Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ellefar Nose Highlighting Powder Review

Lol. This one I got from Saizen, along with the charcoal mask, for *surprise!surprise!* 85Php! I wasn't really looking for a higlighting powder, in fact, I was considering to buy one that is in liquid form then, but I got really curious about this nose highlighting thing that I figured if all else fails, I end up with a highlighting powder. lol :D

Majolica Majorca-ish tag ^^
This is the gold-ish one, the other one was silver and I figured this is the tamer color of the two. lol :)
sealed. nice ^^
gold dust! ^^

highlighting powder alright!

This Ellafar highlighting powder means business! It is indeed shimmery and does a good job in highlighting whatever part of your body you would like to highlight. Although I still don't get it, how the "nose highlighting" part fits in the picture. lol :D I tried dusting it ever so lightly on the sides of the nose closer to the tear ducts and another time, on the bridge of the nose, both times were major FAIL :D  Okay, I'm a major klutz when it comes to proper makeup so let me know how this worked for you please :)

Nose or no nose highlighting skills, I like using this highlighting powder on my cheeks/cheek bones, on top of my blush-on. Seems to be working and looks  good on photos. looks natural enough too that I don't get dagger looks from my ever so conservative husband. lol :) However, if your skin is oily to begin with (for some reason, there are days when my face is oilier than normal), better skip this highlighting powder as it will only make your face look oilier. *menolikey* This is also the reason why I put buying a liquid highlighter on the back burner for now, maybe this highlighting thing is not really for me.

#springcleaningmydrafts.kisses! :)

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