Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travel Stays: Subic Bay Travelers Hotel

Our last Subic trip has brought us to this hotel: Subic Bay Travelers Hotel. It was the last week of September and Subic was not terribly crowded however we were looking for some place else to stay. We were getting a little tired of Bayfront Hotel, our place of choice for the past 3 years, so we decided to do a little scoping of the area for new - and better - temporary crib. lol :)

I'm not really sure if Subic Bay Travelers Hotel is new but their rooms are definitely better - smelled better too (a plus for allergy-prone people like me!)

For background read, Subic Bay Travelers Hotel is located at corner Aguinaldo & Raymundo Streets, Subic Bay, Olangapo. If you are able to spot HOTSHOTS (the diner serving mean flame-grilled burgers), take that little gravel road between the said diner and a salon (a road that we had mistaken for a parking lot). As soon as you take that turn, say hello to Subic Bay Travelers Hotel.

Photo taken from their website
It was raining hard - correction, there was a storm when we visited. lol - so I wasn't able to take exterior shots of the hotel. Here's a closer look, again taken from their website:

Photo taken from their website
Published rates are:
  • Deluxe Room Php2,704
  • Executive Suite Php4,058
*Inclusive of breakfast for 2

Room Amenities:
  • 2 Queen Beds
  • 32" LCD TV
  • Unlimited FREE Internet Access (WIFI)
  • Complimentary coffee setup
  • Complimentary Bottled Water
  • Full Personal Hygiene Amenities
  • In-room safe
  • 24 hours reception
  • 24 hours Secured Parking Lot
  • Hot and Cold Shower
They also have function halls, 2 swimming pools and a gym. Below are some photos I was able to take during our stay there:

was able to comfortably accommodate all 4 of us
Their beds are quite wide so we didn't have the usual problem of where to sleep and who sleeps with whom. Remember there are 4 us of during trips: me, my 6'4 hubby, my 10 year old baby girl and my 1 year old little boy. I, myself, am not skinny so space is really important for us when looking for a place to stay.

flat screen TV and work area
I just love the fact that they included a separate work area since most of the places we stayed at only have a small "dining" table which is not really comfortable to use when working on a lappy. I always end up working on a dresser (what?!.. I need a solid place for my lappy or else I'll have migraine for working in bed with kids jumping up and down on it!)

nothing fancy but it's CLEAN so 2 thumbs up!
other side. see? CLEAN.
My daughter is a poolnut so as soon as we checked in, she itched to jump into the pool

Pools up and down. can't wait to jump in!
Overall, I am giving Subic Bay Travelers Hotel a 4 out of 5 but it can easily be 5 if not for these reasons:
  • Poor lighting. For the life of me, I couldn't find the "white" light, only yellow ones. I even went to the extent of inspecting the light bulbs one by one and they were all yellow hence we were bathed with yellow lights day in and day out. :(
  • Unstable WIFI connection. The tech guy who assisted us told us that there's someone who was messing up with the lines as the lines were disconnected from whatever. Sorry, I tuned out by that time..
  • Limited breakfast selection. ..and not really an impressive selection at that. Choices are: chicken or pork tocino, beef tapa and longganisa (sausage); garlic rice or plain rice; coffee or juice (no iced tea)
Hubby's sausages and eggs. lol XD
 And here are the reasons why I'd still stay with them the next time around:
  • Did I say CLEAN?
  • Efficient staff, very accommodating and courteous.
  • Discounted price when off-peak. We got our room for 2,600 on a Saturday night and 1,600 the following Sunday night. Not bad considering the standard Subic rate of 2,500 per night (of course, depending on the hotel's location)
  • Walking distance to our frequented spots particularly Meat Plus
I just hope they will improve their breakfast selection the next time around, say, include an "American" breakfast of bread, jam, bacon or ham, eggs, etc. lol :D


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