Monday, January 30, 2012

Tous Les Jours Christmas Cake

This is a very very very late post - like a month late? - but since Valentine's day is just around the corner, I thought this could be of help to lovebirds who would like to celebrate hearts day in style! lol :)

So last December, I was able to bag a free cake from Tous les Jours just by sharing their giveaway post on my Facebook wall. I wasn't really expecting something to come out of it since I am not really a lucky person when it comes to draws and contests, I just gave it a try since it didn't require much from me. yep, really lazy person, that's me.

Long story short, I was one of the lucky 5 - i think, or 6? I chose to pick up my cake from their SM North Edsa branch as this was the most convenient branch for me at that time.

SM North Edsa The Block
Just beside the supermarket - or front? lol sorry, I'm that bad with directions. ^_^

cutie breads! yumm

equally cutie cakes!  ^_^

Korean drinks and more breads. very nice!
Me and the hubby weren't expecting anything spectacular as the cake was only a freebie and hmm, let's just say, my hubby is quite allergic to cutie things, add to that the fact that he is a fierce Red Ribbon fan. So just imagine his surprise - and mine too - when we got this:

The cake is sooooo nice!!
..and it comes with a plastic cake knife, 4 skinny but tall candles and 2 pink headed matches (the matches are inside an envelope with a scratchy side) so kawaii! 

yes, the cake did not disappoint! It was moist and chocolatey, with a hint of coffee/dark chocolate which I truly love! The kids were delighted as well and we all enjoyed our little cake party :)  

My baby girl had a sweet time checking out Tous les Jous, she loves all things girly, that's why. She didn't even hesitate to pose for this picture. We're looking forward to our next visit, which is probably next week to sample some of their breads naman. :)



Tin | The Average Jane said...

Cute! It sorta reminds me of the Christmas logs I see in Singapore every Christmas. =)

I am gie said...

yup cute! sarap pa :) but a little intimidating pag nagvisit ka, feeling mo mahal cakes kasi cute. hehe. :)

Matsumoto said...

If there's one place my kids and I could stay all day it's a pastry shop! Smells good, everything looks good, for sure, yummy too! :)

We btw have the same first names (well, my real name) :)

I am gie said...

wow that's nice. me too, I enjoy hanging around pastry shops but it's really bad for my diet - tryng to lose weight here he he. Thanks for visiting! :)

Gladys | said...

you're so lucky! wasn't it sometime ago u also won from another online contest? i wish i could have some of your luck ^_^

Kathy Ngo said...

okay ... now officially trying out this place then ... 2nd blogger ka na to give good reviews about it

Mommy Tin said...

Oooh, the cake looks super cute, and yummy too! :) I'm not much of a cake fan, but looking at the pic makes me want to visit a branch of Tous les jours. I hope there's one near me. :D

I am gie said...

my luck ran out na sis Gladys, last year lang yun madaming wins. lol :D sis Kathy, yup, I heard they serve coffee too but I saw only 2-3 small tables there, so..Hi mommy tin, 2 pa lang ata branches nila to date, SM Southmall and SM North Edsa. nice tlaga mga cakes nila, perfect ipanggift :)

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