Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Posting From Instagram to Posterous to Facebook Page and Blogger


Chef Tony's Chocolate Mallows in cute Cars tub. The baby picked this :) this is also a test post from Instagram to Posterous to FB page and my blog. Fingers crossed :)

Verdict:  Well, it posted alright but some parts need editing. Like this post. lol :D

Posting from Instagram to Posterous, well the caption will instantly become your post's title so you might want to be short and sweet with that. 

That was my caption on Instagram.

From Posterous to Facebook page, it came out like this:

Yey! Very nice ^_^
then from Posterous to Blogger, it came out similar to the Instagram to Posterous post. Sorry, I wasn't able to snip an image of it before I clicked on the edit button. Me no likey :( 

Also, I'm noticing the URL, it's all numbers :(

me no likey again :((
Now i'm off to fixing my Posterous post and thinking of another work around to this. hmm..

Oh, and that popcorn is good! 110Php for small tub. lol :) that's chocolate flavored popcorn with melted marshmallow drizzles. Two thumbs up for the cute Cars tub!



Tin | The Average Jane said...

Haven;t tried Chef Tony's yet but been seeing a lot of them lately. =)

Looks good.

I am gie said...

Hi sis :) cute nung tub, wala na ko nagawa nung pinagtulungan ako ng mga kids to pay for this. hehe

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