Monday, January 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Our Good Old Airpot

I felt that it is only proper to give some kind of tribute to our old, broken but still serviceable airpot. I've held on to it for as long as I could even if the hubby was already giving me the tiger eyes everytime I forgot to unplug it. See, sometime last year, it stopped automatically turning from "boil" to "hot" (you know those lights that turn green to red indicating that the airpot has already reached its boiling point so it's just keeping the water inside it warm?)   It no longer turns red, it just kept on boiling so you have to unplug it then just plug in again if you need hot water (I know, not so practical, but we seldom need hot water in a day so it works for us really)

So yesterday, we were in a hurry and the hubby forgot to check the airpot. This task of checking all outlets every time we go out was assigned to my daughter who was soooo excited to go to yesterday's birthday party that she missed that particular outlet. On any other day, the hubby would check them all too just in case my ever-forgetful daughter missed an outlet. When we got back, the hubby was the one to discover the "overlooked" airpot and by OMG, spell PISSED. I quickly sent my daughter to bed to avoid any ugly argument between my daughter and the hubby from happening. I could tell that the hubby is still pissed and he is pointedly ignoring my daughter today (this is actually a good sign that he is past his boiling point, we just have to wait it out for a little while more, the daughter knows this too so she's behaving like an angel. lol) Me, on the other hand, is just thankful the airpot didn't burn down the house along with everything that we have. However, I couldn't argue with the hubby anymore when he said the airpot really has to go.

I'm being all sentimental about it because it was one of my first appliances, from way back 10 years ago, when I got married and started a family. It was there when we made the move from my parents house to our first rented apartment. It witnessed the paranormal happenings at our second rented apartment that prompted our move to my parent's rest house which basically is located halfway up a mountain, where cows and goats roam the streets at all times of the day. It was there during those times when I frantically boil some water for my coffee to wake me up and be able to drive for an emergency call in less than 15 minutes and actually get there in one piece (a drive that would  normally take 30 minutes) - that was the time when my mom was undergoing her cancer therapies. The airpot was also there when we moved to the city again as I couldn't afford all those frantic drives anymore and had to be within reach as my mom got worse. It was also there when my mom died and I decided to mourn by myself - on my birthday. Good old airpot was there when my father kicked me out of the family and disowned me - stripping me of my job AND my ties with the family. It helped me get through the hardships of late night cramming and deadlines when I finally became a certified virtual service provider - a freelancer as some would call it, a WAHM, and at the same time, trying to finish a short course I enrolled myself into as part of my backup plan. It came with us when we moved from the last rented house to our current dwelling that remotely resembles a house.

..and how about that time when my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD? or that time when I stowed away with my one year old daughter after hearing that my hubby had been flirting with someone and this "someone" didn't have qualms telling people about the "affair"? or when we celebrated my very first sweldo from working online? Of course, let's not forget the time when I gave birth to my son - my second child :)

The list is virtually endless, it was there all throughout my married life witnessing my ups and the hardest of my falls. It witnessed how life changed me and my family. I've always considered the airpot as new but as I look back, I realized how old it must be feeling right now and that, it may be thinking of retirement for quite some time and I was just oblivious about it - or in denial. I would like to think that its last act of love for me was to prevent that fire from happening because the accident certainly would have caused a fire - should have. And, in some way, its way of telling me its time for it to retire.

Goodbye airpot, I will surely miss you. You've served your master well.


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Kim, USA said...

Your post is so cool! ^_^ Blog hopping here.

Kim, USA

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