Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kikaysimaria and BB Cream Addict Pre-holiday Giveaway contest

I am joining hence this post. lol :)

Check out their awesome bag of goodies! I'm sure you'll find use for it come Christmas - I sure will! Click on the banner below to find out how to join. Earn as many points as you want! Yey!

I spy Celeteque, MILANI, Nyx and Luview products amongst others. oohh.. this ought to be good ^_^

btw, contest ends on October 25, 2011.

Check out their Facebook pages too: Kikaysimaria and bbcreamaddict



Pinay Mommy said...

Hello Mommy Gie! Visiting your here. By the way, am your new follower (Mommy Rubz).

gie said...

thank youuu mommy rubz! you're my special number 2!! hehe ^_^

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