Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Chow At Solenad 2

So we just got back from our Sunday family dinner. We went to Sta. Rosa, Laguna as the hubby did a little post-birthday shopping for himself. Let's just say he raided all the Nike stores we ever passed. I counted three. Of the three, the Nike outlet at Total gas station along SLEX proved to be the most fruitful as he easily bagged 5k worth of goodies in less than 30 minutes including fitting. lol.

He claimed it was less 70%. I really don't mind as long as he's paying.

I was craving for Pancake House's spaghetti however they were already closed when we got there. And so, from Paseo we went to Solenad. I would like to check on Frutti Froyo too as I heard from their Facebook page the branch was opened earlier this week.

Lo and behold..

Army Navy and Frutti Froyo, side by side :)

Happy tummy time! Cheers!

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