Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Dodo

FYI, I have a daughter who's turning 10 this December and a baby boy turning 1 this September. Although I was quite pleased with their age difference, considering the troubles I might have if I were raising two tots at the same time, the role of being the primary - more of overall - caregiver of the baby fell unto my already-overworked shoulders, despite protestations. I would like it to be a family effort unfortunately it didn't turn out that way. Ate wants to be left alone; Dad won't be bothered when resting (which takes 2-3 hours everytime he comes home in a day and he comes home 11am and 7pm so you could just imagine how much time that leaves me to deal things without the baby in tow) Sometimes, the dad gets the baby out of the house - and out of my hair - but that would mean just a measly 1-2 hours window time, barely finishing household chores by the time they get home.

You see, I adamantly oppose the idea of hiring a yaya for the kids. I believe that it will only encourage laziness at the same time defeat the idea of self-independence. I would like my kids to grow as self-reliant, independent human beings capable of deciding and doing things for themselves. Well that backfired, thank you very much, as I am now a certified "momya". That is mommy+yaya to you.

To make my momya duties a little easier (more of distracting the whiny baby), I have enlisted help from some friends.  Today you get to meet, Dodo:

Dodo, Chino's friend :)

Dodo keeps Chino gum-satisfied whenever the baby feels the urge to bite and my skin no longer has the patience for it. So, thank you Dodo and  I hope you live long :)

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