Monday, January 9, 2012

Food Stop: North Park Noodle House

Me and the hubby love chinese, and I suspect the little boy too. Definitely not our picky eater whose name starts with the letter R (that would be my daughter, fyi)

..and because I'm craving for something Chinese this late at night, I am going to put together a North Park post!

We love eating at North Park because the service is fast, their staff is accommodating, big servings but reasonably priced, and their food has authentic chinese taste to it similar to, say, President's?

So here are some of our favorites:

Fookien Style with Sauce around 180Php

This normally comes combined but you can request to have them separated. The rice is good on its own and so does the sauce. Also, the sauce is quite a lot, you can even doggybag it afterwards. 

Steamed Rice with Nanking Beef around 180php

The rice, being steamed, is just your average plain rice, only, i suspect, they are using jasmine rice as the grains were longer. BUT the beef was a real knockout! I'm thinking pares, only cleaner and more flavorful - yes, beef pares. My hubby absolutely loves pares, partly - and I am assuming - because that was where we first met, in a pares house. lol :D

Just FYI, Beef pares is a popular street food in the Philippines, particularly in the streets of Manila. Sadly, beef pares houses are slowly diminishing in numbers, most are shutting down, i reckon, due to the ever rising cost of beef/carabeef meat. I found a very nice recipe with photo here.  

Salted Garlic Squid around 200Php

This comes with vinegar that's kind of sweet which complemented the saltiness of the squid. I also liked the way the squid was cut bigger hence it didn't lose its distinct flavor.

Hongkong Noodles with Nanking Beef light around 130Php

You get to choose your noodles but i always go with Hongkong noodles for no particular reason. lol. Of course, this is best paired with..

Asado Pao around 60Php

That dough is supposed to be white, for some reason it came out yellow. lol. stupid cam.

Braised Noodles with Szechwan Tantan Mien around 165Php

This is actually my newest discovery, unfortunately the hubby didn't like it so it may take some time before I get to eat this again :(

Sorry about the prices. I lost my "nenok" menu/paper placemat so I'm just  grilling the hubby about the prices while blogging. lol. ^_^ Servings are always good for two adults. Or two adults and a kid. ^_^

Try their fried noodles, it is good too. serves 3-4. Honestly, everything in their menu is good so you don't have to worry about ordering a bad one, just go ahead and order what you like! If in doubt, just ask the one taking your order for recommendations.

Cheers! ^_^


Elizabeth Aquino said...

love the food at the North Park. Mom Blog and

Super Social WAHM

wendy said...

i remember when i was still living and working in ayala, after a night out we would often go to north park makati ave corner kalayaan:-)

kay said...

Namiss ko tuloy North Park. We always have Chinese food at home kaya bihira na rin ako makapag North Park e but I love their Yang Chow

I am gie said...

favorite namin yan ni hubby. hehe :)

Sheri said...

I want to try North Park also, wala kasing branch sa SM MOA or mas malapit na branch dito samen. Mukhang masarap ung braised noodles <3

looks like full na full kau after :)

I am gie said...

Hi Sherri! I'm not sure but I think there's one along Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, a little close to S&R. Sulit naman ang food nila (food portion vs price) and yes, favorite ko yung braised noodles talaga. hehe. actually masarap talaga lahat sa menu nila. Thanks :)

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