what's inside? ^_^


Too Faced, Kiehl's, Benefit, Slatkin&co, Organix,  NYC, F21
I could just die right now! lol ^_^

Eye thingies!!!
With my eyebaggiewoes, these things from Kiehl's are something I really look forward to using! 

Again, thank you very much House of Flair for this very generous giveaway. You surely made me smile and I get to be fab on my birthday too!


Friday, March 2, 2012 Spam/Phishing Alert!!

This email drove me into panic this morning

$281 charged to my VISA!
These things I know: 1) I didn't make any purchase with 2) I didn't give them my credit card info - or any site for that matter except PayPal which will surely notify me if a charge has been made and 3) why on Earth would I want to purchase a freakin' $167 Jegging in size 30?!!  

So, it's either my PayPal account has been hacked and the hacker loves Jegging so much, he went ahead and bought one for himself using my card or someone entered the wrong email address (which I doubt if it will work that way since most sites need email confirmation to be able to activate an account). Either way, sending  the said site a notice was in order. 

TAKE NOTE: NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANYTHING IN AN EMAIL EXCEPT IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU KNOW WHAT'S IN THERE. If you are curious then just open up a new tab/browser and go directly to the site you would like to check. That's exactly what I did when I came upon this notice. Spam/Phishing notice on their contact form

I'm also pasting the notice here:

Spam/Phishing Alert: Order Status for Order #20399282
We were are not affiliated with the domain shoplastyle-clo****.com (we don't want to list the entire address). We are working on getting it shut down. The link in the email was to this site, which we believe contained a virus. We have heard from multiple people that they have called to cancel their Visa cards and/or have contacted their banks. This is not necessary. Please be assured that the intention of this email was to get people to click on their link to download a virus. There have been no reports of actual credit cards being charged. Everybody got the same email that said their Visa was charged. In addition, we do not have any of your personal information. We believe your email was obtained in a malicious manner and then our company name was used to entice you to click on the link. We really hope this clears up your questions. It has been a rough day for all of us!

If you received an email message with the subject line " Order Status for Order #20399282" please know that this is spam that was NOT sent by us. We believe thousands of people received this same email. There is no order 20399282. We do not have any information about you including any credit card information. No credit card was charged. You will notice that there is no shipping information in the email because the same text was sent to everybody. We suggest that you do not respond to the email, do not click on any of the links. You should delete the email. We have nothing to do with this email. We are asking that you do not contact us in regards to this email because we are currently overwhelmed with voice mails and emails due to this spam. 

Thank goodness, it was just a spam mail, so all I have to do now is to delete it but it almost made me click on that link because the invoice looked so legit, and well, I just got out of bed so I was not entirely conscious at that time. lol :D 

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