Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Hair Color: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring! Yey Success! :D

I admit, I'm one of those moms who are constantly worrying if my activities affect my kids' well-being, directly  and/or indirectly so one of the things I decided to forego while pregnant - and a better year of breastfeeding - was coloring my hair. While online resources tell that it's safe, I just couldn't bring myself to take the risk. 

Now that the baby is a year and a half and thankfully, eating quite heartily which cut down the breastfeeding sessions in almost half, I felt that it's quite safe for me to bring back some color to my "blah" mane. I figured a DIY hair dye would be my best option as between work and family, I don't have much time to spend waiting at the salon for my hair to finally and successfully change its color.

This is from my LAST YEAR'S Etude haul. lol :D It waited for me for more or less, 6 months. haha :D 

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red
One thing I like about these Korean brands is that they really think of the things a consumer will ever need if and when they decided to buy their products. And they make it a point to look cute too! Remember my Tous Les Jours cake? The cake included a plastic cake knife, 4 slim but tall candles and 2 matchsticks. Genius! ^^  See below, here are the things included in an Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring box (Yey for the gloves, wide plastic covering and super nice smelling Silky Perfumed Treatment!) 

..and here is my "Sadako" moment (consider this as my "before" photo)

To use:  Use the wide plastic covering to, well, cover your clothes so any stray dye won't stain whatever you are wearing for this coloring session. Powder your hands so it will be easier to slip them into the gloves. Proceed to mix the pink pouch with large "Bubble" word on it with the solution in the bottle. Just tilt sideways until the bottle feels warm to the hand.

..and this is my "good morning naman" look :D 

mixed and ready :) 
..and don't forget to take off the protective thingie as shown below. It's supposed to stop accidental pumping of the solution inside so naturally you should find it at the bottle's neck.

..pump once..

Bubbly violet! nice! ^^

..then twice.. then again and again until you get your head adequately covered. Don't scrimp, you are not supposed to use leftovers anyway so might as well apply as much as you can. Wait for 30 minutes.

I got annoyed with the plastic covering making all sorts of rustling noise so I decided to just wrap my hair with it ala shower cap. lol :D

Apply the Silky Perfumed Treatment after rinsing and that's it, we're done! 

Not "Sadako"-like anymore! Yay! :)
..and some 7 hours later.. Yay nice, soft red! :)

  • Didn't irritate my scalp, no sting. well, a little sting upon application but it, soon enough, faded.
  • Nice, soft end-result color. 
  • No strong smell. There was a smell, yes, but nothing too strong and the treatment cream was able to effectively "mask" the worst of it.
  • Cheaper than Western brands, even local. 350Php per box.
  • Very easy to use. Highly recommended if it's your first time to do a DIY on your hair.
  • Didn't drip, true enough.
  • Didn't stain the surrounding skin and the scalp. If it did, it wasn't noticeable.
  • No itching afterwards.
  • Instant "nagpasalon" look. I was amazed by the result (this is after airdrying my hair) It came out soft and bouncy. For someone with really thin hair like me, this is something close to a miracle!
I had a very nice experience using this product so there's nothing that I don't like about it. Of course, I will repurchase, I'd probably try browns next time. ^^

#evenaklutzcandoherhair!kisses! :)


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

I usually have my hair colored at the salon or I ask the stylist to come over at our place, but after seeing this, I'd like to go DIY for a change! :)

Anonymous said...

i might as well give it a try! but the problem is, we're not allowed in school with colored hair, if i decided to bring it back to black, would it be possible then without causing any damage? let's say after 2 and 1/2 mos.? (my last option is not to do it since i'm going to color it back in June anyway but for a change, i wnat to try

I am gie said...

3 months should be safe enough for DIY dyes. I suggest you get a color a wee bit closer to your natural hair color. (like if your hair is black, go for dark brown or this color i did which is a very subtle red) That shouldn't call your school's attention too much esp on first few days of school. One time way back in high school, I colored my hair PURPLE (hehe accidentally) and my adviser noticed that but just teased me about it. The next day, she had her hair done in red. lol :D Go, color your hair, it's summer, go enjoy! ^^

@sis Czjai, it's fun!! try mo dali ^^

Ida said...

I love bubble hair dyes! The color looks nice on you. :)

I am gie said...

Yey thank you! :) for some reason, reds suit me better than browns. hehe ^^

ChinChin V said...

ooh nice! ive been planning to color my hair too i got revlon's colorsilk a month ago but this looks great as well! it's so cute and the color's nice din! btw following you sis great blog :)


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