Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Face Shop Peeling Day White Jewel Review

Lemme just share another peeling agent that I'm using right now. Then a revitalizing ointment further down.

It was an accident when I stumbled upon this product which is now pretty much a mainstay in my skincare routine. A sorry looking tube sitting atop my sister's shower counter got me curious since it has "peeling" written on its label and obviously it was well-used by my sister. lol. I sure was not looking to buy another peeling cream/gel since I just bought Tonymoly Appletox a week before but curiosity got the better of me so i tried a small amount on my hand. Well.. the rest is history.

A tube sells for about 470Php, good for a hundred use. lol :D really, a dime-size of this is enough to cover the whole face and that tube is big enough to last you at least 6 months of 2-3times a week use. To use, apply all over the face and massage for 1-2 minutes then rinse with water. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week. Since I'm still using the Appletox, i opted to use this just once a week, every Monday morning. 

What got me hooked though was the peeling action itself. Similar to how Appletox works, you get white particles when messaged which is supposed to be the pearls sloughing off the dead skin off the face. However, Faceshop's Peeling Day "white particles" are more visible, bigger, and i do detect some brightening effect after washing. According to label, this peeling gel has pearl powder that exfoliates the skin surface and removes impurities for skin that glows like pearls. nice ^_^

cream on skin

when messaged
big chunks of.. eww..dead skin cells?

While the product claims that it is mild, well as you can see from above photo, one could doubt how mild and since, based on my weeks of use, it can be drying on skin, add to that the fact that its smell is a little strong, that is, no-delicate-flowery/fruity-scent-here kind of smell, I assume it's a little stronger than Appletox, hence my decision to use it just once a week. Then followed by a heavy moisturizer. Nowadays, I am using Dr. Jart's V7 Vitalaser from my very recent Ebay haul. 

Dr. Jart V7 Vitalaser sample size, good for 3 full-face uses
This ointment type of skin revitalizer does a good job of moisturizing. As claimed, it has 7 types of vitamins to help smooth wrinkles and at the same time brighten the face. I don't  know about the brightening part and the wrinkle smoothing part as I think that would mean using the product for a long time but I can guarantee its moisturizing effect. In fact, it can be quite heavy on skin when worn that I suspect it won't fit all types of skin, mine is a combination so there were parts of my face that were happy to be applied with the Vitalaser but the t-zone wasn't really happy about it, i could tell. It's an ointment, what to expect? I got this from an Ebay auction for 100Php. I don't think I'm going to buy this again anytime soon.


Chic Sassy Mom said...

Hi Sis, thanks for the heads up on Dr. Jart's. :) I'm actually watching the item on eBay. I'm not too keen on heavy moisturizing because of my oily/combination skin type.

Best Regards!
Des of

I am gie said...

ay mommy des, heavy sha on face, as in yung feeling ng ointment, ganun. then it takes some time para maabsorb. me not likey :(

Gladys | said...

love face shop products. first time i heard of it was when i was in taiwan. glad it's products are more accessible to us now :)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Interesting. Will try out one soon. =)

kay said...

I stick to Avon, Neutrogena, and Eskinol. They're really good on the skin and I guess my skin can be proof of that. :) Minsan kasi those "promoted" things are not what it seems.

I am gie said...

okay naman The Face Shop. Pag skincare parang mas effective sakin etong korean brands, medyo mahal nga lang kaya trial sizes muna bago full sizes. :) local, bihira sakin mageffect :(

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