Thursday, October 13, 2011

I *heart* Purbasari Lulur Mandi Whitening + Vitamin E ^_^

I am making a quick post here about Purbasari Lulur Mandi Whitening + Vitamin E and why I fell in love with it the first time I ever tried it!

Php130 a tub
Just FYI, I was looking for the Asian Secret brand but the said brand is always out-of-stock according to Watsons. I stumbled upon this one and thought, why not?

According to its label, Purbasari Lulur Mandi is imported from Indonesia. Looks good enough for me and the smell is simply divine! - it's Jasmine, btw.

Mandi lulur, according to my good friend Google, means lulur bath. Lulur is a Javanese word which means  "coating the skin". Mandi lulur is a royal tradition practiced by brides from Java. It was said that a bride should be prepped by having Lulur bath for 7 consecutive days prior to the wedding date. That way she'll be all smooth and silky come wedding day. 

Enough of the nerdy talk. Here's what you'll find inside a tub of Purbasari Lulur Mandi:

Oooh, the smell. Pure bliss.. ^_^

scrub on my dry hand
Yesterday I gave this baby a shot while the human baby boy was busy playing with his bath water. lol. While the label says scrub on dry skin, I went for slightly damp as I was worried how my skin would react. I have this kind of skin that when I scrub, even with soft wash cloth, it will instantly become patches of red skin all over so I am really careful about the products I apply on my skin. Sensing no telltale signs of violent skin reaction, I did a full body scrub. The Jasmine smell was amazing, it even stayed strong for full 2 hours after bath!

The most amazing thing about the whole experience is that my skin didn't react as expected. No redness. No itching. There was a silky feel after bath that you won't be needing lotion anymore. I stayed feeling silky for the next 27 hours. Yep, I timed it. lol. ^_^

I braved scrubbing my face with it this morning. While I didn't enjoy it as much as when I did the full body scrub, it was not bad at all. I think you won't be needing a moisturizer if you choose to scrub your face with this. I'm not even sure if it's recommended to use  for face area but I definitely recommend it for full body scrub! I have yet to see if it works with regard to whitening. I heard it's good for stretch marks and underarms. we'll see.. :)


I'm happy to report that my love affair with Purbasari Lulur Mandi Whitening + Vitamin E has been a fruitful one. For one, patches of chicken skin on various parts of my body are all gone and they are now noticeably smoother. Groin and underarm/armpit are now lighter and best of all, my stretchmarks, although they are still there, are now less noticeable than before i.e the skin in that area is now lighter too.

I am about done with my first tub and planning to get another one. However, I still have my Asian Secret lulur tub full and waiting and I'm planning to give it a shot right after Purbasari just to see if they really have the same efficacy. Asian Secret smells better, hands down, so I'm really excited to get on with it!

I'm not seeing anything special that Purbasari has done to my face though and I'm still working on my elbow and knees as they are still a little bit dark for my taste.



JäJä said...

Hey, it's my first time to ever use this product (like what you said Asian Secret is always out of stock) and I love the smell already. I am hoping I would have the same effect as yours after using this. :)

I am gie said...

Hi Jaja, nice to have you here :) I have yet to post my Asian Secret lulur review but let me tell you this now, for me Purbasari is better in terms of whitening/lightening, Asian Secret on the other hand smells better. For the smoothing part, I'd have to say they are just about at par :)

Anonymous said...

hi, it's great to have drop by and seen ur post/reviews. Just before i tried using asian secret, i made sure to gather feedback thru reviews and i would have to say that your page is indeed informative :) . Asian secret (whichever of the 3 scrubs) is amazingly great when it comes to skin smoothening. Now i am after the whitening
effect so i am planning in excitement to try Purbasari this time around (as mentioned that it's way effective when it comes to whitening). :)

ardiana aditya said...

Hi, I was wandering to find a review about The Face Shop Peeling Day White Jewel when I finally found your blog. I'm an Indonesian and have heard about this lulur but have never 'interested' to try it. You know, since the packaging is that simple. I think I shud give a try with this lulur :)

I Love Everything About It said...

Hi! I've been reading this post last month and planning to buy one. And Yes! I did bought one just today!!! Huray for me! I can't wait to try this one tonight and would love to share it on my blog site.
I find your blog interesting. Would you mind checking out my blog? if you like we can follow each other? By the I am a Filipino Blogger. I have less filipino follower so I would love to have you as one of my friend.

I♥am♥gie said...

Dear ardiana, lulur scrubs are my fav ;)

@I Love Everything About It, will do! thank you :)

Uca Uni said...

FYI, In Indonesian lulur means scrub, :D
I use this one, but I'm bored, so I try another scrub ( local scrub ) :D

I♥am♥gie said...

@Uca Uni, haha so my saying lulur scrub is kinda funny to the ears haha :D thanks for the info!

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