Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Addicted to Serenitea Milk Tea!

My hubby and I share the same kind of passion when it comes to food. We love to try new things and experience them firsthand. Of course, us being a couple doesn't guarantee that our reviews will always be the same. However, Serenitea Milk Tea is a different story - we love it, oh no, make that ABSOLUTELY addicted to it!

Well, if trekking Laguna to Alabang for two nights in a row and paying 200 toll fee for each trip is not considered an addiction, I don't know what is!

There's just too much buzz about milk teas that it's quite hard to ignore the craze anymore. Anyway when you see back-to-back photos of friends sipping milk teas on your Facebook newsfeed, you know it's time you try it for yourself.

To begin with, we're not really a fan of teas. and milk. so just imagine how lost we were when someone talked "milk teas" to us. Well, that was before Serenitea. lol.

Medium Okinawa with crystals 95 pesos
This was my second cup, btw. lol. XD

daig pa box office!
The line to order was quite long, it's quite hard not to notice and be curious. This is Alabang Town Center branch. I think it's a kiosk as their spot is quite little. 

Here below is the Solenad II-Sta. Rosa branch. Spanking  brand new!

bagong tambayan. lol ;)
I wish they will extend store hours in this branch as we were expecting it to be opened till 11pm but when we got back from dinner, it was already closed and that was only 9pm. There were people outside, shocked like me, that the store closed at such an early hour when it's a weekend - hence our impromptu trip to Alabang. Also, I find it a little offensive to see the staff snickering by the door as unknowing people stop and stare, greeted by the "closed" sign, then left confused or step back astonished. I really hope they were not snickering at us. lol. XD

If you're a noob at milk teas, I suggest you try Okinawa, Hokkaido and Assam Milk Teas at "standard" sugar level (100%) and crystal sinkers. I've already tried Okinawa and Assam - I like Assam more than the former as Assam is milkier. I have yet to try Hokkaido but I heard it's good.

Cheers! :)


Here are some more photos - this time of food they offer. They are absolute ♥! ..and affordable too ^_^

Pepper Corn 50pesos
Chicken chop 70pesos
Mochi buns 95pesos


Bec said...

I love Serenitea too! My fave is Hokkaido! :)

By the way, I am now your newest follower. Hope you can follow my blog back :)

gie said...

oh God I need to try Hokkaido! my friends suggest that too. lol :) thanks Bec for dropping by. will follow you :)

ChinChin V said...

love okinawa too, i miss serenitea! sana mag franchise din dito in iloilo. milk tea places here just dont compare :| btw dear am hosting a blog giveaway, maybe you wanna check it out and join thanks! :)

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