Monday, January 2, 2012

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch Review

It's back to back Korean beauty products as I have just applied the last eye patch - still on my eyes while blogging actually - and I don't want to do the review without the package to guide me. So I'll just make this quick and painless. lol.

I discovered this eye patch by accident. Had I known the real price, I probably wouldn't buy it - but thank God I did as this eye patch  is sooooo good! I was at The Face Shop Trinoma for their Peeling Day White Jewel after sampling my sister's tube and was impressed by its peeling action. As I was about to pay, this eye patch caught my attention

Just right on time! I was looking for an eye patch then as I noticed the skin around my eyes - particularly the dark, undereye area - was "desert dry", like there were cracks such that when you apply a cream concealer, it would crack too sometime after, leaving an embarrasing, highlighted fine line just under the eye. I was thinking that a good collagen dose would do the trick. 

A quick read through the description - with the words "hydrogel" and 'hydrates" standing out - got me asking about the price, which the salesgirl graciously answered, "..65 ma'am" so I thought, "hmm, why not? not bad a price considering there are two separate packets." Then she rang my bill, which totaled in the vicinity of 700php, I was flabbergasted! The peeling day, I was sure, should only be 400php-something. I was expecting 500ish only. I didn't want to make a scene so I just paid and quickly scanned the receipt on my way out. The eye patch costed 265php. So there.

Now that I am a proud owner of a 265php collagen eye patch, might as well have a go at it and enjoy, right? 

A packet has two lemon-slice-shaped, slimy eye patches. The semi-transparent one would be collagen patch to put undereye. The white one is for protection, I think, or for easy handling? The collagen patches come in a tray so you just have to slide out the tray, grab hold of the white, non-transparent thingy then pinch out the collagen eye patch from it. This should go straight onto your undereye. 

This I tell you, the first time that collagen eye patch laid itself on my skin, I felt heaven! No joke! It was cool and very soothing and smelled really nice, I almost heard my undereyes holler "Hallelujah!". The eye patch should be left alone for 30-40 minutes, it was so good I pushed for an hour. lol :D

Oh, and it has instant firming feel right after application which felt weird at first - remember that was my first time to try collagen eye patches so I wouldn't know if that is just normal for all other collagen patches - which stayed on  for about two days (the firming feel)

Now I'm keeping an eye for it on Ebay auctions. lol :D


Cheers! :)


Marge said...

oh they have this here, nice. nabili ko yung sa akin sa hk. masubukan nga LOL ;-)

I am gie said...

meron teh marge! nakatago sha sa tabi tabi ng counter. lol :) masarap pramis! :)

Anonymous said...

i need to try it for my eyes too, i'll be buying it one of these days, am using cucumber for to cool and refresh my tired eyes hehe

joy said...

i was the one who last commented about using a cucumber, i didn't know what happened, am not yet clicking on publish button biglang nawala waaa

I am gie said...

a friend told me that tomatoes work as well - although I haven't tried yet. ^^ maybe when I feel adventurous as I'm afraid I'll make an awful lot of mess with the tomatoes :D

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