Friday, August 5, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A 30something Mom :)

6:00AM: Wake Ate up. Push her to the bathroom if need be.
6:05AM: Choose between ironing clothes (including uniforms to be used the same day) and washing baby clothes. Start washing machine to spin on her own.
6:30AM: Breastfeed baby while ironing. BE extra careful not to burn the clothes or the baby.
6:45AM:  Push everybody out the door except the baby.
7:00AM: Drain dirty water from the washing machine, replace with clean water and spin again. Hang clean but wet clothes from yesterday's washing while taking the dry ones off the drying rack.
7:30AM: Pickup scattered toys and shove all others under sofa. Sweep floors in preparation for baby onslaught in 2 hours.
8:00AM: Plug in water boiler for cereal drink while listening to AM radio for news and nasty commentaries.
8:10AM: Breastfeed baby while turning the computer on.
8:30AM: Start working online while trying to enjoy breakfast. Do everything silently so not to wake the baby up.
9:30AM: Baby starting to toss and turn, pacify by offering breast while fighting the urge to sleep. Put computer to sleep. Read ebook instead.
10:00AM: Start with new batch of washload. Fold clean, dry clothes and separate those needing some ironing.
10:30AM: Baby now wide awake. Play with baby. Pray for hubby to come back home so he could take the baby out and allow me a couple of minutes to  rest.
11:00AM: Hubby comes home with lunch then quickly goes out of the house like his pants are on fire leaving a wailing baby in his trail.
11:10AM: Try to distract baby by offering toys and putting Elmo on. Try to go back to online work.
12:00PM: Grab quick lunch. Dry-Spin washload, soak new batch of washload with soap and a little bit of bleach.
12:30PM: Feed/Breastfeed baby.
1:00PM: Baby still awake and very much irritated. Try to sneak online work from time to time while trying to calm the fussy baby.
2:00PM: Bathe baby while soaking baby clothes for washing tomorrow.
2:30PM: Put baby to sleep. Work online.
3:30PM: Give in to droopy eyes. Nap for 30minutes.
4:00PM: Ate comes home. Hubby comes home. Baby wails begging to be taken out of the house - again.
4:30PM: Breastfeed baby. Nag about messy house. If by God's glory the hubby gave in and takes the baby with him, then I would be back working online. If not, I'm stuck with a whiny baby and one hungry, near-crazy preteen.
5:00PM:  Merienda time. Whatever happens to be inside the fridge.
5:30PM-7PM:  Either minding the baby or working online, depending on, again, God's glory.
7:10PM:  Answer inquiries from my online stores. Fulfill orders. Schedule deliveries and bookings.
8:30PM: Watch favorite soap, have dinner, feed baby.
10:00PM-12AM: Put the baby to sleep. Nag everybody else to sleep too. Read a book. Nap a little.
12:05AM-3:00AM: Work online
3:30AM:  Sleep. Finally.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Kat said...

6:30AM: Breastfeed baby while ironing. BE extra careful not to burn the clothes or the baby.-->ang astig mo Gie! Haha. :)

gie said...

nahuli mo pla yun Kat. hehe ^_^ hindi kasi natuto magbottle si chino, breast talga kaya super sacrifice eto! :(

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