Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blog Post Using Mail2blogger From An iTouch With Photo

These past few days I've been looking for ways to autopost or, say, integrate my sites. My hubby got himself an iPhone so i got his iTouch as a hand-me-down which isn't so bad as I was getting tired of lugging around that humongous BB Playbook. Autoposting to Twitter is such a breeze however, autoposting to a Facebook Page is such a pain!! I'm really getting frustrated. So far, all that worked - decently, but I'm not satisfied - is Posterous, so I guess we're stuck with Posterous for now.

Also, I would like to autopost to here (blogger) but that proves to be painful as well coming from an iTouch. Posterous was able to get the post through but it needed some editing as for the title etc (original post coming from Instagram) 

During earlier days of this blog, I tried using my Samsung Omnia phone for mobile blogging, while it was able to get through a couple of my posts, I got tired figuring out its email client so I abandoned that idea now. Now I'm giving Mail2Blogger a second chance and this is what I came up with:

Snapped from preview
My Mail2Blogger was set to save as draft as I would like to be able to edit the post first before it actually goes live. So if I do it this way using my gmail:

  1. Type title in the SUBJECT field.
  2. Attach photo
  3. Type blog post in the MESSAGE field
.. you'll get something like this (photo above) 

The title looks great - exactly what I was expecting but the photo layout was, hmm.. not looking so nice as I would like it to be centered, not aligned to the left. Also the texts are too close to the photo, so it needs some editing too before actually publishing it. Well, this could work for me if I'm out and would like to get things ready for me on draft when I get home and just do little adjustments on  a proper computer before publishing the post.

Here's how to set up your Mail2Blogger if you're using Blogger: Mail2Blogger From Samsung Omnia Phone Success!

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