Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Tuesday: Prescription Glasses, Cheesy Bacon, Naan, Kopiccino, Magnum and Double Chocolate Ice Blended!

Yesterday I went to the mall to buy a bottle of green nailpolish; I came back with a pair of prescription eyeglasses. lol :D What?!!! at 895Php, I think it's a deal! and I badly needed one too (I'm 200+ now -.-) It's multicoated, ideal for computer use. so we'll see .. eye checkup included at Ideal Vision :) 

I say cheese and bacon are a match made in heaven, don't you think? I'm happy KFC came up with something like this. Yey ^^

Cheesy Bacon Pasta at KFC
I just love Breadtalk's Cheesy Naan. Good thing too, they opened a branch at Solenad II so it's much closer to me now. Just pop them in the oven toaster then savor the awesome cheesy smell while reheating. Of course, it's "awesomer" to eat it while still warm. lol :D

I'm not really into cappuccino, I prefer mocha, but I got intrigued by Kopiccino from Kopiko that I had to try it! I bought ten sachets and I'm loving it!  lol :D It's foamy and comes with a pack of choco granules.. so divine! :)

Magnum has been making waves since the first time it landed on Philippine shores. I say their viral marketing worked as the first time I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed, I made the hubby run to the nearest 7-11 store to buy me one. It was 60Php at that time, it's now only 55Php but supermarkets are selling them for only 50Php. I personally like Almond. ^^

Speaking of coffee and chocolates, here below is my latest favorite from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, their Double Chocolate Ice Blended. really really craving for this right now -.-

#i'mcyclops-ladyversion.kisses! ^^


Tin | The Average Jane said...

I've tried Chocolate truffle. It was good. I'm still pacing myself for the other 2 flavors. =)

I am gie said...

Try Almond!! hindi masyadong sweet :) dyadyabetisin naman ako dun sa classic at truffle. hehe

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