Thursday, March 8, 2012

Milk Tea Adventures: Chatime

I've been hearing a lot of recommendations about Chatime, problem was, I couldn't find a single Chatime branch then so it took me quite some time before I was able to sample their milk tea. This Chatime branch in SM North Edsa was discovered by the hubby by accident. I was claiming my free Skin Food Gold Kiwi gift set when he spotted Dairy Queen not far from Skin Food. When he went to get his ice cream fix, there it was, Chatime, just in front of Dairy Queen.  

I love how they decorated their place, all pink and violet! However, this is one of those milk tea places that overwhelms a person by the sheer number of drink variants they offer. See that bright thingy in front of those two girls at the counter? That's the menu. Since it was my first time at Chatime, I just politely asked for their bestseller which is Pearl Milk Tea (not Chatime Milk Tea, take note)

Pearl Milk Tea Large 90Php

However, this got my attention, Choco Banana smoothie. Okay, I have this thing for anything choco + banana. I practically jumped up and down when I saw Frutti Froyo's chocolate and banana frozen yogurts (sad, I'm not seeing banana anymore at any Frutti Froyo branch) the first time I went there (and partly the reason why Frutti Froyo became a family favorite for 6 straight months. lol) Of course, seeing this at Chatime, I quickly ordered a large cup, tried it and fell inlove at first sip. lol ^^

Choco Banana smoothie 90Php
Prices are reasonable, cheap even, if you skip sinkers/toppers. Oh yeah, the sinkers are priced separately at 15-20Php range. While I love their Choco Banana smoothie to bits, i find their milk tea, uhm, average? I'm loving their Chocolate Mousse (tastes like Chocolait) but not much their Chatime Milk Tea so I would have to say that I recommend Chatime's other offerings but not-so their milk teas? hehe. I'm not trying to be a meanie here but.. well.. I was just expecting a bit more considering that it is an international brand?

The little boy who wouldn't sit still. lol. Mr. C here was eyeing my Choco Banana smoothie, I was offering him the milk tea cup. *yep, bad mama for giving my kid caffeine* -.-

FYI, they finally opened a branch down South. Check them out at Alabang Town Center. Yey! :)



The Pepperrific Life said...

Too bad, I'm not a fan of milk tea :)
Anyway, it's good to see you and your son bonding on a weekend. That is what's important.

clair said...

I go to the South from time to time. I should probably get your number just in case you're in the area too? XDDD Or do I sound like a creepy stalker?! I hope not! But would love to meet you for milk tea or something in ATC. Or Korean food in BF!

I am gie said...

@clair, lol :D no, not creepy stalkerish at all! will email you my number so we can meet up ^^

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Thanks for the tip! I was also overwhelmed with the choices Cha time has e. Hehehe! =D

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