Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glittery Pink Nails With Butterfly Bits


My daughter and I share the same kind of curiosity when it comes to nail polish. We always raid nail polish racks when we're out shopping. These are our very recent finds. The pearly pink one used as base is Nature Republic PP401 (although i am not very sure if this is really an identifying number for this color. lol) 65Php per bottle, but if you buy three, you get a transparent, plastic pouch for free! yay! The glittery nail polish that has gazillion butterfly bits in it is Chic Nail Color Glaze Butterfly Away- a local brand, applied as topcoat. Bought this at Robinson's Festival Mall, only 32Php per bottle. However, you need to fish out the butterflies - or shake the bottle VIOLENTLY - as they tend to settle at the bottom *hmft, lazy butterflies!* 


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