Monday, August 1, 2011

Mail2Blogger From Samsung Omnia Phone Success!

Yey! I'm so excited!

Saturday night I was tinkering with my Samsung Omnia phone as the hubby is already whining about my buying a multi-functional phone and not even maximizing it. So last week, I have spent an hour or two a day just discovering things my phone can do.

To date, my Samsung Omnia phone can: email using a Windows Live account ( or live), obviously it can also chat using the Windows Live app pre-installed on my phone, then of course I have finally learned how to set the camera to take good pictures (apparently you cannot just rely on auto-focus and auto-whatever, I say it's half-auto/half-manual which makes it a pain in the bum for a non-interested person like me) It can also do Facebook, i.e upload photos (painstakingly one by one), post status and check on your newsfeed, if the app does something beyond that then I have yet to discover it.

The better part of my Saturday night was spent trying to send  emails from my phone as I have unknowingly set a Gmail account on it which apparently needs a lot of techie juice to make it work. I did not have any techie juice to spare so i just tinkered still..

Knowing how to Google things is a lot of help you know, so I found a forum which explains that I need a Windows Live account to set up my email, since I already created an account earlier the week when I was installing apps, I went on and set up my email, this time with my Windows Live account.

Lo and behold, my phone started sending emails to my Gmail account, the one I had on the desktop. Then I remembered you can actually send emails that will automatically be published on your blog as blog posts - or be saved as draft, depending on your settings - I knew I had to try that one as it will really save me a lot of computer time!

1. Click Settings tab located just beside the Comments tab.
2. Choose email and mobile.
3. Under "Posting Options", set your email posting address. This should be kept a secret since this is your mobile access and if activated, anything that will be sent through this email address will be posted on your blog
4. Choose if you would like to "Publish emails immediately" or "Save emails as draft posts"
5. Save settings.

Since I am still testing things out, I opted to save emails as draft posts so none of my mishaps will ever make it to my blog. lol :)

However, after some time, my phone stopped sending  emails through so I know I have to rest my case for a while and try again another time. 

This morning, I tried going online first on the Windows Live app instead of doing the easy route of "photo-send as email" then tried sending again some photos using the app. To my delight, the emails to the Mail2Blogger address came through. Thank goodness!

Some of my photos came through and I might post them again later as I have to do some chores now but it's definitely working.

Note to self: have the Windows Live app on first before sending emails and never go directly to other applications when trying to send anything. I have yet to discover other ways and I will definitely blog about them if I find any. :)

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