Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finally! Saizen Charcoal Mask Review

After months of trying to get hold of this baby, well, finally, she's here with me!

Lemme just tell you how bumpy the road I took just to have a tube of this: for one, this charcoal mask is only available at Saizen, take note, don't even bother looking for this in any other Daiso store as it is ONLY available at Saizen. I should know, I browsed through enough 99-store racks bearing the name, and/or remotely affiliated with, Daiso, to last me a lifetime.

Then I tried looking for it online but the ones I found are selling it at a very ridiculous high price of 300+Php when it is really only 85Php at Saizen. I mean, even if you double the size, their price is remotely justifiable, methinks.

Then I tried hunting down Saizen's website hoping there would be a "checkout" cart so I could just order online. I almost jumped for joy when I saw them on Multiply, only to be greeted with a note saying that they are not really selling online. lol :D

So, I made it my personal mission to find a Saizen store - and fast! - as I was dying to try their charcoal line and see for myself if it really works. I was also praying that they 're not OOS as I heard they fly off the racks pretty fast. Saizen branches according to their website: Ali Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Marquee Mall (Angeles, Pampanga), TriNoma Mall, Pavilion Mall (Binan, Laguna), Robinsons Abreeza Mall (Davao), ROBINSONS PLACE MANILA, MARKET! MARKET! (Global City, Taguig) I got mine from Trinoma. I got really *kilig* when I saw this:

I bought the masque and the nose thingie (gray tube just beside the cleanser). Although they pretty much do the same thing, I opted to get just these two as I was not really interested with the charcoal face wash and cleanser ( I think it's meant to be used as a makeup remover)

It's black alright, good thing it doesn't stink of charcoal! ..and here is my son's favorite photo of me. lol :D

I'm not brave enough to apply it all over my face as peeling it off is, well, always a teary affair for me ;(( Also, those areas without the mask tend to have dry patches when not moisturized properly. Since this is a charcoal mask (strips off oil and can be drying too), I decided to skip those areas. *weh, palusot*

To use, wash face, steam face *be careful!!* for 5minutes, apply GENEROUS amount, wait to dry then peel off. I use this twice a week.

  • It's cheap, 85Php for a tube.
  • Cleans sides of the nose and chin effectively (these are hard-to-reach areas of the face, btw, and very important to me so that's basically 100 cookie points to this product! Yay!)
  • Tightening feel when drying.
  • Oil free for 24 hours.


  • Takes forever to dry :( 
  • Can get really messy when applying
  • Involves a lot of work and takes up a lot of time so you really should set aside some time for it. My first time took about an hour to do the whole process.

So there.



aMz88 said...

i totally agree that it drys forever, messy, and takes time but its a good product specially for my nose lolz and chin :">

Tin | The Average Jane said...

I usually just use this on my nose. =)

I am gie said...

I was actually confused as the label at the back says it's for the nose when the sticker in front has the whole face covered. lol. The last time, I applied it on my nose and chin na lang. haha :D sakit sakit kasi nabubunot facial hairs :((

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