Friday, March 2, 2012 Spam/Phishing Alert!!

This email drove me into panic this morning

$281 charged to my VISA!
These things I know: 1) I didn't make any purchase with 2) I didn't give them my credit card info - or any site for that matter except PayPal which will surely notify me if a charge has been made and 3) why on Earth would I want to purchase a freakin' $167 Jegging in size 30?!!  

So, it's either my PayPal account has been hacked and the hacker loves Jegging so much, he went ahead and bought one for himself using my card or someone entered the wrong email address (which I doubt if it will work that way since most sites need email confirmation to be able to activate an account). Either way, sending  the said site a notice was in order. 

TAKE NOTE: NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANYTHING IN AN EMAIL EXCEPT IF YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU KNOW WHAT'S IN THERE. If you are curious then just open up a new tab/browser and go directly to the site you would like to check. That's exactly what I did when I came upon this notice. Spam/Phishing notice on their contact form

I'm also pasting the notice here:

Spam/Phishing Alert: Order Status for Order #20399282
We were are not affiliated with the domain shoplastyle-clo****.com (we don't want to list the entire address). We are working on getting it shut down. The link in the email was to this site, which we believe contained a virus. We have heard from multiple people that they have called to cancel their Visa cards and/or have contacted their banks. This is not necessary. Please be assured that the intention of this email was to get people to click on their link to download a virus. There have been no reports of actual credit cards being charged. Everybody got the same email that said their Visa was charged. In addition, we do not have any of your personal information. We believe your email was obtained in a malicious manner and then our company name was used to entice you to click on the link. We really hope this clears up your questions. It has been a rough day for all of us!

If you received an email message with the subject line " Order Status for Order #20399282" please know that this is spam that was NOT sent by us. We believe thousands of people received this same email. There is no order 20399282. We do not have any information about you including any credit card information. No credit card was charged. You will notice that there is no shipping information in the email because the same text was sent to everybody. We suggest that you do not respond to the email, do not click on any of the links. You should delete the email. We have nothing to do with this email. We are asking that you do not contact us in regards to this email because we are currently overwhelmed with voice mails and emails due to this spam. 

Thank goodness, it was just a spam mail, so all I have to do now is to delete it but it almost made me click on that link because the invoice looked so legit, and well, I just got out of bed so I was not entirely conscious at that time. lol :D 



maiylah said...

oh my, that is scary! i so agree with your hashtag! :)

Erin Anne Beirne said...

Ha ha, love the #DieScammersDie hashtag, too!

You might like this post about my own experience with the same email, and ShopLaStyle's articulate response:

I really feel for the ShopLAStyle people... #bummer


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