Friday, August 26, 2011

Mercato Centrale @ 1 AM!

This is a late post. lol. I've been busy you know but I missed my supermoms. *hugs* :)

I've mentioned on previous post about our trip to Mercato Centrale after gorging ourselves with froyo from Frutti Froyo. The hubby wasn't really enthusiastic about it as he expected it to be a Banchetto-like affair. Although we haven't been there, Banchetto, my hubby saw it featured in a lifestyle program and was quickly turned off due to reported traffic (he's allergic to this. lol) as well as the number of people swarming the area for food. I begged and begged but was met with a blank stare. :(

FYI, Banchetto is a two-nights food fiesta happening in Ortigas area made popular by call center agents working nights in that area. Food is good and reasonably priced. I, on the other hand, was really really intrigued. Then came Mercato.

Mercato Centrale, for some reason, is considered as more upscale or "sosi" in Tagalog. lol. Maybe because it is located at The Fort and it caters to, based on my observation, gimikeros and gimikeras looking for a late-night - or early-morning? - chow as well as those living in that area (condos, etc) . We got to the area around 10PM but the there was no available parking. Take note, it was 10PM already but the place was still jampacked.

We made a quick dash to the nearest Krispy Kreme to kill time and returned around 11:30PM.

Lo and behold, available parking in about 1 kilometer away from the entrance! lol. that was an exaggeration, of course, but the walk was really long it felt like 1 kilometer to me!

We were greeted by bbq smoke and the whiny baby didn't  like it at all. We looked around for something to whet our appetites, there were plenty however with me carrying a fussy baby, I couldn't really concentrate on what was happening around me. At 11:30PM, there was still an active flow of people going in and out of the tent that is Mercato Centrale.

I gave up and chose a spot out back to sit and wait for the hubby who suddenly went  missing amidst hungry people. This was after he told me he's not interested in eating this late at night. lol :)

He came back with a styro full of roast beef with mashed potato on side. My daughter was able to find a bucket of curly fries with cheese sauce and bacon bits on top. Me, I tried Ilocos Empanada and tacos in fried siomai cups. I was eyeing Manang's Chicken but I was full to the throat at that time so I passed :(

Lucky for me the hubby liked the roast beef so he declared we're going back this weekend! yey for me! I just have to remember not to stuff myself silly so I will have room for Manang's Chicken. lol :) Also I hope we make it to Zark's Burger this time, I heard they will be on long weekend promo with their Deep fried Snickers ala mode for only P60! That's 50% off :) *drooling*

Mercato Centrale @ 1AM! lots of hungry people, I say :)



wendy said...

just blog hopping...

your post made me realize there's so much i miss there in the Philippines:-).


gie said...

Mommy Wendy!!! :)

I'm so happy you visited me :) Thank you. I meant to have a little blogroll on my sidebar but was a little busy these days with my son's birthday coming up :) Thanks again for dropping by :)


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