Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nature Republic Real Flower Rose Pack Review

If you're looking for a good alternative to mask sheet, this must be the answer: Nature Republic Real Flower Rose Pack. Yep, I'm trying to wean myself off of mask sheets as I'm all for keeping waste to a minimum and I feel really guilty everytime I throw away used mask sheet knowing that it will only end up somewhere, waiting some 50+years to finally melt and disappear (if they ever disappear)

*problem is, mask sheets can be soooooooo addicting :(*

Okay, enough of my eco-rant, here is a perfectly capable product that can deliver benefits of a mask sheet and more! and yeah, I'm loving it, I'm using this twice a week for a month now. So far, this hasn't failed me even once.  It still delivers a lovely after glow.

The girly-flower shaped-pink tub may throw you off, for some reason that's quite hard to explain but you see, I almost didn't get this one just because I was hesitant of the packaging. I don't have anything against tubs as I have my handy spatula to scoop things out but.. really.. I don't know why.. hmm..

Anyway, this is not the sleeping pack as those are sold in tubes ala BB cream. This is the 15minute-rinse-off type which you should * preferably* apply when you are NOT sleeping. lol. I'm seriously considering going back for the sleeping pack, however, I have yet to finish the ones I got from Etude so..

I was really looking for some "brightening" items which were*surprise, surprise* still OOS when I was introduced to this product. Sensing my dismay, the SA quickly recommended this, putting emphasis on the "whitening" and "anti-aging" parts. It's okay, I was looking quite harassed at that time and my eyebags were occupying nearly half of my face that I had to lift the eyebags up to be able to apply my blushon. lol. just kidding ^^

Anyhoo, I didn't want to walk away empty handed so I carefully opened the tub and was greeted by the smell of roses. It was strong. Strong rose smell but not really offensive on the nose. I'm not really a fan of roses but I must admit, I like this one. I hope you see the "rose bits" in there too. ^^

I'm pasting below the product description I got from Nature Republic's website:

Moisture + Water Replenishing + Whitening

Produce by fresh rose and variety of plants. You can see the rose petal melting on your skin. Made by large quantity Bulgarian rose, 30 roses only can produce one drop essential oil. Contains many vitamins, trace elements, 17 types amino acid and Quercetrin and organic acid. Can provide comprehensive and rich nutrients to skin, promote skin blood circulation. Elimination of pigment, repair damaged cell aging and flatten wrinkles. Special natural brewing rose and plants collagen from rose extract. Has excellent whitening, moisture, anti-wrinkle and soothing functions. Can speedy water replenishing to skin, contract capillaries, regain skin elastic. Form maintenance film and lock-in nutrients and water.

How to Use :
After cleansing apply appropriate amount on whole face, avoid eyes and lip area. Rinse off with water after 15 minutes.

Here's my take, I love this Rose pack because:

  • It cools on contact so really, it feels so nice when you have the pack on.
  • There are rose petals that melt on skin when left for 15 minutes. It's  time to wash the face when you can no longer see the rose bits.
  • Rose smell lingers even after wash. This is good actually as the smell is not that strong anymore.
  • Skin indeed, feels softer and smoother after washing. (Just tap water)
  • No allergic reaction. Double YAY! for this ^^
  • It's in a tub, which means I need to use my spatula to scoop things out.
  • It's super gelatinous *think gelatin* making it harder to scoop things out :(( it's useless to use your fingers, to be honest.
  • hmm.. the packaging? lol *affected much* 
One more thing, this rose pack doesn't dry up, it just gets stickier by the minute. As for me, I clock it by monitoring the rose petals *if they are already melted* and by how sticky the pack has become on my face as it can get really sticky-uncomfortable.

There. If I missed something, please let me know, my brain is not working anymore as I just finished my 10hour shift and my eyes are about to pop out of their sockets. lol :D

Oh, and it's 370Php per tub which could last approximately 6 months minimum when used twice a week.


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Nice naman sis! Mukha syang jam, hehe. :)

I am gie said...

yes sis. lol. if strawberry yan, pde na palaman sa tinapay! :D

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