Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Tuesday: Clubhouse, Saizen, Churros, Ersao and Kicks!

I'm a huge fan of Strabucks' sandwiches. Not only they are delish but also the portioning is good. They are reasonably priced at 140Php and can be shared by two. My personal picks are the clubhouse sandwich and Spam Classic, Egg and Cheese on Cornmeal Bread ^_^

My take out lunch, Starbucks' clubhouse sandwich. nomnom :)
For the longest time, I was on a hunt for these charcoal masks which can only be found at Saizen/Daiso. I was really intrigued because if you check, almost all local beauty blogs talked about it at some point and raved generously, and me, one riddled with blackheads and whiteheads problems felt the need to experience the mask personally. Well, I finally found them! This is the Saizen/Daiso trinoma branch located inside True Value (and I mean really INSIDE, like far back, with their own signage and all, INSIDE True Value. lol) I'm definitely going back, ALONE. lol :D I suggest you check out their makeup and food sections too, I found some interesting things there but didn't have the chance to inspect due to a very impatient hubby. Oh, and their falsies look nice too but I don't think it comes with its own glue.

Charcoal mask galore at 85Php!!
When we're in Trinoma, we never fail to stop by and eat at Taco Bell. I'm inlove with their grilled pork burrito (not the one with rice inside, okay? I don't like that, I find the texture a little weird but that's just me. lol) The gang loves their Churros! :)

Inubusan ako. huhu :(
Being a milk tea addict, I feel the need to try each and every place that offers them. Ersao didn't slip under my radar, so when the hubby went to Banawe to collect some things for his business, I cajoled him to find the nearest Ersao branch. Finally, I was able to sample their milk tea. Mura lang at 45Php a cup (just one size). Review will be on my metro milk teas post which I will update with 3 more in a few.

Ersao is Taiwanese, fyi. I thought Chinese. lol.
Aside from Saizen, the other highlight of my day would be these kicks! I was planning to buy just one pair of ballet flats but honestly now, who could ever resist a 70% markdown? *ikr* These flats were originally sold for 900Php, I bought them for only 200Php+ a piece and they are a good brand too, Australian. These are from Landmark-Trinoma. I'm not sure if the sale is still ongoing but if you are in the area, don't forget to check ^_^

Somehow,  I managed to get some dirt on my gray pair. lol. klutz. 
The baby is enjoying his kicks too! For some reason, my hubby loves buying the kid Jordans and this, I heard, would be the latest (okay, I'm not sure as I'm not really familiar with basketball kicks. To me, they all look the same) Anyhoo, these kicks managed to get C walking so..

Good job, kicks. good job!



Tin | The Average Jane said...

I love their charoal masks. They're very effective. =)

I am gie said...

yes true! especially if you steam the face first, but I can be really lazy sometimes so.. ^^

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