Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jeedjard tamarind sticks for quick tamarind fix!

These babies are absolute love!! :)
One time I was doing my usual rounds at a supermarket, I found little packets of Jeedjard tamarind, not this kind, the one in sachets - I think they are meant to be single-served. I bought just two tiny packs, no more than 10Php each, as I would only be trying it. It was good however when I came back, they were sold out :(

So yesterday when i saw this at Makati Supermarket Alabang Town Center branch, I quickly grabbed one. Yep just one as I didn't know where exactly it came from and I highly suspect that an unknown mom sneakily took this off her cart and shoved this between mentholated candy packs when her kid wasn't looking. lol :) 

8pcs, 4g each in a packet for 33Php. They are chewy, coated with sugar bits and indeed taste like the real thing. not bad as they are individually wrapped and since I seldom consume anything in just one sitting, I could just bring this along anywhere and not worry about bugs getting into the candies first :)


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