Friday, August 17, 2012

Destructive And Narrow-Minded Me

I'm feeling really low tonight. I miss blogging. I miss my husband. I feel cheated. I keep on missing work. I'm Madame Worried née Paranoid. and I'm freakin' mad but don't have the energy to be mad so what does that make me now? sad, i guess.

I meant to put up something cheery, like a product review or something but this is what I came up with instead.

I guess this is what you end up with if you stumble upon someone-you-trust's secret blog, a person you have been sincerely rooting for even if it means blocking your own sister on Facebook, and finding your advice was once referred to or described by this person as "destructive and narrow-tinged"  (exact words)

I swear, no more FREE advice from me. From now on, I will charge by the hour. That way, a person who received my "destructive and narrow-tinged" advice will be reminded that they were the ones who sought it, not the other way around. I will issue receipts, no worries. for their record keeping.

and ladies and gentlemen, my trust meter has gone down two notches tonight. okay make it three. three entities who let me down just because I'm going through something difficult these days.

I will remember. I don't really forget things like this, you know.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Afternoon With Friend D at Cafe De Soledad

I'm trying to clear up my drafts before I work on new posts so here's a super duper late post - think months-late post - and stupidly, i didn't write down the prices so I'll just do my best to remember them as I go on :)

so one afternoon, i met up with my friend D and she suggested this place near her house, Cafe de Soledad. so near, we didn't even bother bringing a car going there. we just walked. The sun was blazing but we were protected by her BEACH payong. yeah, it was that huge, I actually think it fits four. :D

Funny this place has been around for years but it was my first time there. My friend D knows the menu by heart and since I was clueless about what to order, she did the ordering and stuff.

While waiting for our food, I did a little snooping around.

We were seated out back - the al fresco/smoking area - so I wasn't able to get pictures of its interior. Since we attacked the place at around 3pm, we were the only ones there. Plenty of space to make kulit. lol :D

I'm impressed with their al fresco dining area. Even if there's a garden, i didn't encounter mosquito problems. I don't know about you but it's a major issue when I dine out. it's not a very pleasant experience to eat/dine while being bitten by mosquitoes, methinks. so that's a major plus. also, the al fresco part of the place provides certain amount of privacy, that's another cookie point for this place.

So here below are random shots i took while waiting for our food:

..and the food came..

I think this is their house tea, my friend D's drink. I ordered iced mocha (no pic for that, my babe accidentally deleted it from my camera roll)

..and here's Pizza Margherita, highly recommended by my friend D. i love!! :)

Please don't ask me the name of this chocolate cake , I just know that I liked it. it's super moist and i think it will compliment a good hot cup of coffee. :)

I like this place. it's cozy and you could spend XXX hours there just chatting and hanging around. the food is good. portions are just about right. prices are very reasonable - because if it's unreasonably high, i would remember. If there's something I would like them to improve, it would be their parking area. well, because it's almost non-existent. lol :)

so there, I hope you enjoyed my mini-review of Cafe De Soledad! 'til next time :)

Cafe De Soledad
Balagtas Boulevard, Barangay III, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines, 4000


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